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Much Is Owed To Our Veterans

November 11, 2013

It is a measure of how much we Americans revere those who have served us in the military that we set aside two separate official holidays to honor them....

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Nov-12-13 2:18 PM

The last time job growth was this bad this long, was the last time the Dems tried to really take over the economy. Ever hear of the Great Depression? Didn't work then, isn't working now.

Claiming make=work jobs that only run up the deficit will help, instead of private sector jobs that have a future, shows how out of touch with reality these people are. They tried this before, it was called the Soviet Union. Didn't work then, won't work now.


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Nov-12-13 2:14 PM

Clueless, there is one measure of job growth that cannot be fudged by the regime. The Treasury website shows all taxes collected by month for the last decade. Allowing for 2% inflation a year, the monthly take for personal income tax is still well below where it was under old George. And corporate income tax is almost a third less than it was five years into the Bush administration.

2% inflation is not a realistic figure. Have you bought hamburger or gas lately? Go find a newspaper from 2008 or 2009 and find the food ads.

8 months after inauguration Dems were all over GWB for 9/11. Five years after BHO took office they are still trying to blame George for everything.

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Nov-12-13 6:58 AM

Clueless, tell everybody how all those “jobs” in the Veterans Jobs Bill are all make-work GOVERNMENT jobs. Just what America needs – another BILLION taxpayer dollars wasted on thousands of additional make-work GOVERNMENT employees like Clueless.

Republicans know that wasting taxpayer dollars on make-work welfare GOVERNMENT jobs is NOT the way to reduce unemployment OR help veterans. But for Democrits, more welfare and make-work, and piling more DEBT on your children and grandchildren, is ALWAYS the solution.

Yes, Clueless, your pro-veteran words certainly do speak louder than your anti-American actions.

mmm mmm mmm, spend, spend, spend...

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Nov-12-13 6:41 AM

And yet the GOP controlled house won't pass a veterans job bill. There are words and there actions which speaks louder?

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Nov-11-13 11:59 AM

Quiet now. I’m listening to Barry Obushwood give his Veterans Day speech at Arlington. The heroes buried there are surely honored by His Excellency’s presence. Because it’s not often you see him away from the golf course or the campaign trail.

Just remember, Barry, it’s “core-man.” Not “corpse man.” Because if you say "corpse man" at Arlington you can actually hear the dead LOL.

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Nov-11-13 11:58 AM

wvhoopie “Conservatives loathe veterans and their families but pretend to care so much on this holiday.”

Did Barry Benghazi ever reimburse those military families for the expenses associated with bringing the bodies of their combat-deceased loved ones home to America? Or are CONSERVATIVES still covering those costs to honor those American war dead and their families? I suppose honoring American soldiers killed in battle isn't part of the "hope and change" agenda... Maybe next President...

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Nov-11-13 11:57 AM

wvhoopie “conservatives vote AGAINST Vets regularly”

You lie. Conservatives consistently support programs for Veterans. Demorats, on the other hand, would prefer to keep them dependent on food stamps. And I can easily point out a Democrit who’s signature achievement was setting in stone the main stream media and majority American perception that “What difference, at this point, does [the terrorist murder of three Veterans and a US Ambassador] make?”

The hoopocrisy is LOLable.

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Nov-11-13 11:53 AM

hoopie’s Bankrupter in Chief signs the very stimulus bill, passed by a DEMORAT majority House and a Demorat majority Senate, that specifies the end date for the increase in food stamps, and hoopie blames conservatives for that.

mmm mmm mmm, pass the buck...

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Nov-11-13 9:19 AM

Conservatives in Congress show how much they care for our military and their families by how they vote in Congress conservatives vote AGAINST Vets regularly. Conservatives cut or eliminated food stamp help to veterans, just happened. Go look at the voting records of conservatives when it comes to our Vets. Really look. Conservatives loathe veterans and their families but pretend to care so much on this holiday. Pure BS!

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Nov-11-13 6:56 AM

our current politicians have never even been in a fistfight.they know nothing about fighting a war so now we won't win one.some of these people only went to college for a reason.

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Nov-11-13 6:15 AM

The greatest generation was just that indeed. World Wide War won in 4 years. Thanks to all vets. past and present. Thinking of WWII and how the USA defeated its enemy. Have to wonder, why our country never wins a war or ends its constant state of war we find our country in now. God bless you Veterans.

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