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Rite Aid Stops W.Va. Pseudoephedrine Sales

Action aimed at curbing meth production in Mountain State

November 5, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — Some cold medications containing pseudoephedrine are no longer being sold at Rite Aid stores in West Virginia....

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Nov-05-13 11:38 PM

Seriously. Dont we have other things to worry about. They can get cow crap too. Never used any of this stuff so does not effect me, but I just think that we have gone nuts on prevention. If they want to use this stuff and kill themselves, why dont we just let them? Frankly, I am really sick of hearing about all the problems with drugs, especially prescription drugs, all the while not allowing non addictive, non abused drugs that are used to help people be productive and happy. I am speaking of legitimate drugs for medical conditions that are being replaced by ones that are less effective for things such as high blood pressure. People are having strokes because they cant get their medications.

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Nov-05-13 10:40 PM

You can go and buy fertilizer, duct tape, buckshot and various other goodies and build a bomb.

Will stores stop selling THESE items altogether?

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Nov-05-13 5:41 PM

Yeah let's not address the REAL problem just take EVERYTHING off the shelves these druggies might use to get high!

Soon spray paint and whip cream will be banned

What a joke!!!

We can't take EVERYTHING off the shelves some druggie with lousy parents wants to use to get a buzz!!!

They can smoke horse dung to get a buzz so let's ban horses!!!


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Nov-05-13 5:39 PM

Stupid. Some actually need but now will be forced to see dr at additional costs because of the few that do harm. Yet I know a woman in Warwood, Ruth Dean, who gave her 4 yr old grandaughter four bowls of fruit salad soaked in vodka til the kid was drunk. Her son was too wimpy to stand up for his kid. Why dont they work on saving things like this from happening. Save innocent kids and let the addicts kill themselves or blow themselves up making their crap.

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Nov-05-13 2:07 PM

Been banned in California for about 5 years.

Accomplished: NOTHING!

The WAR on DRUGS is Lost.


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Nov-05-13 12:28 PM

As usual.....The typical liberal/nanny state response is to deprive the law abiding to curtail the law breaking. When are Americans going to say enough! I will never set foot in another Rite Aid. Everyday things just get worse and worse. Another rule here, another rule medicine now...whats next?

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Nov-05-13 9:45 AM

Rite Aid's noble decision will put an end to the rampant scourge of soccer moms purchasing the legal limit of 3.6 grams of sinus pills, taking them home, and cooking meth for lunch instead of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Guess I'll be shopping for my cold medications at CVS.

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Nov-05-13 8:54 AM

Thank you for finally addressing this issue. Now, it's time to secure the rest of the rx drugs and protect your employees from the pill-zombie a-holes who will stop at nothing to get your oxy's and such.

Lethal weapon training and carrying a gun on-site would be a nice step as well for employees.

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Nov-05-13 8:13 AM

It's great to see Rite Aid and the state of West Virginia taking a proactive approach. These two entities, working together, will successfully subvert the economic laws of supply and demand.

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Nov-05-13 7:32 AM

Why not fingerprint the purchasers?? Too bad they can fill it with a substance like that found in pop-rocks, and when they heat it, it explodes like a dye pack on their hands and face!! Of course in our bodies the internal explosion could occur in the mouth only, but yes I realize it is not likely to happen.

Would be funny to see though!! LOL

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Nov-05-13 3:05 AM

In Ohio you can only buy nine grams within a period of thirty consecutive days. you have to have ID and your info goes into the database.

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