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Dog Attack Lands Child in Hospital

October 23, 2013

MOUNDSVILLE — A 10-month-old child was in intensive care at Wheeling Hospital on Tuesday after suffering head wounds sustained by one of two pit bull dogs sharing the home....

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Oct-24-13 10:07 PM

@Tornado - Seriously? What you just said is the biggest bunch of bull I have ever read! Oh. My. God! First of all, a pit bull is a living breathing animal. It was bred to be aggressive. It acts the way it is instinctively bred to act. It doesn't take a human being to "pull it's trigger". It does so on it's own. If a parent leaves a loaded gun laying around and a child picks it up and kills itself by pulling the trigger then it's the parent's fault for leaving the gun lay where the child can get it. It takes a living, breathing human being to pull the trigger of a gun. The parents ALSO know or should know the aggressive nature of these animals and if they choose to have one and leave it around children and it attacks then a parent should be held responsible too! People are all, "they're such sweet dogs. they are so sweet natured" then there's running and screaming and someone gets bit! Really Tornado? Comparing a gun to a pit bull? WOW!

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Oct-23-13 1:27 PM

Charge the parents with a crime. Since they have no knowledge of how to protect a child make them attend parent training at their expense plus a heavy fine and community serve. Education people can be stupid all the time too.

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Oct-23-13 11:47 AM

HERC you are lost. My daughter has 2 pit bulls and they are two of the sweetest dogs I know. Now on the other hand my weiner dog is nasty and I dont trust him around adults let alone a child. That being said. It is totally the parents fault. You dont take the chance with any animal around a infant. Its your "JOB" as a parent to protect that child. Dogs need to be taken away from this house and adopted out.

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Oct-23-13 10:05 AM

I think Herc was simply restating the Darwin Principle of Natural Selection. You don’t hear of many cases like this where the family breadwinner was a rich neurosurgeon, and you don’t hear of many neurosurgeons that own pit bulls as family pets. Which proves that both infants and pit bulls are naturally selective as to where they live.

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Oct-23-13 9:54 AM

herc,you've got to be kidding.

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Oct-23-13 9:43 AM

So HercX007 if the parent brings a gun into their house and leaves it out in the open, loaded, and their two year old child picks it up and shoots and kills themself...its the guns fault right? Yea lets blame the gun...guns kill people don't they? Bad gun...better destroy it. The parent was just stupid enought to bring it in the house...they didnt pull the trigger.

Please.....that the biggest bunch of BS I've ever heard.

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Oct-23-13 9:30 AM

People with children and people who live near children should NOT be allowed to own this breed or any other dog breed that is aggressive in nature. Every news report we have seen lately concerns a pit bull attacking children and/or other smaller dogs in the neighborhoods where they are being kept. And I am so sick and tired of people arguing to NOT blame the dog. Get over it! The dog is the one who attacked the child. Who else do you blame? The owner? Hogwash! The owner didn't bite their own kid. They were just stupid enough to bring a dog like this into the home!

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Oct-23-13 9:11 AM

I dont care what breed of dog it is...a chihuahua, lab, pit bull or a are a moron if you leave a small child unsupervised with any dog or other animal. Animals are not people. They act on instincts and are unable to rationalize that a crying,cooing, wiggling baby is not a toy. Charge her with child endangerment and neglect because this is completely her fault. Dont punish the dog for being a dog, punish the mother for being an incompetent parent.

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Oct-23-13 8:50 AM

throw the mother in jail.

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Oct-23-13 8:31 AM

While it is possible for someone who really cares about dogs and is willing to do the work, to have a pit bull that might not bite someone, for the most part the biggest idiots in the valley obtain pit bulls because its supposed to be scary or threatening. You see the goofiest people in your town out there with pit bulls, criminals, druggies and wackos. A terrier will dig and a Lab will retrieve because its in their DNA, but a pit bull was bred to kill and they will do that too. Instead of just lopping another unsupervised probation on people who own dogs who bite, the morons might begin to see its not a good thing if they spend some time in jail. Until there are consequences to stupid conduct it will not end. So now a child starts life out with trauma and scars because it is a child of people to stupid to even raise a dog. Maybe someone in that family will help to protect the child. It has not worked out well so far has it?

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Oct-23-13 6:53 AM

It simply amazes me that parents would allow the more aggressive dogs around small children. To a large agressive dog, a small child looks like prey (lunch). Seriously, this isn't Prissy the poodle, it's an animal that has instincts to hunt and kill. Amazingly, we still have inept parents that think Brutus the Pit Bull is just the sweetest and the most docile darling pet ever. How about applying a little common sense!

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