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Mountain State Carbon Workers Reject Offer

October 19, 2013

FOLLANSBEE — Officials with Severstal say they “remain available for further discussion” after employees at their Mountain State Carbon operation overwhelmingly rejected a four-year deal this week....

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Oct-20-13 2:53 PM

Reading these comments it sounds like none of those posting ever spent a day in the coke plant. That's today in America race to the bottom, who needs a vaction, who needs benifits, the employees should pay Severstal for the privaledge working in the coke plant. I'll bet most of you here are living off of government money.

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Oct-19-13 9:18 PM

folks: do you think this will be an attraction for the cracker people?

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Oct-19-13 9:16 PM

xpat: The auto industry has been revived. It is driving demand for aluminum. Ormet is a dated facility-with huge legacy costs.It can not compete.

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Oct-19-13 9:11 PM

expat, good one! These liberal peeps just don't understand that the goberment is not the answer for jobs, never has been.....

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Oct-19-13 8:46 PM

atodd, I guess that whole "Obama saving the auto industry" didn't really work out for Ormet!

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Oct-19-13 1:35 PM

rag: wow. I guess Ormet went unnoticed. The Ormet folks will be on unemployment until it runs out then food stamps,Medicaid and welfare.

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Oct-19-13 1:00 PM

Mountain State Carbon is NON-UNION right now. The union is trying to get it's foot in the door. The workers at this facility were union at one time until liquidation of RG steel. The local union was disbanded then. The workers now feel they do not need the union back in. Got it straight now?

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Oct-19-13 11:55 AM

"Small raise of 3% every year" Soc Scty will be 1.5% this year. Whats more, this is our money that we paid in. Unions are destroying another company. Thats the story of this area.

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Oct-19-13 11:52 AM

What year do these union guys live in? It sure isn't 2013. They need to get in the time warp DeLorean and cruise back to today. LOL

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Oct-19-13 11:50 AM

You have a job with two weeks paid vacation, maintaining your current wages, seeing a 2% annual wage increase in years three and four and most likely have a decent health care plan and pension and you vote the contract proposal DOWN?

Look down the river, at Ormet. Do you see your future?

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Oct-19-13 8:59 AM

You have good jobs and want 5 weeks of vacation for hourly employees? Why not ask for catered lunches and a floor show every Friday? If...I mean when... they close it all down...employees will look back at this vote and wonder "Did we really do the right thing?"

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Oct-19-13 8:41 AM

Any Democrit would tell you it’s ok to extort those big pay and benefit increases from the business that sends you that paycheck every two weeks because, dammit, you’re worth it, shovel jockey. And if the company that feeds you ends up in bankruptcy and has to close because you shut it down, don’t worry, because all those more loyal employees paying all those income taxes will cover those Food Stamps and unemployment and welfare checks to keep you fat and happy... Derrrrrr....

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Oct-19-13 8:01 AM

Any republican will tell you that these workers are way out of line and that these workers should just pay the company for the privilege of being able to work. Unions are such a terrible thing how dare those workers band together.

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Oct-19-13 8:00 AM

Mikeyd, All the "free" goberment give-away programs are worth about the same as making $19 per hour with NO income taxes/social security/medicare being "taken" out.....

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Oct-19-13 7:39 AM

unemployment must pay better.

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