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Chainsaw Used In Attack On Family

December 25, 2013

MOUNDSVILLE — A man remained lodged in the Northern Regional Jail on Tuesday after he allegedly threatened his family with a chainsaw....

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Dec-26-13 3:38 PM

Croaker, you got nuttin now, yesterday, tomorrow, or forever.

Give it up, one trick pony.

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Dec-26-13 10:23 AM

Clueless, was this line from a Beatles song?

GETACLUE, Sep-10-11, in Comments to NRI article “Battling Drug Abuse in W.Va” - “you should be shoot for being an UN-AMERICAN RIGHTS TRASHING TREASONIST!!! At the very least BEATEN about the HEAD AND FACE. I know just the guy to do it ...ME!!!”

Another violence-prone libby barges in to scream that the other libby’s threat was just sarcasm – now that’s irony for you. LOL

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Dec-26-13 10:07 AM

HEY mental midgets it's a Beatles song. Irony and sarcasm is lost when applied to DULLARDS.

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Dec-26-13 1:25 AM

ChokingStalker, that was a very nice little song until the part about “What they need's a darn good whacking.” Which begs the question who will be doing the whacking? You? LOL And with what kind of whacker? You don't own a chainsaw, do you? And how “darn good” will the whacking be? Do I need to start wearing a chainsaw-proof vest?

Which makes it a good thing that loony lefty whack jobs like yourself don’t really know as much as you think you do about whom you fantasize about “whacking.” LOL

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Dec-26-13 1:00 AM

@Chockingdopey: Your poem and you make so sense at all, but since it is coming from a full fledged Democrap there is the answer. You thrive on sheer stupidity. You probably want chainsaws banned now. The only thing we need banned is Obozo and his ruthless band of idiots and morons! You rating is as low as Obozo's. Neither of of you will win in a contest for popularity.

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Dec-25-13 7:16 PM

Couldn't enroll in Obamacare and flipped out.

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Dec-25-13 1:04 PM

Heard he was upset his wife bought him a "gas" chain saw instead of a more evironmentally favorable electric or battery operated one.

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Dec-25-13 12:16 PM

acausticportal, When the liberals start talking gun control the gun makers are glad to set records selling guns!

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Dec-25-13 9:14 AM

When chainsaws become the go-to instrument for homicides, totaling over 11,000 every year, then you ladies have an argument. Till then, keep sounding moronic.

Merry Christmas!

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Dec-25-13 9:03 AM

We need background checks on chain saws!

Chainsaws are available everywhere!

Walmart, Sears, Lowes, Rural King, Tractor supply, all sell millions without a drug test or mental illness test!

Nobody needs a chainsaw!

Men cut down millions of trees with nothing but bow saws for 100 years!

Ban all chain saws!

Sound silly?

Yet this is the exact mentality of this administration is trying to apply to firearms!

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Dec-25-13 8:26 AM

Isn't it time he went swimming in the river while escaping?

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Dec-25-13 7:02 AM

And then good ole' Joe will come out with a commercial with him using a chainsaw cutting down a tree to fool West Virginians for voting for him again!

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Dec-25-13 4:52 AM

I'm sure we will shortly see an effort from Washington to greatly restrict the sale and use of chainsaws!

Chainsaws don't kill people; PEOPLE kill people!

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Dec-25-13 1:26 AM

Reality is stranger than Hitchcock fiction!

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