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Marshall Property Values To Rise

Assessor: 10-percent hike for 8,500 owners because of drilling

January 8, 2014

MOUNDSVILLE — Property values in Marshall County are expected to continue to increase in 2014 because of the Marcellus gas boom, with about 8,500 property owners to see at least a 10 percent......

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Jan-10-14 7:00 AM

Maybe the raising of taxes is good for MC! They are getting ready to expand the courthouse gang into the old Jozebeth property! Population decline of 25% in the last 30 years and it's time to expand. Kind of like building a new school in Cameron....

Of course our taxes need to increase, less people are paying! Less employees in the courthouse with the population decline? dogpile and search for yourself!

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Jan-09-14 10:43 PM

liberty, What is negative about the truth? "You can't handle the truth!"

Google/Bing/dogpile will do the search for you! Welcome to the internet.LOL

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Jan-09-14 9:24 PM

Property owners MUST show up in great numbers and DISPUTE every attempt at tax increases on their property!!!!!

This kind of corruption must not stand!!!

Force these clowns into doing the RIGHT thing for the residents that pay their salary!!!!

Residents should be enjoying REDUCED taxes as a result of drilling activity NOT an INCREASE!!!!

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Jan-09-14 9:20 PM

This is ALL about raising everbody's taxes EXACTLY as I predicted to pay for the destruction to ifrastructure CAUSED by this "gas boom"!!!!!

These crooks need to be tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail!!!!!

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Jan-09-14 8:07 PM

So true cal. Haters hate and the nattering, nabobs of negativity grow more nattering, more nabobish, and more negative by the post. I think it's time for them to read a Dr. Seuss book, have a cookie and some milk, and take their nap or they might have to go in timeout.

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Jan-09-14 1:12 PM


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Jan-09-14 1:03 PM

From the News-Register dec. 13, 2008.

"But Mason does not foresee many Marshall County residents requesting declines in their property values because West Virginia, he said, does not have significant fluctuations in the values of its properties.

"I think that may be something you would see in some of the bigger states that had a lot of increases before and are now going to have a lot of decreases. ... It is not something we should have to deal with very much here," he said."

Of course no big fluctuations could be found when tax dollars were in question....

calpatty, any comments! FOOL!!!

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Jan-09-14 12:55 PM

compliance with the law! Who's law? Tax collector law?

calpatty, please let me know the last time the county or state budget decreased?

This internet thing is good stuff....

Marshall County average home sale prices in 2012 increased by 5% in 2013. Your assessor is giving the spin of "in some areas the sales prices increased 10%!" So from the article he claims about 8,000 peeps will see the 10% increase out of 15,000 homes, that is more than half! How does the assessor determine the 10% increase? Home in Glen Dale sold is not the same as one sold in Moundsville.

Go to the bank and tell them you want to mortgage your house because the value increased 10% since last year, good luck!

If the county is experiencing such great industrial growth why are the good MC property owners paying the price?

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Jan-09-14 12:23 PM

Obviously, from their comments, the weirdos are either not reading or not comprehending the article. Clearly, raising taxes isn't the goal. Compliance with the law is.

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Jan-09-14 11:23 AM

Especially when the "weirdos" call your bluff!

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Jan-09-14 11:06 AM

Liberty, you're wasting your time arguing with these weirdos.

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Jan-09-14 7:29 AM

When the courthouse gang gets to work (that is when they comment, tax payer paid time) we will see if they can spin the "lower assessment with a 18% budget/spending increase!

So when I read the "reason" the county commission gave for the $2,000 across the board raises in the 2010-2011 budget notes. They were claiming (commissioners) that MC was a class I county and the work load justified the raises. Funny MC has been a class I county for as long as one can remember.

They (commission) also used the "to keep good people and get good people" we have to increase the money! So what is the turn-over rate in the courthouse? Most would prefer the "golden" cady insurance package they have.....

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Jan-09-14 7:21 AM

Are taxes and spending increasing? Sounds like nomoma at the county/state level to me!

WV actually voted for Bush 2 in 2000, first time in modern history that WV voted for a R presidential candidate that was not an incumbent! We knew Al Gore was bad news......

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Jan-09-14 12:14 AM

Probably stretching it SMART 1 when you say the "brothers" like OBAMA. He's single handedly turn WV "RED" and has exposed the Democrat Party for what it is.

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Jan-08-14 10:33 PM

kess, Liberty told us that the commission had reduced the assessment so I showed you the 18% increase in the county budget! Shell game that in the end results in more tax and spend for the liberals! Does the assessor, sheriff, county clerk, etc. request a budget?

Maybe the paper should post the last two years of employee pay increases! I'm sure the ss crowd that is getting 1% raises each year would be interested in the courthouse gang and what they are receiving with the "reduced" assessment from the commissioners.....

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Jan-08-14 10:21 PM

One thing is certain!! These Kessler brothers LOVE Obama, Manchin, Natalie Tennant, John Perdue,Glen Gainer, Pelosi, Reid and others! If u want more of the same keep votin for them! I'm done!!!

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Jan-08-14 10:00 PM

All boats lifted by the rising tide--ha! this is more like a tsunami for most residents of the county.

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Jan-08-14 9:17 PM

There is a difference between the county spiking your assessment and the appraisal and market value of your home.

Normally, assessment is a fixed percentage of appraisal. Well, if my appraisal is $100,000 this year, how can the county justify an increase in my assessment next year, without a corresponding appraisal increase?

What about market value? Are there people with the means and the desire to buy overpriced homes in Marshall County, West Virginia? Likely not.

Property taxes ensure that private property rights do not exist. Think you own your home because you paid off that mortgage? Think again. The government can come and take your home away from you when you don't pay their yearly shakedown for schools you have never used and services that are shoddy, at best.

Raise the assessments by X and then try and market the properties for that much more and see where it gets you.


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Jan-08-14 6:31 PM

Nice try but it is not the responsibility of any assessor in WV to develop a courthouse budget, that is the county commission's responsibility. It establishes the levy rate and approves each department's budget.

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Jan-08-14 4:54 PM

Liberty, So cut the education funding? Population decline?

County courthouse budget was $13,383,165 in 2010-2011 and $15,720,535 in 2011-2012! Is that what you call a reduction? As the assessor you should be able to give us the percentage of increase between the two budgets!

Liberal progressive tax and spend....

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Jan-08-14 4:06 PM

The County Commission DID lower it's levy rate 6 out of the past 7 years but since 78 cents of every property tax dollar paid goes to the Board of Education, real property tax relief won't occur until it lowers it's excess levy rate in a meaningful way. 98% to 94%? Give me a break!

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Jan-08-14 3:27 PM

I don't think the mineral rights should be allowed to be separated from the selling of the home. If you buy the home you get the rights to the minerals on that property. Personally, I was going to move my family to Marshal County till all the homes being sold were without mineral rights. I also think anyone is crazy if they buy a home where someone else is making money of their resources.

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Jan-08-14 2:58 PM

Even Schambaugh is leaving ,DYING

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Jan-08-14 1:24 PM

I have some additional news for you! The population will continue to decline!

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Jan-08-14 1:22 PM

liberty, So let us go to the school board and tell them they are spending too much money on educating the next generation!

Can the county commission lower it's levey rate? I'm sure your the courthouse crowd and not interested in cutting your spending!

I like development, not giving much credit to the goberment for the private companies building gas associated "things!" Or did the politicians create the coal and gas in Marshall County?

Why the drop in MC population with all this "new" development? You do realize that the population of MC in 1980 was 41,000+! I guess if I just paid more in taxes that would have motivated the peeps to stay.....

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