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Officials Say Plant Would Be A ‘Boon’

November 17, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Business and county officials on both sides of the Ohio River said a cracker plant in Wood County would be a major boost in struggling economic times....

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Nov-17-13 12:53 PM

Create pipe dreams and the only thing that will be coming about will be tax breaks for corporations and political contributions and increase taxes for the taxpayer. How can the revenue be down with the boom in gas and oil but that is what WV keeps stating in the news?

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Nov-17-13 12:34 PM

Glad to see you all are so glad to get anything new here, I forwarded a plan that would create jobs from the beginning to end of lines when cos. extract or take any of our resources to which would give tax breaks all the way to zero if you would say cut timber and take it all the way to flooring or furniture in Wv. I sent the plan to the local state reps and Storck and Ferns did not reply to it but Keesler did and said that it had some great ideas in it so when your own reps don't answer you when you have questions or comments on legislation upcoming you should keep that in mind and also when they say that is not on the docket now, they may want to get it on the docket. So next time you vote see who has voted which way on items of importance and they do not answer questions you ask that may be deciding factor also. Mancin and McKinley always answer even if I don't like the answer at least they or staff do so. Rockhead never answers now that he is not running again and hardly answered

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Nov-17-13 12:04 PM

Politicians and all the others who live off the taxpayer can make you think a cracker plant is being built on every corner in every city. Trust but verify all this PR would be a good idea for all taxpayers to remember in casting your vote in the next election to make sure they did not sell out the voter for election donations. Real jobs should be created and not be promised to get the vote.

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Nov-17-13 11:55 AM

A valve company was coming to Weirton to build a new factory but now are in Beech Bottom and will be moving to Wheeling and maybe to some other place base on the best deal they can get from WV or some other state. Giving away all these tax break dollars only hurts the taxpayers. Long term commitment is the only way WV should be giving any tax breaks.

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Nov-17-13 11:50 AM

A probably locate plans but will only they will make plans after you give away the state or Ohio or PA gives away their state. Remember the article about how many jobs created by the gas boom. The State of WV cannot get the information about the jobs. We do not know if they are out of state worker, permanent job, or temporary job.

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Nov-17-13 10:10 AM

What an extraordinarily long vapor trail of an article. All speculation and dream diary, founded on mythology about the size of the shale gas resource and the hopes and dreams of the poltically-minded sunshine pumpers. And, note, the high-employment construction phase would be transient, and would likely rely on transient, migrant labor from out of state, as does the current drilling and pipeline laying. The number of permanent jobs would be a drop in the bucket, relative to the need. What pointless froth. More wasted ink. As per "dyingov", yes, call us when you actually do something.

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Nov-17-13 9:41 AM

Call us when you start processing gas......

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Nov-17-13 7:21 AM

Shoulda coulda woulda.... ain't over until the fat lady sings.

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