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Kasich Bypasses Bulk Of Lawmakers on Medicaid

Governor uses little-known panel; legislators plan legal action

October 22, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio legislative panel granted a request Monday from the governor to allow federal dollars to be spent on an expansion of Medicaid that would expand health coverage to......

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Oct-22-13 12:55 PM

The point is this is a "federal" money grab and they/we are 17 trillion in debt!

The next part is where do the good peeps of Ohio think federal taxes come from? Michigan? Iowa? Oregon? (46 others) and OHIO! Feds take your money then take the cut to pay for all those non-essential employees and then give you back SOME of your money....

If you use Kashich's numbers for the 7 year period and include the other 49 states then this becomes a 489 billion dollar "expansion" over the next 7 years.....

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Oct-22-13 10:40 AM

I have only three words for Governor Kasich - "GOD BLESS YOU!!!" What a wonderful and compassionate thing to do. I have never found myself in a circumstance which required me to request government assistance, but I have the awareness that my experience is not everyone's. The ability to look beyond your own life experience and understand that not everyone has been as fortunate as you is, I believe, the essence of compassion. It's also important to not be so arrogant as to believe that what we have is only the result of our own hard work. EVERYONE has been helped along the way - a parent, a teacher, a mentor - an employer who saw the best in you and gave you the opportunity to succeed. No one gets through this life on his or her own. Finally, it is important to recognize that the vast majority of pepole on Medicaid do not want to be on Medicaid. They are hard working people who need our help. If we choose to define ourselves as a God-fearing nation, to give that help is our sa

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Oct-22-13 8:47 AM

Again, comments are always just traditional partisan politics. WV also has health care for the poor, and has always had it for kids. The lack of health care for kids has more to do with worthless parents than it does with access. But here is a Gov being a governor and not being a politican. He is trying to get Fed dollars into the state's program to not bankrupt the social service system. Its hard to find anyone who actually knows anything about health care and yet are willing to do UFO level wierd comments. State's administer the Federal programs and no one seems to know that. Unemployment, food stamps, welfare, housing, etc all administered by states and often ends up costing local taxpayers a lot for some pie in the sky Federal vote catcher law. I am a Dem, but Kasich is being bipartisan and fair so I respect him for that. The energy boost in WV's economy will likely be swallowed up in Progressive Dems news social programs, like Obamacare. They impact states incredibly.

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Oct-22-13 8:14 AM

SO a GOPeer who wants to be President can't get GOPeers on board on Medicaid?

At least they exhibited no outrage when he raised their taxes.

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Oct-22-13 7:29 AM

Kasich (R) no different than any of the D's! 1 in 5 Ohio residents are on medicaid?

6 member panel with 2 new peeps seated right before the vote!

Gobernor/Presidents they are now KINGS!

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Oct-22-13 5:40 AM

"to spend federal tax dollars on 366,000 new residents" ?? illegal residents?

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