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Economy Remains In Sluggish Mode

Tight market has many giving up looking for jobs

October 23, 2013

WASHINGTON — A dim view of the U.S. job market emerged Tuesday with a report that employers cut back on hiring in September just before a partial government shutdown began....

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Oct-24-13 8:58 PM

However, nice try in blaming 4 years of futility on Bush!

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Oct-24-13 8:57 PM

BCF, Your quite right!! The liberal inspired financial meltdown cannot be remedied by liberal policy!

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Oct-24-13 8:44 PM

Meanwhile, the GOP's war on the poor continues.

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Oct-24-13 8:44 PM

The median household is poorer now than it was in 2009. Over 95 percent of all the gains since then have gone to the top 1 percent. And, of course, most Americans can no longer borrow as they did before the Great Recession, to make up for flat or declining wages. Get it? The underlying economic problem is America’s surging inequality. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page won’t point this out. The interesting question is why the mainstream media won’t, either. Nor will any prominent politician, from the President on down. - R.Reich

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Oct-24-13 8:43 PM

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, the best gauge of establishment right-wing thinking in the nation, blames the anemic recovery on “regulation and ObamaCare.” They got one thing right: The recovery is anemic. In fact, it’s the worst recovery on record. When you consider how far the economy fell in 2008 and 2009, the slow pace of growth is even more startling. But it has nothing to do with regulation or Obamacare. Businesses expand and hire only if they have more customers. Yet American consumers, who account for 70 percent of all economic activity, can’t spend more. (cont.)

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Oct-23-13 10:38 PM

"Bin Laden determined to strike the US"

"Al Quesadilla planning to use airplanes."

You are President. 9/11 has not yet happened. Someone comes to you with this "intelligence", none of which is "hard" intelligence.

What do you do?

If you start rounding up people with passports from Muslim countries, putting in stricter airport searches, rounding up and questioning missing Muslim "students" and suspected terrorists, what would the liberals do?

VIOLATION! They would scream.


IMPEACHMENT! They would demand.

You liberals are so clever!

In fact, liberals are so smart that they can call George W. Bush an "idiot, moron, retard, stupid nincompoop, etc." and then say, in the very next sentence "Bush fooled us, he tricked us!"

The irony is lost on these dolts.

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Oct-23-13 8:13 PM

oldspam, the only actionable intel Bush had was that Bill Clinton REALLY did get a #%@$ Job in the oval orifice.

The "evidence" was the stains on the carpet.

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Oct-23-13 7:58 PM

Don't hold your breath, WVEXPAT. oldman's a Rascal Scooter driveby peashooter. He'll be back when his battery is recharged and he finds another pea.

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Oct-23-13 7:13 PM

Even if your comment about Congress had ANY merit at all, Republicans only control the House! As recently demonstrated bills have to be passed by the Democratically controlled Senate!

"The report (Accountability Review Board) added that baseline funding requests have not been fully funded since fiscal year 2010, but noted that Congress had been responsive in providing “Overseas Contingency Operations” funds to the State Department in response to emergent security-driven requests, mainly for Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. “However, there was no supplemental or OCO request made by the President for additional diplomatic security enhancements in FY 2010 or FY 2011,” the report pointedly noted. “Neither the Department of State nor Congress made a point of providing additional funds in a supplemental request for Libya, or more specifically, Benghazi.”

Oldman, I'm looking forward to your factual rebuttal of the "truth"!!

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Oct-23-13 7:00 PM

The current path we are on is unsustainable! The ever expanding govt, brought on by both parties, is sucking the life out of this country & it's citizens, yet anyone who espouses fiscal & personal responsibility is labeled treasonous, racist and extremely extreme extremists!

Liberals have been very successful in demagogic marketing campaign. Just look where it's gotten us!

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Oct-23-13 6:56 PM

Troll, here is some of the truth you can't handle. Americans died in Benghazi because the Republican Congress denied funding to increase security. Bush the butcher of the world trade center and pentagon sat on his hands and let 3000 Americans die on American soil after he ignored actionable intel. that could have prevented it.

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Oct-23-13 6:42 PM

"Keep rooting against America, while the rest of us remain loyal."

RCP average of 6 polls "Direction of Country"

Right Direction - 20.1%

Wrong Track - 73%

No one is rooting against America! We're (73%) against our current path, which if followed will lead us to greater debt, even lower middle class wages and more Americans dependent on govt to subsist. So continue being loyal to your failed ideology it appears 73% of the country rooting against YOU!

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Oct-23-13 6:26 PM

A Freedom of Information Act request would be in order, but those have never been honored by this Most Transparent Adminiscam in History...

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Oct-23-13 6:09 PM

FARGO – The Obama administration asked North Dakota’s largest health insurer not to publicize how many people have signed up for health insurance through a new online exchange, a company official says.

During a Monday forum in Fargo for people interested in signing up for coverage via the exchange, James Nichol of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota told the crowd his company received the request from the federal government earlier Monday. Nichol is a consumer sales manager for the company."

I wonderwhy?? .......

. . . .

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Oct-23-13 6:01 PM

Shark, BBBWHAHAHAHAH! Good One!!

I'll trade you:

Jay Leno:

It is easier to join Al Qaeda in American than sign up for Obamacare!


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Oct-23-13 4:14 PM

BushWhineAnnually, Obama has the highest Black Youth unemployment in history (48%), highest BLACK unemployment (13%), Doubled the number of people on foodstamps (49+ million) over Bush, dropped the average family middle class income $4300 over Bush, Smallest percentage of Americans working in 40 years, etc. etc.

Obama has friggen KILLED the poor working man.

You need a serious dose of facts to cure your Obamanation illness.

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Oct-23-13 3:57 PM

The best way to frighten a democrat on Halloween is to show up at their door dressed as a job!

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Oct-23-13 3:48 PM

d e s p i s e d

Good thing I didn't type what I was actually thinking... LOL

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Oct-23-13 3:47 PM

When you takers elect Hillary "Butcher of Benghazi" Clinton - author of the only Government Health Tax plan more des***** and more unworkable than Obamascam - as your next Bankrupter in Chief, will you loons still be whining "but BUUUUUSH!" as your pathetic excuse for your FAILURE to accomplish ANYTHING? If so, I'll need to buy bigger batteries for my LOL track.

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Oct-23-13 3:35 PM

Just the way the GOP wants it. This is a stark reminder to vote Democratic. Your life might just depend on it. Republicans hate the working man.

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Oct-23-13 2:25 PM

Loyalty doesn't pay the bills.

Leaders can get-er-done.

Democrats have the majority in the Senate and the Executive Office; maybe they should work with the people's house to solve the problems, instead of telling them "we won, we don't have to deal with you".

Democrat loyalty takes them walking in lockstep to the economic cliff chanting, Obama would have done it except that Bush ...., all in cadence chanting "its not my fault, the Tea Party did it........"?

Must be depressing to have all of your Progressive plans disrupted because you were outsmarted by Bush's crystal ball and those stupid gun-toting, bible reading "teabillys".

O-BUM-A, O-BUM-A, give me, give me, give me, O-BUM-A O-BUM-A.

You can't make this stuff up; FOTFL.

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Oct-23-13 2:08 PM

Hey Cal, how's all the economic easing working for you.

Investment bankers are making a killing; borrow for free and buy, buy, buy.

Hoping for a Change again?

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Oct-23-13 1:59 PM

Thanks republican'ts for all your hard work. Keep rooting against America, while the rest of us remain loyal.

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Oct-23-13 1:04 PM

According to the US Census Bureau, the average size of a home has ALSO increased, by about 50%, since 1970. And the cost of construction per square foot has increased because homeowners are insisting on higher-technology and higher-capacity plumbing, wiring, heating, cooling, and amenities that were not common in 1970. And of course inflation since 1970 has increased the price of EVERYTHING by about 500%.

But the main reason housing costs have increased is because of the ready availability of Government-subsidized home loans. When TRILLIONS of dollars are dumped on the economy, and liberal politicians legislate Government subsidies that make it cheaper – even mandatory – for banks to lend money to buyers with no credit and bad credit, prices will go up. Economics 101. And now, as Barry Bankrupter’s favorite pastor once said, “the chickens are coming home to roost.” Liberal-Progressives, you built that.

w ww.census.g ov/const/C25Ann/sftotalmedavgsqft.pdf

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Oct-23-13 12:41 PM

Average price of a new home in 1970 was about 23k. Average price of a home in 2010 was about 270k. That's over a 1000 percent increase in 40 years. Wages have nowhere near increased to match that. Some of the biggest increases were from 1990 onward. Thanks America for royally screwing Gen Y!

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