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Poll Finds Most Americans Worried About Obamacare

Striking level of unease seen in survey

December 16, 2013

WASHINGTON — Americans who already have health insurance are blaming President Obama’s unpopular health care overhaul for their rising premiums and deductibles, and overall 3 in 4 say the rollout of......

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Dec-17-13 10:43 PM

Can't wait for next election! Democrats have outdone themselves, this time! The checks in the mail!!! WV getting redder all the time!!!

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Dec-17-13 5:11 PM

Name us one person who "saved" 60%, OhioDUM.

You can't back up ANY of your BULLSPIT with facts, FOOL.

How do you "save' when you HAVE to pay for crap you don't need like abortion and birth control??

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Dec-17-13 3:21 PM

Talk about "total fabrication." The Demorat desperation is thick... Source that string of whoppers, Ohiodunce.

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Dec-17-13 2:54 PM

That isn't any suprise since the the corporate news media has been running several horror stories every day about it. It's 24/7 on Fox. Shawn Hannity has done several stories with so called victims of Obamacare. Upon investigation every one of them were either missleading or a total fabrication. These people would claim their insurance was cancelled and it would cost twice as much with Obamacare. It turns out they never even applied for the ACA and if they did they would save 60%. One small buisness owner claimed they couldn't hire anyone because they would be forced to buy insurance. Turns out they had 3 employees and employers have to have over 50 employees to have to buy insurance. How about the thousands of people that now have insurance that never did? hmmmmmm

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Dec-17-13 12:56 PM

Minivan, how 'bout you "edukate" us as to what the facts "is", boi??

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Dec-17-13 11:32 AM

BTW Wonderliar, did your deadbeat offspring every get insurance that you as a hotshot FAILED parent could not provide???

Gee both of my kids have PRIVATE insurance from their EMPLOYER.

I wonderwhy yours DOESN'T??????

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Dec-17-13 11:31 AM

Blunderwhy clearly doesn't UNDERSTAND the market.

Take away the $85 BILLION a month government PUMP and the Market will be 10K in a New York Minute.

Therefore put every penny you have into it, Blunderwhy, since you have FAITH in the MESSIAH.

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Dec-17-13 9:56 AM

oldman, you need to put a few more exclamation points on that screaming rant. Turn it up a notch. Since ranting and “take your meds” is all you have. LOL

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Dec-17-13 9:26 AM

Troll, everything in your last post is a lie. NO SURPRISE!!! Please take your meds.

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Dec-17-13 6:15 AM

vote for a mess, get a mess... what's the question?

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Dec-17-13 12:14 AM

clearly the duwhops and tools don't invest in the market...........

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Dec-16-13 10:48 PM

Whether the polls would have been reversed had American's known then what they know now is debatable.

The health care plan was already forced thru Congress & the US Supreme Court later forced it through once again.

The sheeple had to know that the cost of health care would increase. How else do you give away more money without first taking it from the sheeple? If the sheeple are that stupid then they deserve it.

As bad as Obamacare is, the bigger problem down the road will be the debt and inflation.

Obama only needs 3 more years to 'finish the job'.

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Dec-16-13 10:06 PM

FrackedUpReputation, povertymasterbaiter, yo' Messiah done be the best thing dat' evy come long for da' rich white boiz. Dat' quantitative easing sheet be putin' $85 Bil in the stock market evy month making dem' Wall Street Whities big $$$ while the main street homeboiz ain't be gettin' Nuttin from Barry Bamboozler.

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Dec-16-13 9:35 PM

"The ACA limits the insurance industry's license to steal."

Oh some people are making plenty of profit! From the NY Times "Those who had a hand in the law’s passage are now finding lucrative work in the private sector, as businesses try to understand the complex measure, reshape it by pressing for regulatory changes — or profit from it. That means boom times for what might be called an Obamacare cottage industry, providing work for dozens of former administration and mostly Democratic Congressional officials whose immersion in health policy minutiae, and friendships, make them invaluable to private business."

Good move for those Obama empployees to get out and make big bucks while t hey could!

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Dec-16-13 9:25 PM

"Less than a quarter—24%—of uninsured Americans think the health care law is a good idea, and half think it’s a bad idea, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Wednesday."

A piece of legislation so bad that even the people it was designed to help think it is a bad idea!!

"A Harvard Institute of Politics poll last week found that less than 30% of uninsured millenials—adults aged 18-29—said they will definitely or probably enroll in health care exchanges if and when they are eligible."

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Dec-16-13 9:15 PM


"Republicans don't mind Americans earning $60,000 per year having coverage. They just don't want hard-working Americans earning half that to have affordable health care."

From Congressman Dr. Tom Price's Plan, "Individual taxpayers earning up to 200% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) receive a full credit, while those between 200% and 300% FPL receive the credit on a sliding scale starting at 100%"

Any other talking points you need dismissed??

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Dec-16-13 9:00 PM

RockE, you mean to tell me that after five years of “Hope and Change” the US still has a poverty problem? What happened to “yes we can”?

The quant-Obama-tatively-eased stock market is booming! Tell those poor Americans to sell some of their Obama-stimulated stock and buy themselves a wide screen TV and some Hot Pockets and a new pair of sweats and tennis shoes and stop embarrassing the Spread the Wealth Administration.

With all the food stamps and welfare and social security and Medicaid and unemployment and subsidized housing and Obamaphones and cash for clunkers Barry Obamboozler has been passing out, you think those poor people would have enough sense to fix themselves up a little...

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Dec-16-13 8:17 PM

George Monbiot: When a state-corporate nexus of power has bypassed democracy and made a mockery of the voting process, when an unreformed political system ensures that parties can be bought and sold, when politicians stand and watch as public services are divvied up by a grubby cabal of privateers, what is left of this system that inspires us to participate?” in the Citizens United States, 2nd to Romania as to developed nations with the highest percentage of children existing in poverty.

we the people

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Dec-16-13 7:24 PM

Minivan, Medicare and Social Security are the two biggest financial disasters in the history of the world.

The NON PARTISAN trustees claim they are underfunded by $60 TRILLION!!!!

There is not enough money in the world to correct this.

SS Disability is going broke in 2015 if not SOONER.


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Dec-16-13 6:30 PM

Troll, will you remember who build it when it is as successful as medicare and social security?*****no!!!!

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Dec-16-13 6:03 PM

waterbuffalo, 60 million peeps in the US are on medicaid with the cut off at $29,700 for a family of 4!

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Dec-16-13 5:04 PM

Read an article that said on page 1007 of the OBUMMER POS HEALTH CARE,,that there was a death clause panel' in that that says the GOVT.[OR WHOMEVER] will decide on who lives or dies, AND who will get or NOT get an operation.If you dont have long to live and on operation will prolong your life a little longer,, SORRY, NO OPERATION for you..I've said for yrs. that our WORTHLESS PIECE OF***** out to do away with out sick/ elderly.There is already a death injection shot in the wings ready to go. They said it was to control the population, because in the next 20 or so yrs. there will be too many people to feed.Strange that OBUMMER dedcided to put that death clause panel in his health care.Now arent you glad that some of you voted for that WORTHLESS piece of GARBAGE??OBUMMER is lowest form of life that there is.

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Dec-16-13 4:52 PM

Republicans don't mind Americans earning $60,000 per year having coverage. They just don't want hard-working Americans earning half that to have affordable health care.

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Dec-16-13 4:43 PM

Not one Republican voted to allow hard-working Americans to keep their kids on coverage til age 26 or end caps on coverage. Now they resist kicking free-loaders off the health care system. American family-values and Republican family-values are two different things.

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Dec-16-13 3:38 PM

Possibly not a landslide,but if the American people would have known about the Obamacare, planned and deliberate deception, the results of the Presidency would have been reversed. I believe there is little doubt about that, and current polls reflect that opinion.

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