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Area Teachers Learn the Sound of Gunfire

December 21, 2013

WHEELING — Teachers and support staff at Wheeling Park High School learned Friday what a weapon fired in the school’s hallways sounds and smells like as they witnessed a school shooting demonstratio......

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Dec-23-13 9:33 AM

The average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by police is 14.29

The average number of people killed in a mass shooting when stopped by a civilian is 2.33

The school systems CREATED this problem!!!

They CREATED the perfect un-protected target and they MUST be held legally liable for ANY and ALL shootings!!!

They have wasted TRILLIONS of dollars nation wide on "security upgrades" with little to no effect!!!

As long as ANY bad guy with a gun knows he will NOT face a good guy with a gun on the other side of the door, this WILL continue to get worse!!!!


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Dec-22-13 9:14 AM

triton, We had school shootings in the 1800's....

Yes we are a very violent culture! We could put some of the blame on our goberment/military and the fact that we have been in some kind of War for 90% of our countries existence!

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Dec-22-13 9:11 AM

You might just be on to something!

"while we are at it, since the test scores are so bad, why not do away with lunch, art, P.E., and music!"

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Dec-21-13 7:51 PM

Before Columbine we did not have school shootings since then we have had about 100. We have always had guns and just today 250 million gun owners committed no crimes. Focusing on guns is pointless. So what is the variable since Columbine? Media attention, people like Michael Moore making the shooters the victims of glamourous. We have a tremendously violent culture, especially youth culture. If you go to a movie this week, watch the previews,they are all about media stars using guns and violence to solve problems. The same phony libs who stand downwind from Obama have made fortunes selling violence to American kids (movies are made for that age group). ******** with guns? Urban,suburban schools, seldom rural. Shooters, often college students/degree. The Aurora CO shooter was a Phd candidate who was reliving a movie scene, costume, dyed hair and gun when he killed many. Won't stop until we address the culture. Why R American movies always about violence? Who goes? Kids.

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Dec-21-13 7:12 PM

dyingov, once again you have made us all see the light! Let's all vote to do away with all safety related drills, fire drills, intruder drills, tornado drills..... while we are at it, since the test scores are so bad, why not do away with lunch, art, P.E., and music! Thanks again for reminding us just how intellectually inferior we all are to you. It was a creative safety drill conducted with some "out side the box" thinking. Not meant to get your panties in a wad.

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Dec-21-13 4:33 PM

Look at the scores and tell me that they have any time to spare! How much do you think the tax payers of Ohio County pay for each hour of school?

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Dec-21-13 4:09 PM

You're right again! I can't believe how much instructional time was wasted yesterday with those students! My apologies on not agreeing with you earlier. Oh wait......the demonstration yesterday took about 30 minutes on a day when there were no students present. The rest of the day was spent planning and preparing for the 2nd semester of school! HOORAY!!!!!! Merry Christmas dyingov, please don't take our presents:)

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Dec-21-13 3:52 PM

karri, Nothing is free! How do you think those goberment employees are paid?

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Dec-21-13 3:51 PM

karri, I'll save you the trip (got to love this internet thingy).

Wheeling Park HS Westest results for 11th grade students in 2012 (one year from graduation): Math 51% proficient or greater; Reading 51% and Social Studies 39%!

No time to concentrate on "active" shooters when you have a lot of problems doing what you "really" should be doing, EDUCATING STUDENTS!

Odds of an active shooter in Ohio County Schools is likely not measurable! Odds that these students will joint the workforce and have families, about 95%! Concentrate on the things that are important.....

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Dec-21-13 3:40 PM

Kudos to you dyingov for being an organ donor. More folks should think about doing that. I am guessing you don't have children in the schools right now? Anyway, I attended one of the presentations yesterday and learned that the demonstrations were provided at NO COST TO THE SCHOOL or SCHOOL DISTRICT. Good argument though, please continue to school us with your wonderful almighty wisdom.

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Dec-21-13 3:32 PM

karri, Been donating blood 3-4 times per year for 30+ years. I'm on the bone marrow donor list 20 years now, just not much need for White anglo blood marrow. Organ donor on my driver license, not sure if that will be needed when the time comes.

Pay my fair share of taxes that support these "great" ideas!

Take a trip to an Ohio County board meeting and ask them what the graduation rate is, the average score on the ACT and how many students are below level in math and reading! Please report the answers back on this site and then we can decide if the education system needs any help with the 3 r's. That is were the concentration "should" be.....

Not how many "active gun drills" they do every year!

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Dec-21-13 3:24 PM

As a parent of an Ohio county school student, I feel safer knowing that my son's teacher is now familiar with the sound of a gunshot in their school. Thank you for doing something proactive to try and make schools safer. The same keyboard tough guys posting negative comments will be the first to complain that not enough is being done to make schools safer in the event a school shooting ever happens in our area.

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Dec-21-13 3:19 PM

I have always admired the courage it takes for the self proclaimed "know-it-all" to sit behind their keyboard and post comments about how stupid an idea is. Real courage is going out and trying to make a difference in society. I commend the school board for doing something. Our societal problems are magnified by the brave, all-knowing, keyboard cowboys that post negative remarks.

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Dec-21-13 1:58 PM

This is clearly a warning of a society under stress to a point of unsustainability. Home schooling was my family's choice and we continue to work for transformation of a cold and mean world into the kind of place where the Golden Rule replaces greed for gold. holy holiday and a better life through prayer and active Christian life in 2014.

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Dec-21-13 11:55 AM

atoddh, Was your school a designated fall-out shelter back-in-a-day? How do you think that would have "really" worked-out?

Today normally only one school entrance is unlocked in the name of keeping the school safe. Got news for you, 99% of school shooters actually belong in the school. So what the "security" peeps have done is made it more difficult for the cops to enter the school when needed.

Does the "angry" student go to his school to shoot peeps?

When on average only 25-35 students out of 50,000,000 students become active school shooters.....

Maybe the school peeps should concentrate on teaching students to read! Ohio estimates 35% of the students can't read to level. I'm sure that number is in the 100's of thousands!!

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Dec-21-13 11:18 AM

Let any teacher who has a CCW permit and wants to carry at work do so - only way to put down a bad guy with a gun, is with another gun. This fake media hype and sensationalism about guns is getting old, very quickly.

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Dec-21-13 11:17 AM

15 million school students in the US in 1900. 50 million in 2010!

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Dec-21-13 11:08 AM

I figured counting/numbers would be a challenge for you calpatty!

1900-1910 school shootings in the US, 29!

2000-2010 school shootings in the US, 41! 7 of the 41 were in/on college campuses, not identified in the 1900-1910 statistic.

US population in 1900-76 million peeps. 2000-273 million peeps. 3.5x more population!

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Dec-21-13 10:41 AM

calpatty, Do a search and count for yourself!

If my search is incorrect (not really important news) did it cause people to lose there heath insurance? Do you call your King a "fraud?" LOL

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Dec-21-13 10:12 AM

Dying, your first post is an absolute lie. You are a fraud.

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Dec-21-13 9:43 AM

atoddh, I'm no fan of school shootings! Look at the statistics and you will see that about 5 children die per year from "school" shootings! It's not more common now it's just more in the news!

70 children on average die in bathtubs every year!

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Dec-21-13 9:22 AM

Those that fail to prepare,prepare to FAIL!

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Dec-21-13 8:41 AM

The demo should have taken place while the students were present. They should know what shots sound like in school corridors also. They're big boys and girls. They can handle it.

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Dec-21-13 2:35 AM

dying when I was a student in the Wheeling public schools this would have been unthinkable; way far out. This is a recent problem. They are trying to be as prepared as possible. What is wrong with that?

Ihlendfeld's own office was shot up recently!!

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Dec-21-13 2:28 AM

While there is a need for this, it really is a sad comment on the decline of our American culture.

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