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Obama: 15.8 Million Insignificant

November 2, 2013

I suppose liberal politicians have to operate by the philosophy that if you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. But 15....

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Nov-05-13 4:29 AM

Well the truth and the reality is finally starting to sink in about this administration and its leaders. How do all those coalminers UMW fans feel now!!! Hows OBAMA rat ein your book now??? you got fed the bait and took it hook line and sinker now are you man enough to cut the line??

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Nov-04-13 9:15 PM

Earth to ButBushWhineFactory: Bush has been retired for almost FIVE YEARS now. Your Democrit Redistributionist in Chief is well into his SECOND TERM now. And in case you weren't aware, DEMOCRITS held the majority in BOTH the House and Senate for the last two Bush years and the first two Obama years. Remember? The years when the economy was bleeding jobs?

Blaming your predecessor for your failures is pathetic. STILL blaming your predecessor in your SECOND TERM? Beyond pathetic. Harry Truman's Democrat Party would be ashamed of today's buck-passing Democrits.

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Nov-04-13 8:13 PM

BCF, At least Reich point to 2016 as income inequality has gotten worse under Obama!

From the Huffington Post, "Despite President Obama’s view that growing income inequality is hurting the nation, it’s actually gotten worse during his tenure, at least according to one measure.

The difference between America’s median and average wages grew at a rate of 0.28 percent under President Bush, while it’s grown at a rate of 1.14 percent -- or about four times that -- under Obama, according to The New York Times."

"This data point is one of many that illustrates that in Obama’s America the rich are gaining while the rest of us are struggling to get by. The wealthy took home a greater share of the nation’s income during the years following the recession, under Obama, than between 2002 and 2007, under Bush, according to a 2012 analysis from Emmanuel Saez, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley."

BCF, maybe you should change your name!!

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Nov-04-13 7:30 PM

quit voting for the candidate that spends the most money! The money they spend is special interest funds.....

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Nov-04-13 7:18 PM

(cont.) Progressive initiatives against gerrymandered districts and voter suppression are moving toward ballots in 28 states. Living wage initiatives are moving forward in 22 cities and 14 states. Democratic and independent candidates for 2014 are speaking out for higher taxes on the rich to support equal opportunity for the rest. Whoever is the Democratic candidate for president in 2016 will have to offer a plan to return this nation to the shared prosperity we had before Reagan, and rescue our democracy from the scourge of big money. -- Robert Reich

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Nov-04-13 7:18 PM

(cont.) Meanwhile, real median family incomes continue to fall, even with two people at work (the typical family of the 1950s and 1960s could do well with one breadwinner); the typical college graduate is now saddled with debt (public higher education in the 1950s and 1960s was free); job security is gone; pensions are withering away. Yet we may be witnessing the rebirth of progressive politics: The person who is likely to win tomorrow’s race for mayor of New York by a large margin has focused his campaign on that city's savage inequality, and has promised to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to fund better schools for the children of families who aren’t. (cont.)

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Nov-04-13 7:17 PM

The biggest irony of the last three decades is that the football field of American politics has moved to the right just as most Americans have slid downward. Ever since Ronald Reagan first peddled the snake oil of trickle-down economics, the rich have received a steadily larger share of the economy’s gains -- now the largest in over a century -- while the typical working American has lost ground. Executive pay is now 350 times that of the typical worker. Wall Street is still rife with insider trading and conflicts of interest. (cont.)

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Nov-04-13 7:01 PM

(CNSNews****) - The debt of the federal government, which is normally subject to a legal limit, jumped by $409 billion in the month of October, according to the U.S. Treasury.

That equals approximately $3,567 for each household in the United States, and is the second-largest one month jump in the debt in the history of the country."

Where's PhallicheadReputation and his Voodoo math now?????

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Nov-04-13 4:40 PM

I if WANT a policy that does NOT cover abortion or birth control or whatever, before I could BUY IT.

Now I have no Choice but to PAY FOR IT whether or not I use it.

I THOUGHT liberals were supposed to be "Pro Choice"?????

NOT when it comes to Health Insurance or Gun Purchases.

I wonderwhy . . . . . ??

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Nov-04-13 2:37 PM

How many of you know that to qualify as an OVMC provider, the provider must pay a yearly membership fee. Meanwhile, a 10 yr old girl waited on list for 4 yrs to see OVMC dr to be properly diagnosed with a learning disability. The OVMC dr could not diagnose, but referred to Akron Childrens Hospital. Now in High School-there is no treatment. They stole the childs chance of overcoming her disability. Needed treated in early years. There is going to be more lawsuits with this nonsense insurance-so send your kids/grandkids to law school. They will have a promising future with malpractice.

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Nov-04-13 9:37 AM

Everything Obama touches dies.

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Nov-04-13 6:51 AM

...I don’t see how the Demorat Party has a snowball’s chance in Rahm Emanuel’s brother’s underground lair of surviving the torches and pitchforks treatment in future elections. If voters are still healthy enough to riot their way to the polls, that is.

And when your children are sick and unable to obtain care, keep in mind that it WASN’T the Republican Party that KNOWINGLY told you the LIE that they could keep their health insurance and their doctor. Republicans aren’t perfect, but they aren’t stooping so low as to destroy the best health care system in the world to buy a few more votes.

Clean house, Republicans. Get out, Demorats.

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Nov-04-13 6:50 AM

RockE, here’s a cherry for the top of your premature-summation sundae: with 80% of Americans now painfully aware that the President of the United States KNOWINGLY LIED to them, REPEATEDLY, about something as critical to their very lives as their health care, and with those "progressive" Presidential lies made personal to them, individually, through millions of insurance cancellation letters, premium and deductible increase notices, dropping of insurers by their doctors, and care and coverage reductions, ALL explicitly explained to them by those preferred insurers and trusted doctors as consequences of the President’s signature “achievement,” and driven home by the Presidential slap-in-the-face insult of a not-shovel-ready half-BILLION taxpayer dollar website Barry Oblivious so Marie Antionettie-ishly tells them to “just go get on,”...

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Nov-04-13 5:43 AM

Summimg then: With 80% of citizens unaffected by the ACA except for seeing premiums stabilize ando verall health care improve, the US is quite possibly in line to rival Cuban healthcare, except for those pesky GOPeer Death Panel pipedreams.

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Nov-04-13 2:02 AM

Troll, I agree with with your statement "you keep your plan, period, were bald face lies" and decipherin skills, but do not think the lack of logic is limited to liberals. I think we all have a problem here. I agree with uglyassmf on this, we need to pull together and stop attacking the political party. I know many dems that see this clearly. Stop the hate about the party and focus on the issue we are all in, and about to be deeper in a failing system. I am going to get every surgery that I have put off for years in the next 3 months due to the risks. It may be last chance before the crash.

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Nov-04-13 1:40 AM

These agencies also provide in home services at a lower rate per unit (15 minutes) to teach parenting. Again, often the provider is a low grade employee. At times, they hang in the home for 2-3 hrs (billing for 15 min intervals/units) at a very expensive cost to Medicaid. Often the same agencies provide foster care as well, again jacking the system of tax payer dollars. Im sure the same goes on by those providing medical care. Those with insurance receive an eomb, informing them of charges for services and what was paid on their behalf. So if you receive this statement and see charges for procedures not provided, you are alerted. Not so w medicaid recipients. More raping of state funds.

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Nov-04-13 1:30 AM

they are not paying co pay, receive not copy of records, and are not even aware that the state is being charged or for what amount. There is little continuity in service and clients are less apt to improve since the goal is billing and completing lengthy forms rather than direct and effective counseling. This is rape of the state funds. Anyone who has worked in this system knows this to be true. Then we wonder why these at risk youth fail, end up being hs dropouts, addicts, unemployed, criminals, and how we can spend so much money for services with little results. Private practioners are not incined to take Medicaid though some do, because of the states requirements of lenghty and unnecessary paperwork. There is a lot of fraud and only some are caught on occassion. Generally these positions are called "mobile therapists". Once again, those in poverty fail more often due to agency goals. Wellsprings was caught and suffered minor consequences.

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Nov-04-13 1:16 AM

I dont know the complete answer to your question. However, FYI, west virginia Medicaid pays $28 for every 15 minutes of counseling service provided at school or home for children and adolescents, only $23 for in office for 15 minutes. That is $92 per hour in office and $96 in school or office. Many private practioners with a masters degree accept insurances that pay $65 per hour for quality service less the patients responsibility for the co -pay of $10-30, leaving the insurance company responsible for only $35 to $55 for 1 hr of therapy. Further, these agencies that provide this, NWood, NYAP, HomeBase and Wellspring, provide sub standard counseling service and mainly focused with billing and not the quality of services. They have been caught falsifying records, administration instruct therapists to falsify records, therefore often employing the least competent therapists in the field. Since clients are Medicaid,

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Nov-04-13 12:34 AM

somebody said Democrat Calls For Forcing Doctors To Accept Medicare And Medicaid Patients. Doesn't medicare and medcade pay much higher than the system in the third world countries where many medical providers came from straight out of school ?

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Nov-03-13 8:43 PM


The ruthless nut also tries to reprimand employees because they ref her kids game and she doesnt like the call. Now this unstable person is in charge of what meds granny will get and what services. This is what is about to happen to many insurance companies in the future. They are about to make getting these services impossible. Just look out. Cost more, get less.

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Nov-03-13 8:35 PM

OVMC Chief Executive Officer Lisa Simon makes her employee go to Morgantown to get the pain shot. Since the patient is not allowed to drive for 24 hours following shot, employee has to have another adult take day off work to drive them to and from Morgantown to get pain shot, when they could get it at Medical Park and get ride home. This woman Lisa Simon is and EVIL POS. They need to fire her DUMB ASS before she bankrupts the hospital with lawsuits. He hand is in till up to her neck. KICKBACKS ONLY How many other insurances are about to do same.

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Nov-03-13 8:30 PM

I agree that it is insane to provide everyone with services that they do not need, such as elderly having obstetric care. But dont think things are not about to get worse as the insurance companies sit around and cut available ADEQUATE services that are needed. So granny can have pre natal coverage, but her high blood pressure meds are no longer covered, replaced by one generic version that does not work for her but the insurance company has a stake in. Just look at OVMC who is SELF INSURED with their POS woman they call a CFO. She has gone down a list of medications and axed the ones that she does not get a kickback from, leaving patients in danger. They only allow drs that are OVMC, even when there is no specialist, not allowed to go to Wheeling Hospital. Employee see's pain dr at medical park and ordered spinal pain shots. Good deal, reduces the risk of addiction from prescription. OVMC CFO and bumbAss says that patient must drive to Morgantown to see wheeling hospital dr to get th

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Nov-03-13 7:35 PM

Let me rephrase my last sentence.. Can any one remember the last time a President hasn't lied to us about something rather important while campaigning before elected or in office after they were elected? I can't

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Nov-03-13 7:30 PM

I don't have party anymore. I'm sick of this two party system of idiots who act like they hate each other and cause the citizens to act the same way but have no problem with getting together to keep robbing us. These people stole all of our social security money. not Dems or Repubs..all of them. The tea party are bunch of idiots trying to hold the GOP hostage because they know they need their vote. The unions do the same thing to the Democrats. i think we should all be about sick of them!!! and not each other. That is the only way to change things. Join forces as citizens..quit calling each other names and force these idiots to term limits and reasonable pay with an end of the ability to exempt themselves from the laws that they pass. They can't be trusted anymore. All laws and acts should be on ballots for us to vote on instead of voting for empty promises. Can any one remember the last time a President hasn't lied to us??? I can't

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Nov-03-13 7:17 PM

So ButBushWhineFactory isn’t just a racebaiter, he’s a plagiarist racebaiter? How trite... yawn...

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