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Man Killed In Hit-And-Run

November 27, 2013

Compiled by Staff WHEELING — A Wheeling man has died after being struck by a vehicle that left the scene on Washington Avenue early Tuesday night....

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Nov-29-13 7:15 AM

Mongrel58 you are a sick puppy. Do you EVER get off of running your inferiority mouth complex on everybody in the Valley?

Is your life so miserable you have to feel you are superior to at least one person in valley because of where they live or what they do for a living?

Not EVERYBODY is born, raised, live, and die in the valley of the da*ned, get OVER it.

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Nov-29-13 7:11 AM

J26003, thanks. Sounds like you are a medical professional who knows.

This is the price you pay living in Smallville USA.

The Detroit Medical Center advertisements include a patient who had a serious heart attack in his home. He was in SURGERY within 17 minutes(!) at DMC which they credit saving his life.

Most of the big cities have some excellent trauma centers.

In LA one of the big dog Level 1's is UCLA medical. I know a doctor who said it is really competitive to be a doctor in the trauma center there.

He said he got more experience with gunshot victims in a WEEK than he got at a podunk hospital in 3 years!!

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Nov-28-13 4:26 PM

Like a lynch mob, the milling about gang decided that it was someone from someplace else that did this...lets get them. I have not heard any fact at all that suggests that.

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Nov-28-13 3:27 PM

@hefner - "...if anything Wheelingnites should show some compassion for their fellow harvesters of our natural resources."

I would just change your sentence a bit,

"...if anything Wheelingnites should show some compassion for these transient rapists of our natural resources."

If anything....if these folks buy (not rent) homes and intend permanent WV residence..well there would be a lot more 'compassion'.

'Using' our area, draining WV natural resources and using our schools and social institutions only to return to a beloved home in Louisiana or Texas don't garner much sympathy. It' s just the way it and in other places as well.

PS: authorities might want to check the 'joints' like the Alpha in that area for anybody owning or knowing somebody who owns a 'white pick-up'... that would seem logical.

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Nov-28-13 10:45 AM

What is the obsession folks have with the transient gas and oil field workers? Is there contempt because they are working? Wheeling, you may recall, was once the home of hundreds of coal miners, so if anything Wheelingnites should show some compassion for their fellow harvesters of our natural resources.

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Nov-28-13 10:28 AM

daWraith. Unfortunately it's that way because neither Wheeling or OV have neurosuergon's on site 24/7/365 so they are considered level 2 trauma centers. Some things require treatment at the highest level such as a level 1 trauma center which has the required staff on site to handle those patients. The closest level 1 centers are Morgantown and Pittsburgh. But yes it is unfortunate that many bad trauma patients have to be shipped out of the valley

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Nov-28-13 10:19 AM

Hospitals aren't really a Wheeling issue it's like that all over the country. Certain things can only be handled in bigger hospitals. It's not like brain surgeons are coming out of college by the thousands or something.

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Nov-28-13 9:19 AM

J26003 so your life may depend on whether you have an accident on a EVEN or an ODD day??

God Gawd!Podunk indeed.

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Nov-28-13 8:22 AM

they've been transporting burn victims to pittsburgh from all over for how many years?

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Nov-27-13 11:57 PM

Pretty scary that you have to go to Pittsburgh or Morgantown for serious medical care.....just another reason to not live in the Ohio Valley.

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Nov-27-13 11:18 PM

Does Wheeling*****so bad that the hospitals can't handle trauma cases anymore?

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Nov-27-13 11:07 PM

More drunk gas workers from out of state no doubt. White Ford pickup truck yeah that's hard to figure out same group of people as always causing problems. Send them home.

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Nov-27-13 10:51 PM

zip064. Just to answer the question as to why they took him to OV and not Medical Park, the area operates under a system where OVMC is the trauma center on even numbered days and Wheeling Hospital is the trauma center for the area on odd numbered days so since this happened on an even number day then he needed to be transported to the OV. Hope that answers your question

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Nov-27-13 7:18 PM

1/2 mile from Whg Medical Park and they took him to OV?

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Nov-27-13 4:08 PM

And so because medical treatment is LIMITED in 26003 and he had to be transported to Morgantown, he died on the way the way?

So is the medical system that WEAK in the OV that serious injuries have to be transported ???

Sorry for his family, especially if he is a father.

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Nov-27-13 3:51 PM

Could this be another white pickup truck driven by gas workers who decided to stop and get loaded after a long day of working. If so we will not hear about it again.

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Nov-27-13 3:45 PM

That is great that there are security cameras! He is an ex of mine and it breaks my heart. He leaves behind 2 small children :(.

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Nov-27-13 1:24 PM

There are multiple security cameras in that area...this coward will be caught.

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