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Tomblin Touts Tax Cuts, New Plants

Calls for teacher raises even in the face of deficit

January 9, 2014

CHARLESTON — Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin urged the Legislature on Wednesday to expand educational and economic policies that he thinks could uproot West Virginia from difficult financial constraints....

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Jan-10-14 6:19 AM

get rid of the politicians and this state would do well.these people never learned anything in grade school.basic budgeting.

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Jan-09-14 10:57 PM

The state wants to put a 2+billion road bond issue on the ballot! What does your goberment do with the 51 cent per gallon fuel tax?

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Jan-09-14 10:19 PM

All State Employees & Residents need to wake up!! These Democrats been in charge for a long time!! Obama, Manchin & Rahall at the helm!! Very bad for WV!! Better vote Republican this time!!!!

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Jan-09-14 9:29 PM

Typical progressive liberal Democrat!

A 60 MILLION dollar deficit!!!!

With BILLIONS in gas production in the state how is this possible!!!!

Who got greased in Charleston???

Why are the RESIDENTS being forced to pay for the BILLIONS of dollars in damage done by the gas industry???

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Jan-09-14 9:13 PM

The median income in WV is about 40000 and the teacher want a raise but in Wheeling the mediam income is about 35000. Most taxpayer do not get a cut in taxes but always a raise in taxes to pay for pension and wages of politicians and high earners. The plan does not work for the people of WV.

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Jan-09-14 8:53 PM

Tomblin did not explain how he would cut taxes but then turn around and give the cities the ability to tax for road and other thing under HOME RULE. Now that is a slick political trick. Sorry, jobs are the problems. How about increase the gas head tax on gas leaving the state but give a rebate to the gas corporations for all permanent jobs created inside of WV. Win win for the people and WV. Watch those code words like tout, promise, advocated, and hope.

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Jan-09-14 12:37 PM

highered, Is tuition increasing?

The states were proped-up by the 800+ billion federal stimulus money and not much has changed now that the money has been spent....

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Jan-09-14 10:54 AM

The population of WV is declining because the State Government is failing. A successful state government would deliver growth in population because people and business want to come to WV. The opposite is occurring, and is proof of a failing state government. Ignore the rhetoric of these politicians and look at the facts. 30 years in politics breeds a complete disconnect from the real life of WV citizens - time for a major change!

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Jan-09-14 10:38 AM

Pay raises; are you kidding??? As a state employee I haven't had a raise for two years. Due to budget cuts ordered for higher education I won't receive one for at least another two years. We've just been given notice there will be mid-year cuts. Higher education gets slashed left and right and all we can do is put tuition increases on the backs of the students. Tomblin is a joke.

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Jan-09-14 9:14 AM

0 states in the Union have 0 debt! WV is 22 billion in debt! The state revenues per year are around 4.3 billion per budget year! $35,000+ per private sector worker in the state. On top of the 1.1 million in federal debt per worker!

Go to your local bank and tell them you would like to borrow some money. My debt load is 5x my income, I need mo money! The bank will give you your answer before you even fill-out the application!

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Jan-09-14 9:07 AM

mr.governor,we need jobs.not pay raises for the people that are already doing well.politicians can make all of the empty promises that they can come up with.raises of any kind should be frozen in this economy.the people need to quit throwing our tax dollars to you people with your disappearing acts.the working poor are the ones that need help.the ones that are trying to make a living.when you all decide to drug test the welfare recipients then we'll know that you are trying.otherwise,you sir are just another politician trying to pacify the public.if you can't dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with b.s.and this is what we get from you people.

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Jan-09-14 8:19 AM

Off topic: Where's the news about the Repub darling, Chris Christie? Hint: buried in the depths of the National News section. Where's the outrage? Where's the moral indignation? Oh, I forgot. He's not a Democrat.

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Jan-09-14 8:06 AM

Like any good politician of this day, the "state" speech is just one big political lie. He said lots of rah rah things that he never intends to do. No matter that it contradicts his day to day actions. Tax cuts. But just last month he said we may have to cut back on services becuase of tax shortfalls. Teacher pay raises, chaching! But its not up to him, it was an empty statement. Roads and jobs. Well who is not going to say that, but each one of has unemployed people in our families (there are that many) and each of us drives on roads destroyued by the energy industry. So we are going to have tax cuts and do more road building and layoff workers and shut down services because of lack of money. I often wonder, other than people who make their livings off of taxpayers, who listens to these speeches. They are less than meaningless.

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Jan-09-14 6:49 AM

So the lesson learned is they cut taxes and now have a deficit! If you don't cut spending......

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