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‘Don’t Tap Into Your Beer Money’

November 14, 2013

How do you sell a health insurance program many Americans don’t seem to want? Appeal to heavy drinkers and promiscuous wome....

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Nov-16-13 9:18 PM

braintransplant, in 2010 I was shopping for coverage. Blue Cross had a policy better than my former employer's, for about #350 a month, not bad for a fat guy pushing 60. This was the "broken" system you libs just had to fix. If you believed the nonsense used at the time, 30 million uninsured, times $3000 a year average cost is 90 billion a year.

If anyone thinks this mess will only cost 90 billion, you are delusional.

BTW, in case you haven't heard, the showcase point of this junk, pre-existing conditions has gone broke trying to cover costs. As usual, they grossly underestimated the consequences of their actions.

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Nov-14-13 7:32 PM


Did Heritage plan to sell there plan thru sex & alcohol abuse?


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Nov-14-13 2:54 PM

The whole thing should be scrapped. Let people buy what they want or don't buy at all. I was always taught that God gave us a Free Will to choose. We are on our way to Soc. Medicine.

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Nov-14-13 10:05 AM

caltrans, get on that Obamascam website and get signed up for one of those “Bronze” plans today. That way, when you fall on your head while doing that keg stand, while you’ll still be paying a $5000 deductible, on top of those $900 monthly premiums, at least you’ll know Barry Obamboozler cares about you. Or at least about your money. LOL

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Nov-14-13 9:54 AM

Myer, another meaningless editorial promoting your agenda of wrecking this country.

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Nov-14-13 9:53 AM

Troll, that's a pretty ignorant comment. But therew's no use discussing it with you because all you do now isattempt to discredit people through the use of "funny" names. Your post have no content, other than misinformation and lies like this one. Get a life!

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Nov-14-13 9:23 AM

The structure of the ACA is based on the ideas of the Heritage Foundation. Why Obama would choose to structure the ACA based on the right wings main think tank is beyond me.

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Nov-14-13 8:08 AM

the drunks don't go to the doctor anyhow.

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Nov-14-13 6:37 AM

To achieve Barry Obamboozler’s promise that Obamascam will “pay for itself,” MILLIONS of young people must sign up and pay for expensive health insurance policies that cover treatments they don’t believe they need. This ad campaign is simply designed to appeal to what the Obama Administration sees as typical young people. Some young people won’t be insulted by those stereotypes, or by that exploitation. The young people who ARE insulted probably aren’t voting Demorat anyway.

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