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Sale of City Property Falls Through

East Wheeling housing plan on hold for now

December 31, 2013

WHEELING — New housing planned near the city’s $3.3 million recreation park under construction in East Wheeling is on hold for now....

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Jan-04-14 1:48 AM

Seems that "mad dog" has already bit you several times over the years daWraith

As for the story they can and will sell these properties for a dollar...a dollar! for buildings and lots acquired with many of your dollars! at what I am sure was well over market value.

God Bless your precious tax dollars! They make these things possible... They keep our excellent public schools up and running like a well oiled machine. Churning out voters and keeping your stupid children in the dark. To become the next generation of upstanding "Yes Men" and gape jawed dead eyed brain washed imbeciles. All lined up at the local polls to punch the ballot. To vote in the next set of "Good Fellas" with "Good ideas"

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Jan-01-14 4:09 PM

Hopeful Herron!

City Manager Herron, "there will be other opportunities for those buildings." As a paid public servant, should he share his (delusion) vision?

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Jan-01-14 8:54 AM

Can somebody call Animal Control so they can put that Chokingsmoking mad dog out of its misery before it bites somebody??

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Jan-01-14 1:05 AM

Wheeling officials should release proposed purchase prices for any of the properties to let the public in on the spending of the city and let the public know if giving away property for as little as a $1 is legal and fair to the taxpayer. Could Wheeling buy cars and sell them to the public for a $1?

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Jan-01-14 12:52 AM

Wheeling had a great plan of building a field of dreams and the builders will come. Someone forgot the changes in banks lending of money on dreams has changed.

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Dec-31-13 9:12 PM

There is no market for private sector housing in that neighborhood. These crooks hoped to use your tax dollars to build more Section 8 housing so that they could invite more scum from Detroit, Cleveland and Stupidville to come and move in and spread their own, special kind of holiday cheer.

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Dec-31-13 3:08 PM

I have a couple questions for the sheeple.

Is it just me, or am I missing something here? If they tear down a couple more historic properties and build new, fake historic properties with the money they could have used to fix up the real ones, wouldn't the new tenants have to come from someplace else to fill the fake ones?

If they vacate the real historic properties that weren't fixed to fill the new fake ones designed to appeal to former tenants of the real ones, and welfare wonders, wouldn't that just create the next batch of vacant properties that could have been saved, that now will be destroyed?

Just wondering... are you creating a vicious negative cycle here?

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Dec-31-13 11:11 AM

Dying is correct, in MOST areas of the country all of this happens with PRIVATE INVESTOR money.

Somebody SEES an opportunity and they put THEIR OWN MONEY into a project on the hopes of getting a return.

Clearly in Whee-ling, NOBODY sees any return on investment.

So rather than risking their OWN capital, they let the government take the lead and then they PERSONALLY benefit with little risk to themselves.

Even Detroit is in a big recovery mode with Dan Gilbert, multi billionaire own of Quicken Loans, has bought up 40 choice properties WITH HIS OWN MONEY.

The Chinese are buying property like crazy there.

With choice properties at 10 cents on the dollar, they see an OPPORTUNITY for the upside.

Detroit will recover.

Wheeling: NOT!

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Dec-31-13 9:50 AM

Detroit South.

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Dec-31-13 8:50 AM

acostic, Because the "private" investers are not interested! "Heather Slack of Kristoffy Real Estate said the federal grant program is need-based, and their proposal was passed over in favor of other projects such as homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters."

Triton, You are correct!

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Dec-31-13 8:33 AM

Forget out of town banks. Why not Main Street Bank or another local?

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Dec-31-13 7:57 AM

Isn't Vandalia a government grant funded fantasy that uses public money to acquire and remodel and build homes that often sit empty and end up being liquidated at a loss? What should fuel housing is the NEED for housing. Bureaucrats living in that rarified air of other people's money forget that usually progress happens when there is a demand for something. Neighborhoods are not built in case someone would like to have a house there, they happen because people want to live in or grew up in an area. Using taxpayer money to build homes that will be occupied by people who live on checks and benefits from the other taxpayers is not progress, its just a shell game. This is stage two of trying to justify the sports field and pretending it is something needed. So now we have to use public money to build housing in hopes that it will look like the other recreation areas that grew up of demand in those communities. Spending other people's money must be addictive.

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