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Gunman Kills TSA Agent at L.A. Airport

November 2, 2013

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man carrying a note that said he wanted to “kill TSA” pulled a semi-automatic rifle from a bag and shot his way past a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport o......

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Nov-02-13 9:34 PM

contd"There was Gen. David McKiernan, the four-star who lead U.S. ground forces during the successful lightning Iraq invasion. He was asked to resign command of allied forces in Afghanistan just four months into Obama's presidency in 2009. Never fully explained, but the implication was administration dissatisfaction with the war's progress."

But of course RancidReputation cannot connect the dots.

Maybe after he finishes coloring his Obama the Superhero Coloring book. . .

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Nov-02-13 9:32 PM

Investors Daily:

"It's a developing pattern of this Obama White House. Barack Obama cashiered yet another battle-seasoned American general Tuesday, even as the war in Afghanistan continues along with numerous other serious global threats to United States security. This is the fourth senior officer Obama has forced from the country's service. All four were tied somehow to the Afghanistan mess that Obama has long argued was the most important war. Each departure was staged as a resignation. They were usually tied to some personal indiscretions to save face for Obama, who would know of indiscretions as a product of the corrupt Chicago Democrat machine.

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Nov-02-13 9:31 PM

"A retired four-star admiral is now claiming that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America's enemies to stage a bogus attack and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so he could "negotiate" the release of a "hostage" and bolster his mediocre approval ratings just prior to the election?

The Washington Examiner, quoting retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons, writes: "the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi... was the result of a bungled abduction attempt.... the first stage of an international prisoner exchange... that would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the 'Blind Sheik'...""

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Nov-02-13 9:28 PM

Of course if the BIBLE aka DailyKos says so, it MUST be true:

"Retired four-star general James E. Cartwright of the United States Marines has been put under investigation by the Obama Administration, according to a new article on the New York Times website."

DailyKos! Ala Ala AKBAR!

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Nov-02-13 9:24 PM

FlummoxedReputation, never let an Ad Hominem attack chance go to waste.

WND blah blah Farrah babble scrabble (hic)! gaga googoo

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Nov-02-13 8:47 PM

RavingRover, stuff THIS in your piehole"... "WASHINGTON – Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady told WND."

Yea, let's give WND Editor Joseph Farah a listen:

"imagine another Harry Reid holding Americans hostage by using the government’s monopoly on health care and threatening to shut all medical services down

...Harry Reid said he didn’t care about saving the lives of children battling cance

...government would have monopoly power over life-and-death decisions it could hold over the head of its former bosses

..Today, the government is shut down.. Better to keep it shut down than acquiesce into future..serfdom"

Now,that IS some pieholing, helz fire and brimstone WND (WhackedNewsDebacle) editorializin" the wriaff gots on his mobile.

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Nov-02-13 6:10 PM

This is what happens when you have a police state!

When SECONDS matter, cops are only MINUTES away!!

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Nov-02-13 5:57 PM

Forbes "Obama Officials In 2010: 93 Million Americans Will Be Unable To Keep Their Health Plans Under Obamacare

GOP gonna ride that Obamacare horsie to the victory party in 2014.

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Nov-02-13 5:54 PM


"Third, these challenges are beginning to divide the Democratic coalition. Many unions, already unhappy about Obamacare fees on group plans, are not rallying to defend the law. And many Democratic politicians will be tempted to distance themselves from Obamacare as dysfunction extends from weeks to months. This face plant, after all, took place on the first hurdle. It is far from clear whether the exchange risk pools will be large enough and diverse enough a year from now to work properly.

These last few weeks offer some hard lessons for Democrats: THOSE WHO PASS A PARTISAN HEALTH LAW OWN IT. And those who believe in government are not necessarily capable of running one. "

Own it, Biache!!!! BBBWJAHAAHAHAH!

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Nov-02-13 5:53 PM

Blunderliar you peripatetic IDIOT,its the DEMS who are going down in FLAMES with OpieCare!!!

WashTimes "

First, Obama’s credibility is undermined. “If you like your health-care plan,” he said, “you will be able to keep your health-care plan. Period.” It was the most emphatic, unqualified, high-profile public-policy promise since “Read my lips” — and its violation is at least as discrediting.

Second, Democrats have muddied their central political appeal of siding with the middle class. Some in that large, elastic category will come out ahead. Others will see their premiums dramatically increase without qualifying for subsidies. One self-employed pregnant woman who has recently lost coverage is quoted in the Los Angeles Times: “It doesn’t seem right to make the middle class pay so much more in order to give health insurance to everybody else.” Democrats will be forced to answer: It depends on what you mean by middle class."

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Nov-02-13 5:48 PM

"Retired Army Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, who was with Delta Force and later Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence under President George W. Bush, says it is worrying that four-star generals are being retired at the rate that has occurred under Obama.

“Over the past three years, it is unprecedented for the number of four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not necessarily relieved for cause,” Boykin said.

“I believe there is a purging of the military,” he said. “The problem is worse than we have ever seen.”

Girly Boy in Chief!

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Nov-02-13 5:47 PM

RavingRover, stuff THIS in your piehole"

"WASHINGTON – Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, recipient of the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, as well as other top retired officers, say President Obama’s agenda is decimating the morale of the U.S. ranks to the point members no longer feel prepared to fight or have the desire to win. “There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him” over such issues as “homosexuals, women in foxholes, the Obama sequester,” Brady told WND.

“They are purging everyone, and if you want to keep your job, just keep your mouth shut,” one source told WND.

Not only are military service members being demoralized and the ranks’ overall readiness being reduced by the Obama administration’s purge of key leaders, colonels – those lined up in rank to replace outgoing generals – are quietly taking their careers in other directions. "

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Nov-02-13 5:46 PM

Sorry poor duwhop. He would rather have Putin. Typical crazy.........And he doesn't admit what has happened to the GOP. Ah well, he will still be sitting here in denial after the Dems take the House and the Presidency. wonderwhy he cannot see reality???

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Nov-02-13 5:43 PM

Vladimir Putin has a higher approval rating than Hillary!


Vlad 2016!

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Nov-02-13 5:42 PM

Hillary couldn't figure out her husband was doing the deed with an Intern a 100 feet from their bedroom.

Hillary couldn't figure out the Muslim Brotherhood carried off the Benghazi attack.

Hillary in charge of the US Security?



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Nov-02-13 5:09 PM

The truth is, Democrats *love* women and Hispanics.

It's those folks who are going to grind the party of "no" into powder.

Cruz-Bachmann, the new Dream Team! Yes!

The right-wing sheeple love what those two say, but there's no way in*****they're going on a national ticket. That's the definition of political suicide. The nomination will go to the least lunatic-sounding lunatic. (Perry, Paul, et al, sit back down.)

(I see where daTroll-in-Chief is still #1 in the most disagreed with. Actually, that's the definition of insanity: repeating the same action over & over and expecting a different outcome.)

One rubber room at the Nervous Hospital - comin' right up!

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Nov-02-13 4:59 PM

Tool- It appears the GOP has problems with the women vote and Hispanic vote. Gee wonderwhy you don't realize that! Maybe loosen up that tin foil. LOL

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Nov-02-13 4:58 PM

Like I said, Run them......Hillary will clean their clocks......LOL

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Nov-02-13 4:57 PM

LOL tool- Hardly! Look at all your catchy names for the President of the USA. Talk about showing your cards! Very weak try on your part. I am color blind.

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Nov-02-13 1:50 PM

wonderwhiner, your criticsm of Bachmann and Cruz only reveals your bigotry against women and hispanics. Why do you Democrits hate women and hispanics so much?

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Nov-02-13 1:26 PM

Tool- It's ok that you refuse to understand how Cruz has splintered your part. You join him in being part of your own problem. It's okay. Really. LOL

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Nov-02-13 1:23 PM

and he could also have the news papers birth announcement changed along with public records! Let's do this!

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Nov-02-13 1:04 PM

I think Barry’s Aunt Zetuni Onyango and Uncle Omar Obama should run for President and VP. Zetuni would definitely give Hillary a run for her money. Wonder if Barry would endorse them? You know he could come up with a couple Hawaiian “Certificates of Live Birth” and some Connecticut Social Security numbers for them. And Barry’s illegal alien relatives certainly couldn’t do worse when it comes to bringing “hope and change.” LOL

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Nov-02-13 12:53 PM

LOL., run Michelle and Ted. DO IT!!!!

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Nov-02-13 12:53 PM

LOL toolplayer. Cruz speaks for himself. FACT CHECK. You won't. Along with your inability to absorb the truth. Poor thing. Just insult and point. Then have a little geritol and get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day. LOL

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