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Thousands Of Policies Canceled

Revelation is latest blow to Obamacare supporters

October 30, 2013

WASHINGTON — Move over, website woes....

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Nov-01-13 3:00 PM

@ rag - "..The military tends to vote 70%-80% Republican. While serving myself, I never met a single liberal....'

Actually, according to 'The National Memo' (google it)..."The number of military servicemembers self-identifying as Republicans is up slightly from last year’s 41.49 percent to 43.8 percent."

However, saying you 'never met a single liberal' casts strong doubt that you ever served. Perhaps you were in for a week or so until processed out. If you think I'm wrong let's hear about your war record, your decorations, your awards, your UNIT, it's location, and your COMMANDER, by name and rank.

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Oct-31-13 10:19 PM

Audie Murphy was a registered Democrat when northern Democrats were equivalent to today's Republicans and southern Democrats were the party of Jim Crow.

Why do you think the liberals always try and throw out the overseas military vote? The military tends to vote 70%-80% Republican. While serving myself, I never met a single liberal. Maybe some people with a more tolerant attitude towards deviant lifestyles but no liberals at all.

It IS true. Liberal = Coward.

And please don't call Cheney or Romney conservative!

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Oct-31-13 4:25 PM

"Because liberal = pansy coward...."

Recommend that you: 1. Go to Wikipedia and read the Audie Murphy entry. Focus on the awards and the write-up of how he got the Medal of Honor. As the bravest and most decorated Soldier in our history....he was a Registered Democrat.

2.While reading Wikipedia, look up Democrat Senator Daniel Inouye and read the military service section of his write-up.

3. Look up Dick Cheney, avid hunter & gun fan. Or Mitt Romney, who admits being a small game hunter (rodents)....there is no military entry for either as Dick and Mitt both took 5 or 6 deferments to avoid Viet Nam and all Military Service for that matter.

4. Finally, take a deep breath and consider not lumping people as either brave or cowardly based on their liberal or conservative political preferences.

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Oct-31-13 11:38 AM

You want to cut costs?

You want to cut the confusion?

You want to open the floodgate of jobs?

You want to drive down the cost of gasoline?

The solution: Get the big, fat, morbidly obese over regulating, life-sucking government out of the people's industry, jobs, and lives.

If only the sheeple could open their eyes and see the truth and put the politicians and government in its proper place.

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Oct-31-13 11:32 AM

Under Obamacare, working children are being forced off of parents insurance policies. The reason is because of the cost of Obamacare. Employer's are looking to cut costs & knocking off dependents can save them big money. The way it works is, if the working child has access to health care insurance where they are employed then they are forced off the parents plan. Usually when that happens the child's employer will require the child to pay for a portion of the health insurance and usually it isn't as good as what they were getting under the parents plan. Even worse, the cost to the child almost defeats the purpose of working. If the child didn't work, they could stay on the parents plan. On top of this, employers are laying off employees to cover added costs of Obamacare.

The entire Obamacare is completely rotten and not necessary.

Spirit of Obama: Pay more, get less.

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Oct-30-13 10:32 PM


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Oct-30-13 10:03 PM

daRat '..while the rest of us DO something with our lives. .....'

yeah...riiight! Like being on here 24/7 spooning out the samo/samo drivel !

You really need to ask your Mom to front you some money to have a little plate glass window placed where your belly button is.

That way you can see where you're going while strutting about with your head constantly up your Ars@!

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Oct-30-13 9:46 PM

I guess there is one bright side to all of this! Seeing the following in the Huffington Post;

"Obama Approval In Poll Hits 'All-Time Low' The Huffington Post | By Ariel Edwards-Levy Posted: 10/30/2013 7:57 pm EDT"

"WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's approval rating has sunk to a record low, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday night, amid deepening concern over U.S. spying and Obamacare."

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Oct-30-13 9:39 PM

BTW, consider this...

All the uproar is about the website. ObamaCare is not the website, it's just the way to ENROLL in the system. The real system will track who is eligible, who gets subsidized, all the medical records, the IRS tracking, and all the other minutia of a few hundred million of us.

If the website is such a mess, what is the actual operating system like? That's a MUCH more complicated project. If they bungled the easy part so badly, what must the operating system be like?

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Oct-30-13 9:39 PM

It's quite the brilliant strategy if you think about.

- Write policy that will cause millions of Americans to lose their policies and force them into exchanges

-Lie to the American people by telling them "if you like your policy, you can keep it"

-Continue the lie long enough to get re-elected

-Blame the insurance companies, despite the fact that your own policy change created the losses

-Change talking point to "well not really everyone gets to keep their policies"! Sorry 5% of Americans

-Make the 5% pay for pre-natal care, mental health/drug abuse treatment and pediatric services even if their past child bearing years, sober and have no children!

-Laugh at the 5%


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Oct-30-13 9:36 PM

And we inch a little closer to High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

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Oct-30-13 9:35 PM

My sister, a lifelong Democrat, runs a big not-for-profit hospital. I think she would cheerfully murder Sibelius and Obama if she could get her hands on them.

Do you know what brilliant solution they have to bring down the cost of medical care to millions?

Don't pay the bills.

It doesn't matter if it costs $10,000 to do a heart procedure. We will pay $7,000. Find the money somewhere else. That's the brilliant plan.

In case you weren't paying attention, part of the way they got the Office of Management and Budget to say the plan was plausible was by transferring half a trillion in expected payouts by Medicare to Obamacare. Of course, they never bothered to say how they would cover that shortfall for old codgers.

This is how. Just don't pay the bills.

This is why more doctors have stopped taking new Medicare patients.

Get ready, the worst is yet to come.

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Oct-30-13 9:23 PM

Ramble on, liberals. Remember-those of us with guns and a love for the Constitution are very well aware of the fact that our Founders had to resort to violence to create a nation.

Because liberal = pansy coward, what chance do you think you have when the revolution begins?

Call the police? HA! Whose side do you think they will take?

File a lawsuit? Guess what-most lawyers wouldn't make it to the first hearing.

You see, liberals are whiners, grifters, junkies, lowlifes, hypocrites and loudmouth cowards. But they lack the ability, and the will, to fight for anything, which is why they have no firm beliefs. They cannot support a difficult position because that would require effort.

Just remember, libbies, your big mouths and words that you stole from Mike Tomlin's thesaurus are USELESS when the fit hits the shan.

There will be a reckoning.

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Oct-30-13 8:34 PM

I got a $100 says Ranter1858 voted for KKK Grand Kleagal Robert Byrd for all of his 150 years in office.

For somebody 255 years old, Ranter seems to forget that the Democratic south of Al Gore Sr. and George Wallace et al were the bigger racists than any Klan members ever were and it was only an alliance between Presdient Johnson and the GOP that got the civil rights amendment and laws passed in the USA.

So let Raver1758 soil his Depends in little ol Weeeeee-ling watching Grass grow while the rest of us DO something with our lives.

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Oct-30-13 7:38 PM

rover, you lost me at “Klan-robed.” You want to be taken seriously, bring more reality and less racebaiting. I’m sure it was a marvelous rant, though... yawn...

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Oct-30-13 7:29 PM

Troll, Wraith, Shemp (Larry & Moe) and the rest of this gaggle of Klan-robed social toss-aways can rant and rave all they want on Nuttjob's Rag pages.

Fact is there are more of the intelligencia, liberal j e w s, gays/lesbos, bums, takers, various other shiftless, minorities, quasi-legals (but finagle a vote), geezers, grifters and such than there are 1percent neo-nazi, gun nuts, Southern racists and other lunatic fringers.

That being the case for now and the coming century....the Grand Old Pharty will nevermore be winning the Presidency nor the Senate. Perhaps some gerrymandered districts in the House but that's about it.

So..yawn, yawn, yawn....rave on with your hunt/peck waste-of-time typing on the net. The movers and shakers ain't listening. Oh, there is a 'bone' for 'ya. You will likely totally have WV in the Red fold come next election cycle but being so small and so without doesn't really count for much. Oh, and just remember NSA has everything on you.

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Oct-30-13 6:27 PM

Every politician should loose all govt funded pensions, self fund their won pensions like the rest of us, pay ss, get the same health care options the rest of us get, and paid only during time of service. It would be a very humbling day for them and we would not be in this mess.

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Oct-30-13 5:49 PM

“That means that no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” - Barry “Liar in Chief” Obankrupter

A LIE you told over and over and over... Now MILLIONS of Americans ARE LOSING their health insurance, and the cancellation letters are explaining to them it’s BECAUSE of your ILLEGAL OBAMASCAM tax. Most expensive, disastrous lie in history, Barry. Even left-wing Washington Post gave you FOUR Pinocchios.

w ww.washingtonpost.c om/blogs/fact-checker/wp/2013/10/30/obamas-pledge-that-no-one-will-take-away-your-health-plan/

Get out of our White House, you lying socialist thug.

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Oct-30-13 5:46 PM

A good magician is a master as diverting your attention from the "trick" to the "treat". What what is in my RIGHT hand because my LEFT hand is manipulating the trick.

Barry the bluffer is a deceitful lying sack of excrement as a President but he IS pretty clever in being one step ahead of the GOP.

HE WANTS OBAMACARE to FAIL!!!! He CREATED the problem to get his real END GAME---SINGLE PAYER!!!!

Next Pitch will be "forget we effed this up completely, the SOLUTION is single payer. No complex website for people to PICK 10 different plans and providers, you will all get the same (POS) PLAN from a SINGLE PAYER, your good old UNCLE SAM!!!"

Mark my WORDS!!!

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Oct-30-13 5:42 PM

Sure glad a backstabbing traitor like Blunderlie lives in 26003.

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Oct-30-13 5:25 PM

@Alpha No comment...... You must have missed my post that you watch for so carefully......

Im moving on up..... I get all those freebies you will be one mad Pig!

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Oct-30-13 4:17 PM

wonder, I'll bet you slam dunked a few teabaggers in your time. lol

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Oct-30-13 3:24 PM

KS said the web site's cost was only (only) about 174 million. Both sides agree that the number is closer to 500-600 million. If her lips are moving, she is lying, that applies to the entire Administration......It's the fault of AT& it's the fault of the, it's the fault of the GOP for withholding funds. Policies are being canceled not because they are canceled yearly, they are being canceled because of Obamacare, the Insurance Companies say this themselves.

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Oct-30-13 1:50 PM

smoker - "What is the most terrible thing to happen to West Virginia?"

Race baiting bigoted party-loyalty illogical comments from Democrat Progressives that don't know what "their party" stands for and don't care as long it isn't "Republican" would be in the top five.

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Oct-30-13 1:29 PM


There's no fixing stupid you mountainstate waterhead!!!!

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