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Situation Bleak For Ex-Ormet Workers

Union gives food and toys to displaced employees

December 17, 2013

CLARINGTON — As she picked up some cookies and crackers during the United Steelworkers’ Local No....

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Dec-19-13 2:19 PM

Again, NOTHING that has anything to do with Ormet!

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Dec-19-13 1:57 PM

I think you have Perot and George confused!

"Perot founded Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in 1962, sold the company to General Motors in 1984, and founded Perot Systems in 1988. Perot Systems was bought by Dell for $3.9 billion in 2009."

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Dec-19-13 1:50 PM

In 1982, Arbusto became known as Bush Exploration, a year after George H. W. Bush became Vice President. A friend of the Bush family, Philip Uzielli, invested $1 million in 1982 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company, at a time when the whole company was valued at less than $400,000. As it neared financial collapse again in September 1984, Bush Exploration merged with Spectrum 7 Energy Corp., a company owned by William DeWitt and Mercer Reynolds. G. W. Bush became Chairman and CEO of Spectrum 7.

In 1985 Spectrum 7 reported a net loss of $1.5 million and was bought in 1986 for $2.2 million by Harken Energy, with Bush joining the Harken board of directors and finance audit committee.

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Dec-19-13 10:00 AM

None of which has anything to do with Ormet. Canadian aluminum does not have a significantly different market share now, nor does Mexican aluminum. And some American producers are expanding.

I said old George had demonstrated management skills. Nothing you said contradicted that, just a bunch of gripes about cronyism.

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Dec-18-13 1:36 PM

Tax payers built the Texas Ranger's stadium with some help from the Texas Legislature (political favor for the Bush Family, remember Dad) eminent domain for a "private" business. Lil' Bush had invested $600,000 in a $150 million plus business and became a "controlling" partner. See political favors.....

Read about his business scams previously to Dad being on the national scene, not very positive!

NAFTA has created a 500% increase in trade deficits with Mexico and Canada and estimated 1.5 million US jobs lost.

Trade agreements are sold to the peeps by the politicians as "job creating and increasing US trade dollars" The results have been the opposite and the peeps want to argue against the FACTS! Interesting!!

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Dec-18-13 12:06 PM

Our exports to both are huge, and our imports in large part are oil and gas, both of which are dropping as our own fields ramp up. If you think we suffered, you should have heard the Canadians whining about job losses when it started. And again, nothing in the valley was seriously affected by NAFTA. We do NOT get a significant amount of aluminum or steel from Mexico, and most Canadian stuff stays in Canada. NAFTA has nothing to do with Ormet.

Running Texas is a pretty good resume item.

And sneer if you want, but a sports franchise is a bigger business than Ormet was. The Rangers have a bigger staff and a much bigger payroll, huge transportation costs and tons of people issues. Just the catering portion is an eight figure business.

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Dec-18-13 11:31 AM

The Texas Ranger story is a good one!

So the trade agreements have been good for the US? Increased trade deficits= good for the US? Interesting....

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Dec-18-13 10:38 AM

Dyin, Canada has been supplying aluminum for decades before NAFTA, made by the same union as Ormet. Has nothing to do with cheap aluminum, as you imply. Mexican wages have nothing to do with the problem, so NAFTA is a red herring.

Old George has an MBA. From Harvard. He has run a corporation, the Texas Rangers. He was a two term governor of the second biggest state in the country. His success-to-failure ratio on issues as governor is pretty good compared to others.

Bubba ran one of the poorest states out there. His main claim to fame was "we're better than Mississippi."

obie has no experience. One job in the private sector, and wasn't very good at it, according to coworkers.

Bush had a CEO for a VP. Tons of business experience in his cabinet. Bubba had mostly academics and a few business types. obie has academics, politicians and Wall Street money jugglers. It shows.

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Dec-18-13 7:37 AM

Where to start.....

oldsteel, A good manager ALWAYS surrounds themselves with good people! Do you really think CEO's of successful companies make all the decisions? Actually the CEO's usually have a board of directors input for the hard decisions.

NAFTA was just the start of all the trade agreements that have been negotiated since. You claim Mexico does not produce much aluminium! You do understand that Canada is part of the NAFTA agreement? China, Russia, Canada and US in that order are the leading aluminum manufacturing countries of the World, with Canada producing almost 2 x what the US produces.

BTW, what kind of business experience did/does Clinton, Bush or Noboma have? Do you think they have surrounded themselves with good Cabinet members!

I don't have time to explain for you....LOL

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Dec-18-13 1:06 AM

TheTominator.****panies aren't always the most honest either. I have never worked there or been a super there so I have no idea what's going on in that particular plant nor why it has been so troubled over the years. I do know one thing..honesty is a good starting point for both employers and employees..union or not and in my life time of what i have seen corporations do not like to open their books to anyone. That is why they won't sign a contract that gives bonuses for for good production and profits but cry when the chips are down. I have worn both hats in my lifetime. I have seen both sides of the fence. I'm not siding with anyone. I once saw a huge corporation get robbed blind by a sales person. I bet she made off with 250 grand. The dropped the case against her and the civil suit dropped it's legs right there because they wouldn't open their books for fear of criminal prosecution.

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Dec-17-13 10:51 PM

Like others have posted, the current situation at Ormet is nothing new. On strike, layed off, new contract, back to work, and on and on...I will reiterate my OPINION on this; When you take UNION money and vote democrat, you get what you deserve. This plant and it's facilities are antiquated and costly to operate. There is nothing left to do....sorry folks. I hate the fact that Americans don't show up to the polls and cast an educated and informed vote. Just because the UNION says so don't make it right! I see the Ormet Facebook page has gone to members only....good luck with that! ...Keeping your sentiments all to yourselves will NOT advance your cause. As someone mentioned in a previous post; It may be time to relocate....The valley will not die and life will go on. The only thing sure in life is change...Good luck to you.

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Dec-17-13 10:34 PM

Suggestion to uswa & Ormet workers! If Gov Kasich can't get the right electric bill price... Call Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Brown & Gentile... These brain trusts probably got your votes & just maybe deserve? Another one! NOT...

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Dec-17-13 10:27 PM

Nucor is a non-union steel producer that is consistently profitable, has never missed a dividend, has only lost money in something like 6 of its' 180 plus quarters, gets a good return on investment, has a good safety record, quality products and the highest paid workers in the industry.

How do companies like Nucor succeed? By tying the bulk of employee compensation to productivity. If you are guaranteed $24 per hour, with a minimum output of 10 widgets per hour, you are never going to produce 100 widgets per hour.

However, if you are paid $10 per hour for 12 widgets per hour, and then an additional $2 per hour for each additional 12 widgets per hour, you are going to produce as many widgets as possible.

It is just human nature.

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Dec-17-13 8:14 PM

NAFTA would come to fruition regardless of who was President. Big business wanted it and they got it. As far as Ormet goes..i have lived in this valley of my life. That place has been nothing but problems since i can remember. some the unions fault. some the companies fault. Plenty of blame to go around. I know one thing for sure. If you worked there all of your life you spent a lot of time at home or on the picket line. Aluminum is way down. That's just how it is. I have been interested in years in structuring contracts according to profit margins. Funny thing is no company ever wants to hear that but the first thing they do is cry that your making to much money when profits are low. I would happy to work for a company with wages based upon above average wages when above average profits were made in exchange for lower wages when profits were low.

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Dec-17-13 8:01 PM

I repeat, why doesn't the USWA put together a package to buy the plant from the court, and bankroll an ESOP? If the plant is such a good bet, they should be able to do it.

Oh, yeah, that would be WORK. No company to*****the life out of, you have to be responsible for something. Nothing any self-respecting union goon wants to do.

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Dec-17-13 7:57 PM

Where to start...

NAFTA had very little to do with this. Mexico is not a significant aluminum producer. Perot was a blowhard salesman that succeeded because he was handed an existing business that IBM wanted to spin off. He had good people that ran the place for him, but was terrible at anything else. His time on the GM board showed everyone in Detroit he didn't know anything about manufacturing.

"Ormet is just looking for concessions or breaking the contract, they will reopen" or words to that effect...

Bad news, the court is taking bids for the carbon anodes, according to the American Metal Market, the New York Times of the metals industry. Raw material for the pots. CAN'T restart without them. Once they are gone, the rest is just scrap metal.

Blunderby, GHB negotiated, but did not sign because it wasn't good enough. Bubba came in and decided he needed a publicity kick for his first term, and signed the deal Bush passed on.

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Dec-17-13 6:49 PM

I don't have to read comments here to know that OV residents are taking stabs at/offering outside-the-bubble suggestions to other OV residents obliterated by Ormet's closing

.. like Romney's "Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business!" in the land of milk and honey, where if a silver spoon was attached to your umbilical cord or Citizens United funding, then you are able to understand why GOPeers demand less money spent to help workers retool for new jobs.

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Dec-17-13 6:47 PM

More from 1993, same source as below:

"Given the energy Mr Clinton is putting into winning the vote, it would be a serious repudiation by the Democratic Party if he fails. The administration is also asking Congress to rally round the flag by supporting Mr Clinton before he goes to the Seattle trade summit (BOHICA!) to meet leaders from China, Japan and 13 other Pacific nations. "

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Dec-17-13 6:40 PM

Re: NAFTA; Clinton enacted it. Enthusiastically, I might add.

Monday 15 November 1993 (The Independent (UK))::

IN A final drive to win votes for the North American Free Trade Association, President Bill Clinton has offered support at the next election for Republicans who vote for it. 'I don't believe any member of Congress should be defeated if they vote for Nafta,' he said.

The US Trade Representative, Mickey Kantor, said yesterday the White House was close to winning the 218 votes necessary to pass the agreement - ending trade barriers between the US, Canada and Mexico over 15 years - in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Vice-President Al Gore, whose victory over Ross Perot in a television debate last week has given momentum to the pro-Nafta forces, said yesterday 'the undecided members of Congress still hold the balance'.::

Facts can be painful.

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Dec-17-13 5:18 PM

folks: Do you realize what could have been done in the Wheeling area for quality job creation with the tens and tens of millions poured in by Byrd and the State? There is a serious problem with the so called "economic development" agencies in charge.

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Dec-17-13 5:15 PM

Rag is wonderfully eloquent and lucid on this issue; and most others.

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Dec-17-13 5:01 PM

"Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement" THis is the latest "good idea" from your goberment.

ALL the trade agreements have been bad for America, so let our politicians create another trade agreement!

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Dec-17-13 4:02 PM

"It's ridiculous to demand that the governor "do something" to save the company." It's not up to the taxpayers to artificially prop it up (e.g. General Motors, which still owes billions).

Highland, You are so right. Government's job is to destroy Americans sector jobs through regulation, open borders and so called free trade agreements. Ross Perot warned you, but no one listened. Is it treason when your elected officials betray the electorate?

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Dec-17-13 2:40 PM

Lets face it- Ormet is gone, along with other industriesand retail businesses. Instead of crying and complaining they should be out looking for another job. As for health care- Obamacare will take care of everything.

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Dec-17-13 1:51 PM

WWUBrainless "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING FOR THE POPULATION?" Supporting birth control so accidents like you don't happen!!!

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