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Health Sticker Shock Ahead

Today marks Obamacare enrollment deadline

December 23, 2013

CHICAGO — As a key enrollment deadline hits today, many people without health insurance have been sizing up policies on the new government health care marketplace and making what seems like a logica......

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Dec-23-13 12:29 AM

First they will be shocked to learn about the price,high co-pays and hugh out pocket charges. Then they will learn of the "Death Panels" dear Sarah mentioned!

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Dec-23-13 12:50 AM

This country needs a single payer system. This ACA ia mess created by both parties who are unwilling to regulate or put forth a program that will compete with the health insurance industry. Any one who sees it differently is lying to them selves.

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Dec-23-13 5:46 AM

There are not now and never will be any death panels. This nonsense was dreamed up by mentally unstable teabaggers. They don't call them right-wing crazies for nothing.

And if you con-scared-ative crybabies think health insurance is expensive, try getting good medical care *without* it.

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Dec-23-13 5:52 AM

" The bigger the lie, the more people will be taken in by it" Adolf Hitler, Barrack Obama.

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Dec-23-13 6:16 AM

No one understands the insurance they have!

"The complexities of insurance are eye-glazing even for those who have it. Only 14 percent of American adults with insurance understand deductibles, according to one recent study."

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Dec-23-13 6:55 AM

"The ACA is a mess created by both parties". Huh? Without one Republican vote. Democrats will answer for this in a mighty way. They lied and they will pay.

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Dec-23-13 6:58 AM

Yep, Fritz, the " teabaggers" were sure wrong about everything else that now has come true, wern't they? Since all of their warnings have so far come true, I will tend to believe the remainder of their predictions. Keep your head stuck in your ideological sand Fritz.

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Dec-23-13 7:15 AM's yout daily AP copy/paste of that plague Obamacare which is being plagued by this/that...such proactive-NOT reporting is a plague unto itself. now to read that Bible passage stating that infirmity among the poor is but like skydiving without a parachute...amen

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Dec-23-13 7:50 AM

Fritz, there already was one. Couple years ago when there was a dire report of impending flu epidemic and not enough vaccine to go around for the initial round of flu the CDC set the guidelines for who was at risk and once deciding that it was the very young and the very odd, they rationed out the doses to the very young and began an "education" process for older Americans on how to survive the flu by staying indoors, etc. Those over 65 (determined to be the most at risk of death) were relegated to the the last to get the vaccine. I am sure you worry about the Tea Party (teabagging btw is an anti gay slur)so I suggest you approach issues without worrying about whether right or left wins. The people need to win and political extremists have long forgotten about that. I served on a community health board at that time and we were faced with those choices by the Obama Administration just on the flu. Old is the new black.

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Dec-23-13 8:29 AM

Some people wouldn't know a death panel if it smacks them in the face. A board, determine in that a 10 year old cystic fibrosis patient can't have a lung transplant with an adult lung is a death panel. Of course for some, the words death panel would have to be printed out on a sign.. And you think the tea party is stupid. Of course Obama thinks pediatricians do tonsillectomies and actually said "buying insurance is hard"

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Dec-23-13 8:33 AM

Whether it is, or ultimately will be, good or bad, it is, like taxes, a law and a requirement that faces all of us. A law that we all, even if kicking and screaming, will have to somehow comply with. Wouldn't this rag be of better service to it's community if, instead of all the unproductive carping and gnashing of teeth, it used it's resources to help us isolated, unconnected and undereducated schmucks out here figure out how to navigate and comply with the law to our least damage/best advantage? We, here, could sure use the help, and haven't been able to connect with any "counselors" we trust to be objective.

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Dec-23-13 8:35 AM

And remember, ms sebelius said "some will die." Union members and democratic operatives still holding out for a carve out. Let us all know how that works out for you in the end.

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Dec-23-13 8:36 AM

Dear mr wvgeo,please don't ask us to help out with this debacle of the DEMS. You guys OWN it, my friend.

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Dec-23-13 8:39 AM

If it's the law, then why can mr. Obama change it at his will???? Please respect the intelligence of some posting here. We all aren't stupid and we all don't just fall in line, obviously mr wvgeo is used to the uneducated masses never pushing back.

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Dec-23-13 8:46 AM

And, ditto to "uglya...." far below. One of us here spent a lot of time working, long ago, in some other countries with "single payer" systems, like Canada at least used to be, don't know what the situation is there now; and, by and large, the common folk were pretty satisfied with it all. One thing about it, if you got sick or hurt, there was no additional stress. You just got it taken care of and didn't have to worry about bill collectors coming to call, or damage to your credit record, or lawsuits against your property, or trying to decide whether to spend what you had on food or medicine. One of us here has had to go through all of that. Operated his own business and had private health insurance that just vanished when he landed in the hospital.

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Dec-23-13 9:09 AM

"Washington (CNN) – Support for the country's new health care law has dropped to a record low, according to a new national poll.

And a CNN/ORC International survey released Monday also indicates that most Americans predict that the Affordable Care Act will actually result in higher prices for their own medical care."

We were told there were 40-50 million people uninsured and folks were dying in the streets. If the situation was so dire then why aren't millions already signed up??

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Dec-23-13 9:10 AM

Please don't try and sell us the virtues of socialized medicine. The Canadians come to America for hip and knee replacements and coronary bypass. Just because you knew some people who were happy.....doesn't make you an expert in the field.

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Dec-23-13 9:18 AM

All Democrats wanted Universal Health Care, what we have now is a Democrat/Republican compromise. Republicans can try to hide from their role here, but the American people know better.

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Dec-23-13 10:03 AM

Myer, you really need to give it a rest!

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Dec-23-13 10:13 AM

@Fritz: Howard Dean thinks so.

ObamaCare’s cost-cutting board — memorably called a “death panel” by Sarah Palin — is facing growing opposition from Democrats who say it will harm people on Medicare.

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean drew attention to the board designed to limit Medicare cost growth when he called for its repeal in an op-ed late last month.

Dean was quickly criticized by supporters of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), who noted his ties to the healthcare industry as an adviser to a major D.C. lobbying firm. But the former Vermont governor is not the only Democrat looking to kill the panel. A wave of vulnerable Democrats over the past three months has signed on to bills repealing the board’s powers, including Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.) and Reps. Ron Barber (Ariz.), Ann Kirkpatrick (Ariz.), Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.) and Elizabeth Esty (Conn.). All five are considered vulnerable in next year’s election, highlightin

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Dec-23-13 10:16 AM

"a Democrat/Republican compromise"???

Can you name the Republicans who voted for the bill?

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Dec-23-13 10:17 AM


This is single payer already. The insurance companies are now wholly-owned subsidiaries of the US Government.

Most haven't realized it yet.

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Dec-23-13 10:25 AM

@Fritz, more from your former DNC Chairman Howard Dean:

Major healthcare interests like the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association and the pharmaceutical lobby have supported IPAB repeal, saying the panel would cut providers' pay arbitrarily. Public awareness of the board shot up last year when Palin called it a “death panel,” connecting the IPAB to her previous attacks on a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning in the Affordable Care Act. “Though I was called a liar for calling it like it is, many of these accusers finally saw that ObamaCare did in fact create a panel of faceless bureaucrats who have the power to make life and death decisions about healthcare funding,” Palin wrote on Facebook. This claim experienced a revival on the right after Dean published his op-ed, which argued that the board would ultimately ration care for Medicare patients. “The IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by simply sett

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Dec-23-13 10:52 AM


Republicans all voted against it! They are not trying to "hide" from that fact! And, like you said, the American people know better.

Except for you and wonderwhybm.

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Dec-23-13 11:14 AM

First the "government" deliberately {censored}-up cACACare, and some of you freaking IDIOTS think SINGLE PAYER is the answer??

From the same government that has LIED and LIED about LYING and LIED about Lying About LYING????

The Obama government has ZERO credibility on this issue and that is the problem on ANY agenda going forward.


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