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Arena Wish List Long

City would use new sales tax revenue to pay for improvements

October 19, 2013

WHEELING — Brand new video boards, an outdoor marquee, spectator suites and a players’ lounge are just a few of the items on Wheeling officials’ wish list for WesBanco Arena, according to the city’s......

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Oct-19-13 9:11 PM

hef: I think the situation is: they know the Civic Center and Capitol will be losing; certainly when the Hockey Team collapses. The tax was introduced to support future operations in the red rather than wait to seek City funding to cover losses. There were opportunities to have private management of the venues who would not require the subsidies. Attempts by private parties on the Capitol were quickly squelched so as to make way for non profit control. Note: The WNHAC (failed) plan was a total non profit takeover of the entire downtown using National Park Service funding from Byrd.

Now that the grants and public funds have dried up taxes are being imposed to carry on the squandering.

I find it amazing the NR does not investigate or even seem to realize what has happened. They seem so anti government spending yet are surrounded by extraordinary waste with no results.

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Oct-19-13 8:37 PM

kylewilliam: Ah-Ha, you admit there is a problem! What solutions have you suggested? Maybe we could work together and get something presentable for the Council's consideration. I'm sure other posters on this site would also contribute.

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Oct-19-13 6:57 PM

kylewilliam: It's so nice to be remembered, thank you. And I'm happy that you're happy that I'm happy. There is a tremendous gap between negativity and honesty, and it is you who is burdened with negativity trying to supplant those horrible feelings of loss and discouragement by transferring it to those of us who see and speak the truth. We all love Wheeling and are greatly concerned for its future with the likes of McKenzie and Herron spending foolishly on disastrous quick fix schemes. I personally have written some very simple but doable suggestions to those poor excuses for the rebirth of the city and have even proposed some outlandish ideas, but McKenzie told me he would never read anything I wrote. So I have tried and will continue to do so.

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Oct-19-13 4:46 PM

tens of millions have been poured into Downtown with negative results. The one proposal that could have saved tourism-a renewed JUSA-was turned away. Downtown could have been rebuilt around a C&W theme.

The sales tax money will end up being used for operations-not improvements- as the venues continue to fail.

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Oct-19-13 1:30 PM

kyle: Once again, if the Civic Center was working ,they would have reserves for these improvements from their own revenue. The reality is the venue is failing. The signs and suites will not change this.

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Oct-19-13 1:25 PM

rag: The casino taxes are already paying the debt for all the demolitions. The casino sales are falling.

The additional sales tax will discourage business in the City.

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Oct-19-13 1:21 PM

KYLE:solutions from others have been made and are not welcome. The same group have turned the City into a desolate ghost town using tens of millions in public money to do it. Recall 26 businesses were run out of Downtown to make way for the "Victorian Outlet Mall" which never had a single tenant signed.

Now additional taxes are being used to squander more money on venues that are failing.

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Oct-19-13 11:41 AM

Looks like someone handed them a catalog and had them mark what they wanted. Just like kids at Xmas. Whats not mentioned is pay increases, but I'm sure it's in the plans.

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Oct-19-13 10:59 AM

plenty of parking downtown !!!

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Oct-19-13 10:56 AM

If the estimated sales are $532 million within city limits (excluding cars, etc.) where are these numbers coming from? Who generates that sort of numbers within city limits?

An 0.5% tax on this amount comes to $2.66 million and they hope to generate $1.4 million. Does that state take nearly half or did the city spend so much on Herron's increase that they could not afford a calculator?

I demand to know where they are getting $532 million. Is this on gross casino winnings? If it doesn't include cars and real estate and some other things, how can a town full of non-profits generate these sorts of numbers?

Until someone provides evidence, I call BS, just like most of Herron/Boy Mayor statements.

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Oct-19-13 10:18 AM

Ah yes, I see the usual list of negative naysayers who comment on everything is on the board again. I am shocked, shocked that they would have nothing but negative comments about anything going on or around Wheeling. Perhaps you guys should all move out(Hefner already did thank god) and find a happier place. Boys its not healthy to carry around such negativity. Here's another idea since you all are brilliant and know how everything should be fixed, try stepping up and be a solution to the problem. Nah its easier to sit on the sidelines and complain.

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Oct-19-13 8:50 AM

Erase all doubt, McKenzie and Herron are absolute fools.

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Oct-19-13 8:46 AM

wish in one hand and crap in the other.see which gets filled first.

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Oct-19-13 8:42 AM

All the fancy signs and suites in the World will not change the reality of Wheeling's failing venues; decline in population.

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Oct-19-13 8:36 AM

dying: Oglebay -non profit/government-has the conference/convention business.

Downtown is not convention material.

The Hockey team will soon fold.

Who will occupy the new "suites?"

The Civic Center and Capitol are losers. Why add taxes and squander even more money on them?

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Oct-19-13 7:51 AM

atoddh, The tax payers might just build a hotel in Wheeling! Easy to spend someone else's money at all level of goberment....

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Oct-19-13 2:23 AM

Will the improvements positively affect attendance or is this just a waste of extra sales tax money. If the venue was successful, it would be able to finance improvements from proceeds generated. It is not.

No one is going to build a new hotel in Downtown Wheeling. Fantasy.

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