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County to Debate Mall Connector Road

November 13, 2013
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Nov-14-13 8:13 AM

Nocommonsense...I'm not sure where you came up with your traffic figures but I think you should check your sources. Even if The Highlands traffic were 20x greater than the OVM/OVP area (which it's not), you seem to be forgetting the fact that the additional road would be put in to support NEW development. Anyone with business sense knows that one of the 1st criteria that companies consider when they're looking for a place to locate their business is the infrastructure (roads, access) to support their business. The Highlands has ample, shovel-ready land with the necessary infrastructure in place to support new businesses. Belmont County doesn't. By the way, the Ohio County commissioners have been evaluating options for adding another interstate interchange (with exit/entrance ramps) to improve access to The Highlands. I give them credit for their business sense. The Belmont County commissioners need to look a little to the east to see how to develop business for their county.

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Nov-14-13 2:35 AM

20 times the traffic? Really? Considering where your head may be, it's no wonder your view and the numbers you proclaim are so far off. ODOT have performed at least 4 traffic patterns/studies and has shown there is a need for some type of interchange. All I know is sitting in traffic by the mall and plaza is a pain. As for Ms.Favede, she needs to take a page from local history and see how her predecessors saw the potential development of that mall in the 70's and forked over the funds needed to make it happen, Wheeling chose not to play ball and we all know what happened there. Why she changed her mind is a HUGE question after all these years of support. Coffland's Agenda is basic business sense, need to spend money to make money. 2 million for tens of millions in return is not a bad investment....

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Nov-13-13 6:13 PM

Someone needs to ask what Coffland stands to gain or lose because of this project!

Seems to me he is pushing really hard like he made promises to people who will demand something in return!

The cold hard FACT is that the Highlands has at least 20 times the traffic that the Ohio Valley mall has and they have only ONE road!!!!

So this is TOTALLY un-needed and a complete waste of OUR money!!!

So AGAIN, perhaps the feds need to be called in to find out just why Coffland is going on WWVA with his liberal loud mouth buddy to shamelessly promote HIS agenda and call out the other commissioners!!!

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Nov-13-13 12:02 PM

So let me get this straight. The commissioners approved funding for this project. Public and private money was spent for studies, planning, etc and NOW Commissioner Favede wants to renege on the county funding to complete the project because (of among other things) the county's economy has improved. If this is true, the citizens of Belmont County should be outraged with her lack of "business sense" (not to mention her lack of integrity). She obviously has no idea what it takes to bring new business to the county and enable the development necessary to increase the tax base. NEWSFLASH Ms. Favede: As the economy grows in our area, new businesses will be looking for places to locate. Without sufficient places in Belmont County, the logical option will be Ohio County (WV) / The Highlands." I'm not sure about you but I, for one, have seen enough businesses locate / re-locate (from Belmont Co.) to The Highlands.

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