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W.Va. Mock Senior Legislature Calls for Legalized Pot

Gets attention from real-life counterparts in Charleston

October 21, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — West Virginia’s mock legislature for seniors is calling on its real-life counterpart to legalize marijuana....

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Oct-22-13 8:50 AM

SaraPaxton, legalizing pot won't change one thing about the "prison-industrial machine." Federal regulation and taxation will more likely serve to feed it. You're lobbying up the wrong tree, and are not helping those "otherwise" decent folks. Take your own advice for now, you are not helping the cause.

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Oct-22-13 4:07 AM

SaraPaxton “It is so obvious those people who have no experience with marijuana and who are stupid enough blah blah blah Nancy Reagan yadda yadda shut up waaa waaaa waaaa chattel for the prison-industrial machine...”

And it is so obvious those people who have LOTS of experience with marijuana.

Blah blah blah...

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Oct-21-13 11:33 PM

I tend to agree with Triton.

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Oct-21-13 10:46 PM

sara, Prisons are full of mary-jane smokers? You might want to do some research on that one! Let's legalize prostitution while we are at it!

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Oct-21-13 11:38 AM

It is so obvious those people who have no experience with marijuana and who are stupid enough to believe Reader's Digest and Nancy Reagan. You know what people, shut up about stuff you are ignorant about and let the educated adults make changes to benefit this country by elimination more chattel for the prison-industrial machine to make money off our tax dollars spent incarcerating otherwise decent folks.

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Oct-21-13 10:08 AM

I can understand the argument because of other states legalization. While it may mellow people more than alcohol(repeated arguement I hear in favor0, it also takes motivation away, and that is not something WV can afford. Stays in blood making in impossible to test workers accurately. Those are just 2 reasons to not legalize. But hey, I never thought I would see the day we sold ourselves out to gambling, which also changes brain chemistry.

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Oct-21-13 9:57 AM

Make it legal and TAX the h e l l out of it like cigarettes and gas!!!

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Oct-21-13 9:32 AM

marijauna does not cause serious social problems.alcohol can claim this one.and let's go to driving cars.i believe that drunk drivers kill more people than buzzed drivers.nobody ever blacked out from smoking pot.pills and alcohol can claim this one also.what causes aggression?

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Oct-21-13 8:33 AM

This is something brought to us by the baby boomers who are now seniors and they also brought us the drug problem in the 60's and 70's. And made addiction seem cool for awhile. They also must still be using. How does one tax marijuana, or anything that can grow anywhere? The entire concept that it will bring huge amounts of tax revenue is bogus and meant to make it seem like its going to be a great new source of money for schools. You cannot regulate something that grows wild and supporters know that, its just meant to make you not pay attention. Harmless? How do you regulate buzzed driving? Booze can be detected by officers in the field, at stops, at accidents, but there is no breath test for stoned. How do you suspend a student for stoned? Its a drug, get over it. Some drugs have medical value, but are abused. Lets legalize meth too while we are it and tax it so we can have a wonderful community. Thanks boomers you are the most destructive genetration ever on earth.

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Oct-21-13 8:24 AM

Say it with me nice and slow.... Legalize, regulate, educate, medicate.

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Oct-21-13 6:21 AM

Sure... put more fried brains on the highways. Just what we need.

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Oct-21-13 1:48 AM

I can understand why this would be a good topic for a position paper, but, making organ donating mandatory.....ummm. How many people would not want to donate but failed to opt out prior to death. Im a donor, but mandatory without opting out is nonsense.

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