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EPA Hearings Aimed At Minimal Dissent

November 4, 2013

Environmental Protection Agency officials and President Barack Obama don’t care what those affected by their plan to close more coal-fired power plants think about the idea....

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Nov-06-13 11:13 AM

Well put, Slayer, Geo, all that means is you need a lot of energy to make it happen, not that it puts out energy. If that worked the way you described it, the economy of the last century would have been very different.

Try to think it through. If you could extract the CO2 from exhaust systems, fairly easy to do, and run it through this process, generating waste heat that could be used, and generate methane, why on earth would you need millions of tons of coal and millions of barrels of oil to power the world?

As for some process winning the Nobel Prize, this the same prize committee that gave obie the award for what he was going to do, and the economic prize to people who directly contradict each other.

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Nov-05-13 1:42 PM

GEO, that's awesome. The perfection of the perpetual motion machine has eluded scientists and engineers for centuries. This miraculous breakthrough will end our dependence on foreign oil, and will make the discoverers rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Nobel prizes and free health care to all parties involved.

Now on to the next breakthrough - overturning the law of gravity. Earmark a billion taxpayer dollars and put those "best and brightest" Government scientists right on it. We should be weightless in no time. LOL

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Nov-05-13 12:04 PM

oldsteelmaker: Actually, some of the reactions are exothermic. The 1912 Nobel Prize-winning Sabatier process, which synthesizes substitute natural gas Methane from Carbon Dioxide, is so exothermic that provision needs to be made to cool it down. Most recently, NASA, in: "United States Patent Application 20120029095 - Sabatier Process and Apparatus for Controlling Exothermic Reaction; 2012; Government Interests: This invention was made with support from the U.S. government under U.S. Contract No. NNX10CF25P sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The U.S. Government holds certain rights in this invention"; published the design of reactor that could reclaim heat from a CO2-to-Methane reaction for use elsewhere in the processing system.

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Nov-05-13 8:49 AM

There's one LITTLE problem with these systems. They are endothermic. For those that didn't pay attention in high school science, that means they take more energy to operate than you get out.

To put it in terms a liberal can understand, you can make a gallon of gas from CO2, but it takes a gallon and a half of gas to do it. So where is the benefit?

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Nov-05-13 12:13 AM

"Listening" hearings? LOL

I hope you're listening to Barry Oliar when he says, "Period," at the end of every promise. Because "Period" certainly doesn't mean what you think it does when it comes out of the lying mouth of your Liar in Chief.

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Nov-04-13 4:45 PM

No, it sounds to me like it's aimed at maximum peple...Duh? They already know what the coal heads are going to say.

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Nov-04-13 2:49 PM

The least offensive way we can put this is: Keep your backside against a wall. They're getting ready to slip you another one. This hoo-hah is all about Carbon Dioxide, and, Saudi Arabia has developed the technology, and has already contracted with the German engineering company Linde Group to build the plant to do it, to convert Carbon Dioxide into synthetic petroleum. If you don't "feel it" yet, try this on for size: Our US Government saw fit to publish one of Saudi Arabia's US patent applications for CO2-to-Hydrocarbon technology on the Fourth of July. Seriously. See: "US Patent Application 20130168966 - Method for Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Hydrocarbons; Date: July 4, 2013; Inventors: Mazen Abdullah Ba-Abbad, et. al., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Assignee: King Saud University, Riyadh".

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Nov-04-13 1:09 PM

Go with the tried and true Liberal practice of rent-a-mob. Bus a group of miners and power plant workers to the nearest state with a hearing, and swamp them with protests. Be sure they are all union workers. Should make for interesting evening news, be fun to watch them spin that.

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