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Police Review Capitol Chase

October 6, 2013

WASHINGTON — Police in Washington are reviewing the use of officers’ deadly force in the killing of a woman who tried to ram her car through a White House barrier, a shooting her family says was......

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Oct-07-13 7:49 AM

Alpha, ever make a wrong turn in Detroit or South Central LA??

I have and I guarantee I put the pedal to the metal!!!!

I'm still waiting for a bonafide source that she endangered one police officer. They chose to chase her, THEY crashed into the White House barrier and other cars.

I see not ONE SCRATCH on the front or driver's side of her Infinity.

Anybody see differently_____________????

Besides, police are TRAINED to watch the background before shooting. WHAT GIVES THEM the probable cause to shoot at a vehicle that fired NO SHOOTS at them???

I think they confused THEIR OWN shots with the vehicle and got lost in the thrill of the hunt.

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Oct-06-13 9:32 PM

What evidence is there that she was fleeing? How about the video of the pursuit? I am not happy with the shots being taken with a child in the car, but the police may not have known that until after. When you drive a car like this woman did, or like that crackhead that ran from wheeling last week, it is like firing a gun at a crowd. I have no problem with ending a chase like that with lethal force.

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Oct-06-13 8:55 PM

Big Mike, fair enough.

I urge you and everybody to look at the numerous photos of her VEHICLE AFTER she was killed.

I don't see a SCRATCH on the front or driver's side.

But I see plenty of TOTALED Crown Vics from the DC police.

This SMELLS.I Still cannot find a real report to say she TRIED to run down a police officer who was on foot.

And I repeat, if YOU or I did the same thing to somebody in my driveway, we would be looking at Negligent Homicide minimum.

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Oct-06-13 8:17 PM

The Washington Post reported that the vehicle was disabled on the median strip, she exited the car, likely wounded, was unarmed and was shot by police. Their actions up to the time she exited the car may have been justified, but what happened after that IMO was not.

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Oct-06-13 7:50 PM

Finally some Uncommon sense here.

I am amazed none of the officers were wounded from the unarmed suspect!

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Oct-06-13 5:46 PM

They had MULTIPLE opportunities to disable the car!!!!

Instead they EXECUTED this woman with EXTREME prejudice and forethought of their actions!!!

Her family will be multi-millionaires as a result!!!

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Oct-06-13 4:55 PM

Who needs terrorists? We have each other.

Psychological War:

Terrorists-1 America-0

The militarization of police is not just in Washington my friends.

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Oct-06-13 11:47 AM

ditto Richardwhee, the thrill of the chase got in the way of a big mistake on Carey part.

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Oct-06-13 11:46 AM

Of course if BUSH were President, headlines would be "Police EXECUTE unarmed African American mother of 1-year old with blatant disregard for the safety of the child ...."

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Oct-06-13 11:45 AM

I'm no big fanboy of conspiracy theories but I challenge ANY of you doubters to look at the numerous pictures of the Infiniti at for example:

htt_p_: _ //

The vehicle has NO FRONT END and actually NO DAMAGE AT ALL on the FRONT and DRIVER SIDE.

HOW do ram a barrier with a light luxury with no damage.

Look at the Police Crown Victoria--the entire passenger side is torn completely OFF, the front wheels is broken off the car, etc.

NO WAY that damage came from Carey's vehicle.

"A" story is that the POLICE Cars hit the White House Barrier in pursuit. No visible evidence Carey hit ANYTHING, barrier or police.

Look before running mouth about hitting police or the barrier, I think she just RAN and that was a big mistake, cost her her life.

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Oct-06-13 11:02 AM

She was where she shouldn't have been, she did what she shouldn't have done. The DC Police were jumpy and did what they thought was best at that time. This is a wierd world and of course hind site is better than fore site..

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Oct-06-13 10:42 AM

BULL! No competent police officer would SHOOT into a car not knowing who the occupants were UNLESS their life is being threatened either by the use of weapons FROM the car or the threat of being run down.

They teach BACKGROUND BACKGROUND BACKGROUND before shooting. Could easily WOUND or KILL a fellow officer as well as innocent bystanders.

In spite of a lot of arm waving, I see NO CREDIBLE report that she tried to RUN DOWN an police who were NOT AFFORDED PROTECTION of a car.

ANY BODY has a bonafide report to contrary, lets HEAR IT_____________???

Furthermore, it appears the police CRASHED INTO THEMSELVES through incompetence.

If this were a U-HAUL or COVERED TRUCK, perhaps the bomb theory might carry some water and I would give benefit of the doubt.

What terrorist would TRY to run a barrier with a bomb in a $40K Luxury CAR? Engage your brain, people!

This is a bunch of heavily armed POLICE STATE officers who went OUT OF CONTROL over the THRILL OF THE CHASE.

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Oct-06-13 9:46 AM

The one year old child in the car should not be part of the equation determining the right or wrong of the shooting; could the child be seen, did she have signs pasted on the doors saying "one year old child inside", were the windows tinted? I can see where first thoughts would be "car bomb" and second thoughts would be, stop the vehicle anyway you can before possible bomb can be detonated in a crowd and thirdly, stop the driver from being able to activate any such car bomb.

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Oct-06-13 9:46 AM

The DC Police did not cause this problem, Carey caused all that happened and no one to blame for the outcome but her.

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Oct-06-13 9:15 AM

what did she think would happen?

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Oct-06-13 8:56 AM

RAGNAR there is NO EVIDENCE she RAN or TRIED to run over the police officers. Cite me a REAL source for that.

I checked the reports, all of the minor injured were IN POLICE CARS.

The INJURED crashed their police car INTO THE SAME BARRIER.

Sure, I'll admit trying to crash a permanent barrier at the White House is NOT REAL SMART!!

But is sounds like this was a police drill with temporary barriers that turned into an emergency situation and they COMPLETELY OVER REACTED.

A good police office does NOT shoot into a vehicle with NO IDEA if there are innocents or hostages.

A vehicle is weapon but SHE had no gun and could not possibly fired a officers.

Spike strips or RAMMING would have been appropriate.

It wasn't like she was driving a HUMMER or F350 4x4!! She had a friggen Infinity Luxury car!!

20 polices car couldn't stop a lightweight luxury sedan without FIREPOWER??

Good commercial for Infinity!

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Oct-06-13 8:49 AM

Essentially, lawmakers were expressing gratitude for the cops protecting them from the deadly threat posed by 34-year-old Connecticut resident Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist who the media is now trying to demonize as mentally unstable yet whose boss Dr. Brian Evans said was a “happy” and “stable” individual. Friends described her as “friendly and dedicated.”

Her former boss Dr Steven Oken said she was “always happy,” while neighbors said Carey was “a nice young lady, stable.”

WTF????????? Another Lee Harvey Oswald conspiracy??

Maybe she was just try to meet the father of her baby!!! BBWHAHAHAHAHAH!

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Oct-06-13 8:49 AM


I am always opposed to abuses by government officials and I am no fan of the Police State we have become but I have to take the word of dozens of participants and witnesses over someone else's opinion.

Maybe it WAS a temporary police barrier or checkpoint. Does that mean you should panic and run it over?

What if you get stuck at a DUI checkpoint, which can be confusing, annoying and, most of all, temporary? Do you take off and run two cops over?

If these guys had done nothing, and if this woman had had a bomb in her car and attempted to suicide bomb a crowd of people, you would complain that the police didn't do enough to stop her.

She was a dental hygienist from Connecticut. Why was she "having a bad day" driving around Washington DC with her 1 year old son?

She obviously lost it and might have even been there to do a murder suicide in front of one of the public buildings.

When pulled over, keep cool, keep quiet, follow instructions. Period.

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Oct-06-13 8:37 AM

Ask yourself: a black woman with a 1 year old comes to your house confused and asking for directions.

You go to car and she guns the engine to get away.

YOU shot her 15 TIMES!! DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD NOT BE CHARGED for at NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE, Malicious wounding, attempted murder, or ??????

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Oct-06-13 8:34 AM


"Another video also shows that the police car crash which resulted in the injury of an officer was entirely self-inflicted – the cop crashed into one of the same barricades that Carey was executed for breaching. A Secret Service agent received minor injuries as a result of Carey’s erratic driving.

The sickening reaction to the tragic death of Miriam Carey again reminds us that the establishment loves to celebrate and justify the slaughter of Americans who apparently deserve to be executed instantly for daring to disobey the orders of anyone in a uniform."


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Oct-06-13 8:33 AM


"After a brief chase, Capitol police and Secret Service agents unloaded at least 15 rounds into Carey’s vehicle despite the fact that her 18-month-old child was sitting in the back seat. CNN praised the cops for showing such patience by waiting for 12 seconds before they executed a defenseless Carey. D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said the police acted “heroically” in slaughtering the unarmed woman.

“Why was lethal force authorized to begin with?” asks Reno Berkeley. “All they had to do was use tire spikes, or shoot out her tires. Instead, according to a New York Daily News article, she drove through a hail of bullets, and then crashed into a cruiser, and was then again surrounded and bombarded with another rain of bullets. No gun was found in Carey’s car. No motive so far is evident. The 34-year-old mother could have been having a bad day and made the wrong decision that led to her death.

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Oct-06-13 8:32 AM

Paul Watson

"As the mainstream media portrayed the incident as some kind of dramatic gun battle and car chase involving a deadly terrorist who had attempted to attack the White House, the truth began to emerge.

Carey’s worst crime appears to have been driving erratically and freaking out at a checkpoint when police aimed guns at her head.

Contrary to initial media reports that Carey had somehow tried to breach sensitive White House property, the checkpoint was a temporary “outer perimeter” fence, making it quite possible that Carey was confused and frightened as to why she was being stopped in the first place.

The temporary checkpoint may have been part of a drill that was running simultaneously.

Perhaps cognizant of the fact that cops routinely shoot unarmed innocent people for no reason whatsoever, Carey panicked and tried to escape."

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Oct-06-13 8:29 AM

This was another "Ruby Ridge" or WACO Texas played out in front of us by the GESTAPO and you people are rationilzing it??

There is NO EVIDENCE she tried to run down police office. Most were HURT in car wrecks where the dumbass Keystone Cops crashed INTO EACH OTHER.

She did hit one police car but again they GOT IN THE WAY.


ANY police office knows you should check the BACKGROUND before shooting if possible. THE SHOTS FIRED at the White House were PURELY POLICE!!!

How did they know there was NO CHILD or HOSTAGE in the car!

SLOPPY Police work. This was an EXECUTION, not self defense!

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Oct-06-13 2:24 AM

Ragnar: I totality agree with you. The police had no idea who she was, and she ran over two of them like you said and then she ran police barricades. It is terrible she was killed, but her child was not injured.

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Oct-06-13 12:14 AM

Sorry but when the police pull you over and you take off and run two of them over, and then lead them on a chase through police security barriers, they have to assume the worst. Prepare to get shot if you lack common sense.

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