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Are We Back On The Bubble?

Investors confident as Dow flirts with 16K

November 19, 2013

NEW YORK — Is the stock market due for a pullback? The Dow Jones industrial average has surged 900 points since early October and crossed the 16,000-point threshold Monday. IPOs are hot again....

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Nov-19-13 6:54 PM

The ONLY reason stocks are up is because virtually all investment is being made overseas

The FED has been printing funny money too long and it is coming to an end

So this will soon cause a MASSIVE correction that will likely cause panic

And because tens of millions have their 401Ks tied to the stock market, they will be finacially ruined overnight!

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Nov-19-13 5:17 PM

Cowtransplant "Triton, more accurately, you lieing(sic) cask it's those rich people . . ."

So where did you get your doctorate again, Cow??

Online U. for $29.95 plus $5 UPS shipping?????


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Nov-19-13 3:48 PM

Triton, more accurately, you lieing cask it's those rich people that YOU SAY Obama tells us we must hate. Do you and your creepy friends that comment here live in some sort of parallel universe?

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Nov-19-13 10:33 AM

and wunder still wonders.....

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Nov-19-13 10:25 AM

Worst socialist President EVER!

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Nov-19-13 9:24 AM


“Politicians in Washington have done nothing substantial but postpone once again the final bankruptcy of global confidence in the US financial system… prolonging the fuse of the US debt bomb one inch longer”. Read more: *******voiceofrussia****/2013_10_21/China-makes-a-move-against-the-US-dollar-9551/

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Nov-19-13 8:44 AM

So those rich people that Obama tells us we must hate are venturing out into the market. But will they invest in America or invest in foreign based products. What would you do if you had money? What would you do with your money, all that you had, would you invest in the bizarre world of Obama or play it safe. Oddly, many of the investment houses have union and pension money to invest so its now all rich people is it.

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Nov-19-13 7:44 AM

Bubble? More like Mt Everest!

Take away the Quantitative Easing as Log mentioned and the Stock Market would drop below 10,000 easy.

Pump and Dump. Yeah it IS OBama's fault and it benefits mainly the RICH.

THAT is why the rich are getting richer and the Poor are hitting record numbers.

QE does NOTHING for the guy on Main Street other than add to inflation.

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Nov-19-13 7:23 AM

It is bubble time would go to cash on anything new going for more than 15 xs forward earnings stick with well known div. payer that trade around d 12- 15 xs forward earnings that have habit of hitting the profit targets

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Nov-19-13 6:56 AM

"Corporate profit margins are at all time highs and profits are projected to go higher." It's Obama's fault.

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Nov-19-13 6:08 AM

Yellen. Stocks are not in bubble territory. Well, her statement could be true, as long as the Fed. keeps up the one trillion dollar/ yr. of funny money dumped into them. If or when QE stops, the Bubble shows up and blows up in every ones face. It could blow up/ burst before the Fed. stops QE. but not just yet. My bet is when things start looking worse in the FEDS eyes it will be too late, but then the FED will increase QE by many times the current rate. Valueless money anyone?

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Nov-19-13 5:37 AM

Housing bubble and dot com bubble! What was the prediction right before those two recent events?

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