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Bomb-Sniffing Dog Clears Package

K-9 Unit Put to Work at Intermodal

October 17, 2013

WHEELING — The Wheeling Police Department’s new bomb-sniffing dog unit was put into action this morning after a suspicious package was discovered inside the Intermodal Transportation Center at 14th......

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Oct-18-13 12:55 AM

The dog can always be used to track. The robot or disposal unit is a waste of money. In the past, officers would have flipped the box over, but now there is a bomb dog that has to be utilized. I am 100% in favor of law enforcement getting the tools they need. Dog fine. Robot, no.

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Oct-17-13 10:50 PM

Chief Schwertfeger's strategic plan is, " to establish an ordnance disposal unit within the department, however, it takes training and more funding than currently available within ..budget."

"It's expensive but it's my goal," Schwertfeger said.

That's just great! Wheeling has dwindled so as to make Mayberry look like a Metropolis!

'Expensive'? Whose gonna pay Chief? The bums and druggies of East Wheeling? The sreet walkers? The few business types who flee to the distant 'burbs after work? Nobody's home Chief.....and I'd guess most of the packages only have empty booze bottles, barf or dog dirt inside.

Sorry Chief.....Wheeling's pretty much the empty peanut shell of a faded city.

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Oct-17-13 10:18 PM

Dogs, particularly those with long snouts, have a sense of smell beyond anything most humans can imagine. Indeed, a dog can smell and identify an odor that a human cannot come close to detecting. Anyone who has used hunting dogs can attest to how sensitive their noses are. Their hearing is also good, but it is their sensory abilities that are their chief window onto the world around them. Other animals with amazing smelling abilities include wolves, bears, wolverine and fox. Yes, they can be trained to sniff out explosives and detect hidden persons. I worked with dogs trained to locate persons buried by avalanches, and I was greatly impressed by how quickly they could locate victims. I believe it is a good move for the local police to make use of this amazing animal.

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Oct-17-13 9:24 PM

I wonder if this means ever time a box, empty jug or fast food bag is found that Wheeling will bring out the dogs!

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Oct-17-13 9:24 PM

A bomb sniffing dog? What next? Did they bring in the drug sniffing dog and the flatus sniffing dog to further examine the package? Surely there was a helicopter overhead and a mobile command post on scene. I understand the tank corps was on hot standby alert and the WPD river patrol was dispatched to the waterfront to evacuate the City Building if necessary. Herron was standing by his shredder to shred all incriminating documents to protect he and the mayor and Herk Henry called Pittsburgh for back-up. Afterwards, Fahay was seen handing out pre-planning pamphlets.

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Oct-17-13 8:33 PM

A "bomb sniffing dog unit" in PODUNK West Virginia!


What a joke!!!!

When will the people wake up and take this city back??!!!

This is the most out of control police state since Nazi Germany!!!

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Oct-17-13 8:29 PM

Dogs are literally a human invention. Thousands of years of selective breeding and training have produced a spectrum of types that range from giants, such as the Irish wolfhound, to the tiny Chihuahua. They have amazing abilities that far exceed humans in smell, hearing, endurance and speed. I highly recommend the book, "Inside of a Dog" by Alexandra Horowitz. For "dog people" it is an outstanding read.

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Oct-17-13 7:49 PM

Hmm, what kind of package might one find in the intercommodal center?

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Oct-17-13 3:21 PM

Rover, it’s certain they didn't call it rover. They wanted a working dog, not a lazy, yappy little Chihuahua.

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Oct-17-13 2:16 PM

Just when I lay down to die because I've heard and seen it all.......something like Wheeling has a bomb sniffing dog unit just blows me away! Is dog food in the budget? Where is the dog dirt dumped? On and on. What's the dog's name (Sniffy? Snoopy? Wraith? Troll?)

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Oct-17-13 12:00 PM

FIVE Canine units for WPD??!!!! WTF??

Wheeling is going to the Dawgs!

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Oct-17-13 11:34 AM


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