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Piccard had cancer, neighbor discloses

Former police officer killed after he unleashes hail of bullets

October 10, 2013

WHEELING — One day before Thomas Piccard used an assault rifle and a handgun to pepper Wheeling’s Federal Building with more than 20 rounds Wednesday, the retired Wheeling police officer told a......

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Oct-13-13 11:23 AM

I knew Tom when he worked on the for the pd. He was a good officer who decided to leave on his own terms. Only he knows why he did this. It is tragic when mental illness takes over. I truly feel for his family and for the people who directly are involved who knew him. It is over so people need to drop it and get on with life. The postings I read here are truly pathetic and this is sad if this is your help to the community .

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Oct-13-13 11:14 AM

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Oct-11-13 12:28 AM

I think it's awesome how everyone attacks one another for simply voicing their opinions. When the*****are you all gonna grow up and stop the bickering. A man is dead, enough said. Yes, it was a messed up situation and I am in no way shape or form downplaying the magnitude of the situation. Just let is go and play nice.

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Oct-10-13 11:30 PM

I get so sick and tired of hearing these know nothing reporters and police state types like Schwartzenhimer call these guns "assault rifles"!!!!

It's a made up term!!!!

They don't exist!!!

What these clowns need to be asked is DEFINE assault rifle!!!!

Then set back and listen while these brainless lemmings regurgitate the same pablum they have been spoon fed by the liberal media!

Wheeling is already a surveilence state and a police state and all these jack booted clowns need is another excuse to ramp up their Nazi tactics on the people!!!

Show me ANY government that has to hide behind a fortress, and I'll show you a CORRUPT one!!!

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Oct-10-13 11:07 PM

Mental health in the Valley is a concern. It was clear even before this incident, though, that WPD could benefit from some regular mental hygiene checkups, even for their active duty.

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Oct-10-13 9:27 PM

where r u guys seeing whereas he shot at ywca??? All stories fail to tell he shot at ywca at all? I knew it was done to take his life. Cancer ! again no one else was killed and I will believe he did not intend to kill anyone else. Being a cop and knowing the building as he did he could of stormed that building killing anyone in his way. He could have shot passerby's in cars or on foot, but he didn't. so it's starting to fall into place, he was dying anyhow, so he ended it this way. Call him a coward or whatever u want each of us handles stress and depression and problems all diferently. ok, folks, he is dead all is well no one else is dead lets move onto the next big event, like the guy that smothered the 2 yr old in neffs/bellaire, ohio. hope when he goes to prison someone smothers him.

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Oct-10-13 7:25 PM

atodd: The shots at the YWCA were just a handy target. I don't think the individual intended to hurt anyone, he just wanted to die without doing it himself. Suicide is an act of cowardice, or for the person who thinks they have seen all that life has to offer. If the reports of cancer are true perhaps it was terminal and he didn't want to bear the suffering or put his friends and family through the ordeal.

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Oct-10-13 5:23 PM

The tea party really? You should be checked for mental illness and guns only kill with someone pulls the trigger. Some of the crap you guys spout is down right stupid. You think most of this has anything to do with article? no. if you think that those people that have more should send it to govt. there is a box to check and you can send all your money in to them if you want.I would like tosee the truely needy taken care of, those that can work at least let them earn there gifts from govt. by say pulling weeds at the field of weeds on 15th St.A man died and you take it as a chance to advance you political views on others,I'm sure there will be other articles for you to do that,I'm not a Rep or Dem have been Ind since I registered because back then I thought they both wre out of touch and has gotten worse onlu the rich can get elected because they can afford the adds, maybe leave the political crap for more appr. article. SORRY FOR THE FAMILY HE HAD and hope they can get through this.

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Oct-10-13 4:11 PM

What an excuse he had cancer well so do a lot of brave people who choose to fight cancer and not go shoot up a building and scare the community and we all are fed up with government NO EXCUSE!

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Oct-10-13 3:46 PM

I wonder if Piccard had a life insurance policy that excluded a payout if death was by cancer or suicide? Shooting at a Federal building that is only 2 blocks from the police station? Hmmm.

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Oct-10-13 3:12 PM

I think they are going to find that this was a case of suicide by cop.

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Oct-10-13 2:25 PM

blunderlie, only when you have your nose stuck up my****24/7. Here is a baby-wipe, clean yourself up.

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Oct-10-13 1:30 PM

While I am glad that others were not seriously injured, this is still a tragedy. We can only speculate what caused this and will probably never know for certain. Maybe the cancer was the last straw for him, maybe he did not have insurance either. Maybe he reads the NR on line and was enlightened to the ignorance and insensativity of the community bred here.

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Oct-10-13 12:21 PM

poor duwhop has a constant referral to bowel movement.......Clearly it's on his mind.........24/7/365........eww

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Oct-10-13 12:09 PM

hef: One might think that but why the YWCA also? Perhaps just a case of global antisocial anger/depression; aggravated by drugs of some sort: prescription and/or street combination.

The toxicology report should be revealing.

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Oct-10-13 11:37 AM

caltrans “Republican't teabaggers are suicidal, homocidal maniacs who hate the government... the people are getting fed up with whiners like you...”

You don’t own an “assault rifle” do you, cal? Maybe you should have your mother lock it up for a while...

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Oct-10-13 11:21 AM

I guess the bottom line is, be glad he didn't go on a shooting rampage on inocent people, he killed no one, which leads me to believe he difently was on a mission to be killed, and left the world on the front page of news, as it is already news accross the internet itself. We can only second guess as to why? one thing for sure is the news outlets locally will milk this story to death! He did it, he is dead, END OF STORY...

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Oct-10-13 11:17 AM

boweltransplant, are you suffering from irritable bowel symptom again?

You seem to have a terminal case of that.

Is it covered by the UCA (UNaffordabele Care Act)??

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Oct-10-13 10:55 AM

Oh dear not another assault weapon..local media sure likes to jump on the gun control bandwagon...glad he didn't get serious and break out a 50 cal or 7mag..guy must have had a death wish

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Oct-10-13 10:03 AM

No ironmean, the people are getting fed up with whiners like you, and the shooter, if the shoe fits. People like you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Climb into your Way Back Machine and return from whence ye came. Then the rest of the country can return to their lives.

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Oct-10-13 9:59 AM

Hefner, then what you're saying is that Republican't teabaggers are suicidal, homocidal maniacs who hate the government. Professor, Wraith, it does, indeed, advance the "agenda" of the anti gun nut folks. I love it when you people use that word, "agenda". Like it has some sinister meaning if you associate it with a liberal/moderate cause.

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Oct-10-13 9:40 AM

An "Assault Rifle" is a rifle that fires an intermediate cartridge (less powerful than a full sized rifle like a .30-06 and more powerful than a handgun like a .45) that is select fire (can switch between semi-automatic and fully-automatic). These are the rifles that the military uses and they are extremely difficult and very expensive to acquire legally and require a very detailed background check and months of waiting. Very few private citizens own them and those that do are wealthy collectors.

Using the term "Assault Weapon" wouldn't work either because that is a gun control spin word with no set definition, is based off of external features that have zero effect on how a weapon functions, and can be warped to mean anything.

The term you are looking for is "Semi-automatic Rifle".

This lesson brought to you by "What the*****happened to journalists doing simple research before they write something?"

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Oct-10-13 9:33 AM

God grant us all peace. Amen enough said

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Oct-10-13 9:31 AM


Fortunately, the vast majority of these comments do not reflect the moral judgement that prevails among Ohio Valley residents. Unfortunately, they do demonstrate the inherent weakness of a democracy and free speech. Worse perhaps is the frightening number of sick, lonely and demented living us WHO MAY OWN WEAPONS!

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Oct-10-13 8:21 AM

Vega, more Pulp Fiction.


"West Virginia


One reason may be that roughly two-thirds of West Virginians live in rural areas, where both steady jobs and access to mental health care can be hard to come by. A 2000 study found that while nearly 1 in 3 residents living in rural areas had "a high level" of depression symptoms, almost half had never been treated for the condition by any doctor, let alone a psychiatrist or mental-health specialist.

For more on mental health, visit Health . com."

Neighbor Ohio ranks pretty poor as well, FYI.

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