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Rigby Believes ‘Cracker’ Coming

October 16, 2013

WHEELING — He is not sure just when it will happen, but Don Rigby believes the Upper Ohio Valley will someday attract an ethane cracker petrochemical plant....

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Nov-07-13 4:00 PM

Ask any black dude, crackers are everywhere

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Oct-20-13 11:23 PM

Lines & Frac'ers & Bankers; Oh, My... eeewwhuh-Umm, they all smell that O&G Cash Pie..& wana git there thumbs stuck right into the gooey filling now,ay?--Hell had it been left up to all of Them some 4-years ago; they'd all still be sitting around the table splitting up the Cash/Filling/yummy stuff.. & then came the Blitz of Drillers & Frac-ers.. put a litte Heat on'em to Hurry-Up & call a few meetings so that They could/can figure out just how to get both thumbs into the Pie more quickly-- before anyone else gets a bigger slice.. heh-heh-haaah.

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Oct-18-13 12:06 PM

The obstacle to obtaining jobs in WV is the lack of ETHICs. Ohio already had $20+ billion invested, Cadiz has 2 new facilities in and a new on. Pa has new facilities. Nothing North of Wheeling 4 years into a boom. Wake up folks. You have to break the Cronyism if you want jobs in WV.

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Oct-17-13 10:25 AM

First comes the cracker, then downtown Wheeling Outlet Mall, then the entire Island becoming a casino resort, then the Water Park at the Highlands and all of our roads are paved with yellow bricks by the fracking companies. Strap yourselves in Ohio Valley if we build it they will come!

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Oct-17-13 8:41 AM

Has anyone really kept track of how many "crackers" were supposed to have been built, or at least started, in the region over the past few years? Including the one hoped for in this article and counting the big one up near Pittsburgh that Shell Oil no longer seems all that keen on, one in southern WV, and a smaller one conjectured as a captive to feed a chemical plant in northern WV, there have been four of them; none of which has, as far as we know, even been designed, much less had the first clod of dirt turned. The sticking point for Shell, apparently, is that they haven't yet been able to round up enough gas drillers willing and able to commit to, and guarantee, a certain level of long-term supply within a given price range. Why do you suppose that is? According to everything we've read here, we're supposed to be swimming in a hundred years' worth of shale gas. Everyone's been sold a bill of goods on all of this, and it's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

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Oct-17-13 8:06 AM

(For those old enough to remember SNL in the 70's) This is Roseanne Roseannadanna reporting. What's all this I keep hearing about crackers being built? Who's in charge of building crackers? Are they Ritz or Saltines? What are they gonna do the first time it rains, bring out more crackers and build it again? I think there should be a protest if all kinds of crackers aren't being considered. You got Ritz, Saltines and Zesta. What about Captains Wafers or those itty-bitty crackers you put on tomato soup? What about graham crackers? It just doesn't make sense to me why people don't explain...what...WHAT? Oh! Never mind!

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Oct-16-13 10:58 PM

folks: Rigby's "credential" for heading up the Wheeling area economic development effort was his record in Wierton: now basically a ghost town; as Wheeling is becoming.

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Oct-16-13 10:55 PM

wraith: the fed money is drying up now for WV. The State's power is gone from Appropriations.

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Oct-16-13 5:01 PM

I thought Robert Byrd was deceassed?

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Oct-16-13 4:44 PM

All the output from the pads will be piped out; including the methane(to Baltimore.)

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Oct-16-13 1:59 PM

*done for

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Oct-16-13 9:28 AM

Listen up Cracker people: Rigby says you will come. Do as the Oracle has instructed.

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Oct-16-13 9:12 AM

Bow down folks : Rigby is our Savior. Look what he has dome for us already. And now he has spoken again!!

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Oct-16-13 8:33 AM

Of course it is. No matter how much government meddling, social engineering and no amount stupid protests can stop it because its necessary. Its necessary to the environment to have gas, especially CNG and other products so we will have them regarldess of how many bribes are solicited, how many shakedowns there are...these are energy businesses after all and they are used to doing business with third world govs like the Obama administration. They have no choice, they have to grease the politicians just as they do overseas and the plant will happen. As will jobs for the non meth lab working people, and kids can go to school here and live here, and the tax base will grow so that the corrput education bureaucracy can gorge on it..but it will happen. Because people make things happen despite the gov and the leftists and the 51% of the people who decline to work. Its called supply and demand. Its like gravity, it will work.

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Oct-16-13 6:29 AM

No cracker plant will ever locate in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. Political corruption, non-profit power, crumbling infrastructure, militant unions, confusing regulations, ridiculous taxes, lowlife ambulance chasing attorneys, pill head populace, lack of decent space on which to build and West Virginia's overall sad and well deserved poor reputation as a place in which to do business will all combine to keep away large scale operations.

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Oct-16-13 4:52 AM

An Embarrasing Clairvoyant?

Don Rigby takes home more than $100,000 a year, the bulk of which is taxpayer's money. A striking example of his performance and contribution is illustrated within this article, all of which is common knowlege to a third grader. Mr. Rigby's astonishing revelations; "Marcellus & Utica shale rush is expected to continue for several years", "Upper Ohio Valley will someday attract a cracker plant", A Cracker plant wii bring jobs", '"lease & Royalty payments for mineral rights provide a boost to the economy","There have been some wealth changes".

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Oct-16-13 1:36 AM

If Rigby-the oracle- "believe", then it will almost certainly happen. He did believe the coal to gasoline plant was going in, after all. And Stones would be full of new business.

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