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On The Edge Of Default

House delays vote to revive government

October 16, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Time growing desperately short, House Republican efforts to pass legislation averting a Treasury default and ending a partial government shutdown collapsed Tuesday night, and one o......

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Oct-17-13 9:12 PM

Snoopy, does your "Cuban/Canadian Cruz and his doofus band of Tea Party Losers" post portray your bigoted, anti-Hispanic thoughts or just your limited vocabulary, and school yard bullying tendencies?

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Oct-17-13 8:23 PM

rover1958: As you do the Snoopy dance, repeat his Snoopy thought, "I'm extremely happy in my stupidity".

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Oct-17-13 8:21 PM

So, lapdog 1958, what did you win? Your representatives refusing to do their job for another 3 months? Increased health care with fewer medical facilities to treat you? More government borrowing? Your representatives deciding to give themselves a pass on a law "that will be good for you"? Your loss of the freedom to decide what medical health care plan is right for you?

Yeah, you're the type of winner that our politicians like. Those too ignorant of the truth to vote them out of a job.

As I FOTFL I do feel a little sadness that there are so many that continue to believe the Progressive lie.

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Oct-16-13 10:55 PM

Victory again for the voices of reason!

Cuban/Canadian Cruz and his doofus band of Tea Party Losers (like duhRath/Troll) take it in the shorts....ooofffh!

'Romney in a landslide!' bwhaaahahahaha! What a scream!

Rover (doing the Snoopy happy dance)

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Oct-16-13 8:25 PM

Wheel, The long term harm had been inflicted well before the latest "crisis"! From the Sept CBO report, "Between 2009 and 2012, the federal government recorded the largest budget deficits relative to the size of the economy since 1946, causing federal debt to soar. Federal debt held by the public is now about 73 percent of the economy’s annual output, or gross domestic product (GDP). That percentage is higher than at any point in U.S. history except a brief period around World War II, and it is twice the percentage at the end of 2007. If current laws generally remained in place, federal debt held by the public would decline slightly relative to GDP over the next several years, CBO projects. After that, however, growing deficits would ultimately push debt back above its current high level."

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Oct-16-13 2:15 PM

UUUUH Wheezerdawg a year ago the trustees of Medicare said the unfunded liabilities were about $40 TRILLION, about 2.5 times the GDP.

Thanks to liberal policies and the entitlement state, this country has been a dead man walking for about 20 years.

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Oct-16-13 1:40 PM

I posted the following on a similar NR article regarding this issue:

Fortunately, it "seems" like the immediate budget crisis is over for the short term, but the fiasco has inflicted long-term harm on the nation. The U.S., for all its political and fiscal faults, has long been considered the pillar of stability in the world. That credibility has contributed to our international leadership and the supremacy of our currency. The childish antics of the past months that carried the nation to the very brink of economic chaos made us appear politically immature and unstable. Even with the last second deal to resolve the crisis I doubt we will be able to fully repair the damage that has been done. It will come back to haunt us economically and politically.

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Oct-16-13 12:16 PM

Harry Truman " The Buck stops HERE!"

Barack Obama " It is the GOP's Fault. It is Bush's Fault. It is Israel's Fault. .... It is the San Andreas Fault ......"

Can you imagine a REAL LEADER like Reagan caught up in a dumb pizzing contest like this??

Even Bill Clinton had a GOP House and SENATE and accomplished MASSIVELY more than Obama just by being a slick negotiator.

Obama is not worthy to polish Reagan's Grave and he sure as }{ell is no Bill Clinton either.

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Oct-16-13 8:24 AM

It appears that people are beginning to see that the default process was not the product of the GOP House shutting things down. If you can read at all by now you know that the budget was approved in the House, with the proviso that there would have to more work done on the cost of Obamacare which will raise the debt by another trillion dollars. The budget was rejected by the Dem controlled Senate (by four votes only), to demand that the debt ceiling be raised (as it has EVERY YEAR that Obama has been in office). The shutdowns, played out in the slanted media, are the choices of the White House, not the Congress. But you cannot find ten people who understand anymore than the images that they were fed, and thus they chant mindlessly. The shutdowm of memorials, parks and services to the families of veterans killed in the Obama Islamic Wars were the choices of the White House, not the Congress. Worry not, the billions to the Muslim Brotherhood and AlQuida continue on undisturbed.

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Oct-16-13 8:24 AM

You nitwits can try all you want to stick this on the President. The rest of the country is laying this at the feet of the GOP and more specifically the TEAPARTY. GOP approval rating is so low "it is down to relatives and paid staffers."

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Oct-16-13 6:32 AM

We will only default if the President instructs the Treasury to not make the interest payments on the debt. If he does this, he should be impeached.

With record low interest rates, we are still forking over $450 billion or so in interest each year. Imagine a jump to 5% or so and we are now looking at $650 billion.

I must say that Barry Hussein Soetero Obama is the worst President in the history of this once great Republic.

A combination of racism, reverse racism, political correctness, stupidity, an entitlement mentality and voter fraud got this guy into office.

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Oct-16-13 5:57 AM

The USA Default should be an Impeachable offense of the Presidency of the USA.

Income is over $227 Billion a month, interest service on the debt is about $37 BILLION a month.

The ONLY reason for default is INCOMPETENCE of the US Government.


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