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Friendly City Plans to ‘Envision’ Future

Council to host first meetings on comprehensive plan update

October 21, 2013

Great ideas can come from anywhere at any time — and that’s why Wheeling officials are casting a wide net as they set to the task of updating the city’s comprehensive plan....

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Oct-24-13 10:14 PM

@UNCOMMONSENSE - have you seen the wh*res that infest the downtown area? Really get a good look? What you call "bunnies" for your little ranch, look more like toothless groundhogs. These ugly, no teeth havin', braless, booby draggin', loud, old, fat and nasty women working a "bunny ranch"? You would be broke before the doors opened! And, please! You dirty old, nasty, cheatin-a** old men need to stay home with your wives and girlfriends. If it isn't working out you need to find someone else!

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Oct-22-13 6:12 PM

I still say the city is missing out on ALOT of money not allowing Vegas investors to open a "moonlite bunny ranch" in the down town area

A bunny ranch is recession proof and fills a need LEGALLY (where approved)

With the thousands of pipeliners now in the area, the bunny ranch would be bringing in more money than the Highlands!!

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Oct-22-13 11:51 AM

The city wasted valuable years and MONEY on plan after plan for the outlet mall concept. We watched Ohio Co.(Highlands), St C, and Washington develop strong tax base. Federal funding is tight and private sector interest does not exist.

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Oct-22-13 11:38 AM

Send them to the local colleges and high schools and talk to the young people. Whatever would keep them from leaving, might just as well draw other younger people here. Anyone over 45 needs to accept that they may not "get" what these younger people like and want. Nixing their ideas because they dont appeal to older people only contributes to the problem.

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Oct-22-13 11:31 AM

As long as people like those on here (most don't even live here anymore) keep the negativity going and keep bashing the city they live in or used to live in, there will be no moving forward. Those of you who still live here and refuse to let go and move on are part of the problem. Those of you who trash the city leaders and police hide behind your technology but refuse to come out of your basements and run for office or organize groups to help make the positive changes this city needs to grow and move forward. You make fun of those who are trying. You're school yard bullies, all hot air and no substance. You have no clue what will help this city or what will help move it forward because you are complacent and do not care. You would rather wallow in your own misery and bring others down with you. If you don't like it here and have nothing good to say, shut up and move out! If you have already moved and continue to spout your miserable vitriol, your opinion and arguments are invalid!

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Oct-21-13 11:59 PM

mike you may want to add that no effort has been made to embrace the future along the way. One exception is Touchstone. The situation is really hopeless now for any growth.

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Oct-21-13 9:09 PM

Wheeling doesn't need a comprehensive plan or a commission. Wheeling developed and grew because it was in the right place at the right time. Like so many other cities, time has left Wheeling behind.

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Oct-21-13 7:51 PM

".....much of the effort thus far has focused on HIRING (moohoohoohawhawhaw!) a suitable consultant to guide the process. With that behind them, the real work begins...."

TRANSLATION: Tax bucks spent again to HIRE to oversee the effort. Now, having not a clue, the solution seized upon is to just ask any and all folks in the street, 'duh....what should we do now?'

Truly, 'past is prologue'

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Oct-21-13 3:54 PM

Folks: What has been the outcome of all the millions spent for planning?Downtown is worse off than pre planning.

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Oct-21-13 2:07 PM

As my Great-Great Grandfather marched into Atlanta with General Sherman the good General provided his troops with a simple tool for 'envisioning the future' of that city.

It was........wait for it........A MATCH !

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Oct-21-13 1:17 PM

southwheeling, Not sure how you would get enough people to allow ATV's on private land in the Northern part of WV. A lot more remote areas in Southern WV. Nice idea, I doubt that it would work in Norhern WV.

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Oct-21-13 11:42 AM

What about what the Southern part of the state has done with the ATV trail system. Could this not also work in the northern panhandle? I grew up in South Wheeling. I travel to southern WV all the time to ride from where I live now in VA. It has brought a lot of life and outside money to the locals down there.

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Oct-21-13 11:34 AM

Ragnar, you want the Wheeling PD to crack the skulls of and kick out all the undesirables from other places? Great! The lawyers are already lining up to sue the City. What an idiot you are.

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Oct-21-13 11:31 AM

I wonder how much the taxpayers paid for that logo

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Oct-21-13 11:29 AM

when does it end, they have been envisioning a comeback for 20+ years. you need all new blood to run wheeling. u got the wheeling xmas parade....thats it, they come for that and oh, lets not forget the italian festival that actually is the drunk festival. they made the parade at night which is too dang cold at night for us seniors, and the lil ones. take a vote on that one, day or nightime parade?

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Oct-21-13 10:59 AM

OK, Not to poke a stick in the eye of the great minds who are trying to improve the city, but did you really think it is a good idea to have - EW as the logo. EWWWWWW brings up connotations of something nasty. I mean really, how about "Wheeling envisions", at least you would have "WE" as in "WE" can do this together. Maybe the advertising wizard was messing with you and laughing all the way to the bank-- haha got those hillbillies to use "EW" as their logo. Please fix this ASAP. ;o)

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Oct-21-13 10:32 AM

Efforts to bring businesses to an empty downtown are doomed. Modern, "cool" housing needs to come first and it needs to be the kind of housing that does not appeal to the 50 and up age group. Good luck with that part.

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Oct-21-13 10:27 AM

I think the main problem with current efforts involves people over 50 not knowing what people under 50 like. Get younger people involved!

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Oct-21-13 9:45 AM

rag: The planning fees are in the millions for WNHAC alone.

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Oct-21-13 8:28 AM

Nice logo, kudos to the uncredited local artist.

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Oct-21-13 6:41 AM

They have had plan after plan, study after study, consultant after consultant. They have probably spent $500,000 or more in the last 15 years on consulting fees.

Why not ask current and former residents what would save the Friendly City?

I will give you your first clue. Start cracking skulls of all of the Detroit/Cleveland transplants who are shacking up in Wheeling. Kick them out of town or drop them in the river. Nothing good ever comes from having gang members in your town.

Next, pass a law that only 5% of all housing can be HUD/Section 8/voucher, etc. occupied. This will keep the riffraff out.

Next, fire the City Manager, the Boy Mayor and most of Council.

After that, get rid of the B&O tax.

Then, strip the non-profits of all their power and turn over operation, and possibly ownership, of the Capitol and the Civic Center, to private ownership.

Following that, market Wheeling as a back office/startup haven.

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Oct-21-13 6:14 AM

So how much from the 2004 Comprehensive Plan actually happened?

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Oct-21-13 5:03 AM

How about "WHEELING: 20K in 2020"

or "WHEELING: come die with us!"

or "WHEELING: They shoot horses, don't they?"

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