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EPA, Obama Just Don’t Care

November 14, 2013

Some Democrat leaders in West Virginia may give their allegiance to constituents rather than their party — but they surely understand how the political wind blows in Washington....

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Nov-15-13 5:45 AM

cowptransplant, you are protected by your 4 stomachs.

Why Worry?? Be HAPPY, Mon.

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Nov-15-13 12:18 AM

Just remember you heard it first here. ................will take this to happen before the politicians wake up.

I seriously doubt it. They are more likely to blame it on the other party, have hearings, pass a massive bill laden with pork, enrich their supporters and kick the can down the road.

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Nov-14-13 10:27 PM

Just remember you heard it first here. The first time after 2015 that we have a summer heat wave on the east coast that lasts more than 2 days will take down a substantial part of the grid in the affected area. It will take this to happen before the politicians wake up.

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Nov-14-13 10:24 PM

Back when Nixon brought the EPA to life we needed it. As the hoopie says the smoke and soot were bad and were even worse in the first part of the 1900s. Now they are going way too far. They use scare tactics and slanted statistics that if you back calculate them everyone in the country would have died before they reached puberty. They need to be stopped and stopped now!

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Nov-14-13 9:35 PM

On second thought, maybe it will kill you...

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Nov-14-13 9:33 PM

Professor, why don't you try evolving into a human being. Try iy, you'll like it.

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Nov-14-13 8:53 PM

What doesn't KILL you makes you STRONGER!

It is called E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!

Goggle it.

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Nov-14-13 8:29 PM

You don't have to tell those former employees of ormet. The EPA and obama raised the price of electricity to a point ormet could no longer turn a profit.

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Nov-14-13 12:40 PM

Is it possible to have a clean environment AND healthy industrial growth? Not if you’re a liberal loon: All fossil fuel energy industries must be shut down, or the environment will be totally destroyed. Just let me fill up my gasoline tank first. And could you wait until March, because I kind of need the gas and electricity to heat and light my house this winter... Derrrrr.......

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Nov-14-13 10:11 AM

hoopie, maybe you haven't looked out the window in sixty years, but coal fired power looks different today. Precipitators and filters are used now so there are no black clouds of soot. Mercury and sulfur are removed by scrubbers.

Oh, who am I kidding. You know all that, don't you hoopie. You're a lib. You just needed a lie to spread. Next time pick a lie that's not so easy to debunk by just looking out the window. LOL

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Nov-14-13 9:17 AM

wvhoopie, my grandma lived for 94 years, right in the middle of this cesspool of a he||-hole you describe. Her house was always spotless and her kids and grandkids are alive and healthy today. OMG, it's a miracle! LOL

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Nov-14-13 8:23 AM

Pres. Nixon founded the EPA during a time of pure filth for our environment. Living here for nearly 60 years, I saw the thick black smoke spew out of those stacks, the soot on the window sill, the wind shift that would ruin my mothers laundry hanging outside. The burn marks all through the yard from chemicals in the air literally turning the tops of the grass chocolate brown that would turn to dust when you ran your hand over the burned grass. Now we have cancer all through the Valley from the airborne chemicals like mercury and thick coal particles in the air due to burning coal. And this editor says it's OK, we want those chemicals and death in the air. It's all Pres. obama's fault. This editor is a fool to pray for filth and chemicals to be in our air. Quality of life is superior to cancer, lung disease and birth defects. I will take a healthier life than one that embraces death.

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Nov-14-13 8:06 AM

all involved have already got rich from the taxpayers so they don't care about the commoners.nobody working[just as they do] is what they want.the incumbents are a pitiful bunch.

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Nov-14-13 8:03 AM

"EPA, Obama Just Don't Care". Neither, apparently, do the editors. It is incontrovertibly established, that: Coal can be profitably converted into substitute petroleum. That is being done, right now, in South Africa and China. West Virginia University, in a 2009 report to the USDOE, "Development of Continuous Solvent Extraction Processes For Coal Derived Carbon Products", confirmed the validity of Coal conversion technology. Right now, in the nations of Iceland and Germany, CO2 is being converted into substitute natural gas Methane and fuel alcohol Methanol in processes driven by environmental energy. Saudi Arabia is building a factory to convert CO2 into substitute petroleum. China is using Coal Ash as an ore of Aluminum and other metals. The residue is used to make cement and concrete. We have immensely valuable options. We're not being empowered to use them.

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Nov-14-13 6:24 AM

"Listening tour? LOL Try "campaign tour." Taxpayer-funded campaign tour, to be more precise.

Watch who does all the talking and who does all the listening.

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