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Pipeline Problems Mounting

November 10, 2013

WHEELING — When 6,000 gallons of water and “drilling mud” blasted into Becky and John Wieczorkowski’s Valley Grove home last month, it was only the latest in a string of natural gas pipeline-related......

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Nov-15-13 9:09 AM

chock full of methane.-fracked & cracked It is..oozing the stank..the Wet stuff/stuffin'.

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Nov-11-13 12:11 PM

Right, mikeyd. Monitor closely, and enforce the laws strictly. But protesting, and potentially stopping, a facility that will actually give gas drilling companies a relatively cheap, environmentally friendly alternative to dumping, is lunacy.

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Nov-11-13 10:43 AM

just don't say that you ain't doing what we know that you are or have done in the past.this place has been polluted before and we all learned to pay attention.big business is what it is.not very trustworthy.they talk like politicians.

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Nov-11-13 9:59 AM

That the US can be energy independent and move from dirty fuels to a clean burning one absolutely requires that the people who oppose coal, also oppose the solution to it? I was once a member of the Sierra Club in WV and the limo libs (with huge SUVs in the parking lot) would complain about coal and demand that we move to natural gas. Alas, we now have natural gas...woops, well we can protest that too. There will be accidents, there will be mishaps as the US moves away from foreign oil and coal. What industry does not? This particular writer is in love with stories that highlight each accident/complaint as though its a sinister conspiracy. It's America's next industrial revolution. But he is caught up in the college newspaper idea of writing negative stories. Too many people's lives and futures have been saved by the new technology and fuel to go back. Holier than Thou Protesting is fun, progress is necesssary. From poverty to the middle of the nation's new economy is good.

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Nov-11-13 7:25 AM

It’s unreal how you loons, who rightly oppose dumping fracking flowback into the river, also oppose a facility that would provide a better alternative for disposal and would thereby REDUCE dumping into the river.

Why don’t you go picket the fire station because you oppose fires? Derrrrr.....

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Nov-11-13 6:09 AM

after seeing them dump this stuff in the river in wellsburg night and day for two months i could imagine it being dumped anywhere.that was intentional.

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Nov-11-13 5:42 AM

That LOONY-GOON DROLLSAVER espousing his theories (aka 'EFFLUENT')again, wonder which gas company he works for? It's obvious DROLLSAVER is not at all up to date on the latest data concerning drilling wastewater being dumped into local rivers. But he'll huff and he'll puff and he'll blow your door down. L M A O

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Nov-10-13 8:51 PM

I have bad news for you, GEO. There are now TWO disagrees on your post. Good bye, Pullitzer. LOL

And my rear isn't an entry. Slightly amusing that's how you pictured it though, rover. LOL

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Nov-10-13 8:35 PM

WVUGEO - the disagree was likely from Troll himself aka Wraith (they are Siamese Twins joined by their 'rear entries'). He's an Ohio State*****who blows light bulbs and God knows what else. Pay him no mind unless the topic is phart gas..he's likely an expert on that.

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Nov-10-13 6:44 PM

GEO, maybe that disagreer disagrees because he or she is intelligent enough to understand your comparisons of fracking flowback, which NOBODY WILL BE DRINKING because it will be recycled or disposed of in deep injection wells, with drinking water, is IRRELEVANT FEARMONGERING BABBLE?

I guess if you can't find a SINGLE example of all the death and destruction from fracking that you're claiming, you have to come up with something, no matter how dishonest the comparison. LOL

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Nov-10-13 6:42 PM

More disinformation and fearmongering from the coal shill WVUGEO. For the umpteenth time GEO, IT ISN’T EFFLUENT BECAUSE IT WON’T BE DUMPED IN THE RIVER. So your comparison is IRRELEVANT BABBLE. It sure does stir up the fear in the low information loons, though, don't it?

And “look up: ‘List of pipeline accidents in the United States in the 21st century’ in the Wikipedia”? Seriously? You couldn’t come up with sufficient relevant evidence locally so you have to go NATIONWIDE?


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Nov-10-13 5:23 PM

Noticed that someone clicked "disagree" on our post about the US Geologic Survey and the Radium content of Marcellus frack flowback. One of the USGS reports is: "Radium content of oil- and gas-field produced waters in the northern Appalachian Basin (USA)—Summary and discussion of data: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2011–5135; by Rowan, E.L., Engle, M.A., Kirby, C.S., and Kraemer, T.F., which was published in 2011, is available online, and says, in part, that the "range of radium activities for samples from the Marcellus Shale" frack flowback, aka "produced waters", can reach "18,000 picocuries per liter(pCi/L)". That report further informs that the "radium limit for industrial effluent is 60 pCi/L" and the radium "drinking water limit is 5 pCi/L", as established by the US EPA and others.

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Nov-10-13 4:06 PM

Hey Rover, is Jay Rocky one of the "out of state 1 percenters"? Because he IS one of them, you know. Keep voting for Democrats. The aquatic life died from asphyxiation, now poison - from BENTONITE CLAY aka MUD. As for not enough employees, agree 100% - take a clear pee test and come back. I had a potential hire once offer to use a friend's urine so he could pass a mandatory test - SERIOUSLY. These companies WANT to hire locals, but the potential pool of candidates is 1) on pills and drugs; 2) unskilled; 3) sucking off unemployment.

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Nov-10-13 2:41 PM

The Sissonville line was a transmission line installed in 1967. It appears that there was significant corrosion on the line. I'm sure Columbia will pay dearly after the full NTSB report comes out.

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Nov-10-13 2:40 PM

"Was any of that ever reported on around here?"

Some headlines from NR ;

Kanawha County Gas Line Explosion Destroys Homes, Shuts Down Interstate December 11, 2012

Blast a Reminder Of Gas Line Risk Investigation continues into highway-melting disaster

December 13, 2012

Witnesses Describe Inferno January 29, 2013 The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Registe

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Nov-10-13 1:31 PM

Further, concerning the pipeline explosion south of Charleston, as below, it took a while for them to get the fire out, and a section of I-77 got fried and had to be re-paved. Photos available of the incident are suitably spectacular. Was any of that ever reported on around here? The folks who lost their homes have apparently had to file lawsuits in an attempt to be compensated. Who paid for the I-77 repairs?

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Nov-10-13 1:28 PM

This article talks about a few pipeline accidents in the upper OV only. For an idea about how bad the problem really is, just look up: "List of pipeline accidents in the United States in the 21st century" in the Wikipedia. They drew their info from National Transportation Safety Board data; and, neither of those sources have captured all of them, even though they do list dozens. But, one that might be of particular interest, though we don't think it was reported on locally, happened less than a year ago, on December 11, 2012, when a 20-inch gas pipeline owned by NiSource Inc., parent of Columbia Gas, exploded along I-77 between Sissonville and Pocatalico, West Virginia, not too far south of Charleston. There were some minor injuries and four homes were destroyed. Other buildings were damaged. No one was killed, thankfully; but, large parts of the surrounding area, including parts of Charleston, we think, were ordered to "shelter in place".

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Nov-10-13 1:28 PM

snotrag "The drillers have attempted to hire locals to work. The locals don't like the hours or the travel or, failing that, cannot pass a*****test....I have talked with people who have hired..blah, blah..lie, lie and more lies.'

Oh, you have 'talked with people' eh? And I danced with Mary, Mother of J. Christ in my garage last night.

You're as full of sheet as a Xmas Goose! You dare call the residents 'good 'ol boys' when the Oil ty***** hire Mainly their*******Southern Red State nose-picken, knuckle-draggin' buddies! GET BENT!

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Nov-10-13 12:10 PM

"Still others consider potential radioactivity from the frack water that GreenHunter Water will recycle at its planned facility in the Warwood section of Wheeling to be a health hazard". What an obfuscating baloney sandwich. The "radioactivity" arises indisputably from Radium, which can be present in frack flowback, as uncontestably demonstrated by impeccable sources such as the US Geologic Survey, in amounts hundreds of times greater than allowed by law in industrial effluent. Radium will, incontrovertibly, cause cancer and other ails in any present generation exposed to it, and genetic diseases in the their descendants. Some mysterious "others" don't "consider" Radium "to be a health hazard". It is known by all authorities to be an horrific toxin that inflicts disease and disability on multiple generations.

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Nov-10-13 11:46 AM


You are either ignorant or deliberately denying the facts. The drillers have attempted to hire locals to work. The locals don't like the hours or the travel or, failing that, cannot pass a*****test.

I have talked with people who have hired 20-30 locals to work and 60% of them failed the d r u g test and the rest quit within 2 weeks.

The good ole boy union attitude in this valley is laughable and disgusting. I guess you can't roll out a sleeping bag and take a nap on the pipeline like you could at Wheeling-Pitt, eh?

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Nov-10-13 11:11 AM

As it was in the beginning, it now and forever shall be....the rich, out-of-state 1PERCENT gets even richer by raping the WV environment for profit, profit, profit. They are aided and abetted by Louisianan and Texan wranglers and roustabouts sullying the land at the working level.

Oh...? you say, what about our locals? Well, they get to change sheets and mop up the motels, wait tables and function at the Republican 'trickle down' level (you know, shine the shoes of the rich and thus have employment).

Nothing much has changed in a century. Just that 'Black Lung' will be replaced by 'Radiation Sickness'.

'Almost Hel-l West Virginia!' Motto for the near future.

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Nov-10-13 11:00 AM

death of about 30 minnows, crayfish and other aquatic life??? that's the best you got? big deal....not that I don't care about the environment, but let's be realistic..

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