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Makeover For Plaza May Be Bid

January 12, 2014

WHEELING — It is the city’s goal to have the long-awaited renovation of Market Plaza in downtown Wheeling out for bid sometime in March, City Manager Robert Herron sai....

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Jan-13-14 10:00 PM

Folks: The one major Downtown asset that would have generated tourism and traffic was JUSA. Yet a proposal to revamp the show for television -privately- was shunned by the City and various agencies including the CVB and COC. All that was necessary was a City endorsement for a Federal loan program . They refused. No public money was required. Every effort has been made to discourage private enterprise/initiative vs non profits. Stone Center is a non profit project funded with public debt. The income goes to non profit's staff salaries. It is very profitable for them!!

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Jan-13-14 9:15 AM

Parking is not a problem downtown. There is plenty of parking you just have too many fat@$$es that can't even waddle for a quarter of a mile. I don't think the 10th street parking garage has ever been full the entire time I've been alive. I don't believe it's full even when the Capitol sells out.

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Jan-12-14 9:18 PM

Do it well..have the police ease off..a little more protect...make it fun and beautiful. I'm on board..I love Wheeling.

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Jan-12-14 8:04 PM

A Ponderosa or a Popeyes will solve everything??? THERE YOU GO!! Sign him up to solve the world's problems.

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Jan-12-14 8:01 PM

richardwhee "That would be an excellant place for the dog park."

Best. Idea. Ever.

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Jan-12-14 7:21 PM

More of McKenzie's foolishness.

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Jan-12-14 6:37 PM

Face it,,ALL the towns SUCK..Wheeling, Bellaire, Bridgeport, Shadyside, Ferry.I dont think ANYTHING can be done to bring back what once was.Wheeling AND Bellaire need something like a Popeyes,or a Ponderosa,, BUT no one will have the gumption enough to try and get one. Ferry, Shadyside Bridgeport, i have no clue.When we go out to eat, we ALWAYS go out of town because there is NO place in town to eat.Reataurants bring in people.

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Jan-12-14 5:58 PM

Start an audit of funds and procedures to insure money in Wheeling is spent properly and according to the law. The Legislature thinks there is no need for audits but a lot of money may be found for some of the projects the taxpayer are paying for wrongly or for special interest needs.

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Jan-12-14 5:43 PM

Politicans never learn that you can only tax the people so long for all of the squandering of money on development in Wheeling. Do elected official have the answer? The truth is most intelligent people would not run for office or put up with all the special interest and politically interest groups.

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Jan-12-14 3:20 PM

Downtown went into the tank, lost any appeal when men like my father and his contemporaries came into Wheeling for shopping, finding no place to park their cars, unwilling to walk very far nor use what passed for public transportation. Trying to do something with the Plaza? If I remember my downtown georgraphy ,at all, didn't the Market Auditorium once stand on this block? I can remember my Dad muttering if not outright swearing when we would come to Wheeling and the first stop, after parking, was to meet my Aunt Betty at Stone & Thomas. You need people downtown, with disposable incomes to make any strides in bringing the downtown back to life. I don't see that happening; your local leaders simply don't have that kind of background nor urban interests to make that happen.

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Jan-12-14 12:30 PM

That would be an excellant place for the dog park.

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Jan-12-14 11:38 AM

Instead of spending millions of tax dollars on outside "consultants" and "studies", perhaps the town of Wheeling should just listen to people with common sense. People who know the area and who do not stand to personally benefit financially.

Most development in Wheeling benefits either non-profits or politically connected former officials and/or their cronies.

Decent folks have given up, since the corruption is rampant and embedded.

Of course Wheeling opposes large businesses moving to town. A Fortune 500 branch would be staffed by people who might know what they are doing and they might bring new ideas that would not benefit the current ruling cabal.

This is why Wheeling discourages new residents who are not on the public dole.

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Jan-12-14 11:10 AM

There are some examples of comparative cities to Wheeling that have successfully rebooted and have brought back businesses- retail, restaurants, and hotels by investing in enterprise zones (such as riverfronts) and mixing in entertainment and attractions. Chattanooga comes to mind and to a degree the older riverfront area of Savannah. Paraphrasing Charles Dickens, downtown is dead as a doornail, and putting money into the Plaza is a band aid treatment instead of reconstructive surgery. Gambling on the Island doesn't put butts in beds or hungry tourists at restaurants. Some innovative, new thinking is needed here, using Wheeling's rich historic assets and building in new direction that takes the Friendly City forward and not backwards.

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Jan-12-14 9:50 AM

The plaza is a good example of what happened to downtown Wheeling. While "city planners" were paid to explain what was killing downtown Wheeling, the fact that it was public funds tied those reports to being politically correct. They could not say what everyone who avoided the downtown knew, that it had gotten dangerous to be on the streets of Wheeling. Through the 70's 80's and early 90's it was high risk to go to Wheeling, at first just at night but then anytime. Retail is about foot traffic and the mall was a safe place to shop, no muggings, lighted parking. Some think the mall killed Wheeling, but the mall just offered a safe choice and national chain stores (forbidden in Wheeling). The Plaza was a good place to get robbed or assaulted. Put that in your planning. No reason to go there now anyhow, business is gone except for some bars. If its necessary to knock down the stores why put money into the plaza. Have the meth heads complained?

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Jan-12-14 8:15 AM

WHY would we spend money when NO ONE goes downtown anyway? The time for this type of improvement has long passed. Downtown is a ghost town and sprucing up the plaza won't change that. Better to spend the money in enticing business to locate downtown and give them incentives to fix up the areas in front of their property.

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Jan-12-14 7:28 AM

More wasted taxpayer money. That is all Wheeling leaders know. We still pay for ice capade at the big elephant arena. The money would be better spent fixing our aging water supply lines, etc. Did I tell you I am looking for a manager job out of the city again? I am asking for a big raise on a new job I don't have. Tine for Wheeling to raise my pay again so I don't leave. Well time for city of Wheeling to cut pay to the figure heads and put that money to hire detectives for the police department. Lax big time lately. Just good people trying to do a job but not trained or staffed enough.

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Jan-12-14 7:26 AM


Long awaited by somebod(ies) who stand to make money on the development while the city will lose money again.

Why bother? the ****ing town is dead, get it through your crooked money-grubbing heads and stop being grave robbers.

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Jan-12-14 1:18 AM

Around 26 retail businesses were chased out of Downtown- at great expense- to make way for the non-Victorian Mall. Millions were spent to buy up buildings for the project. Later millions were borrowed to demolish the same buildings. It should be noted that the mall project had a very negative feasibility study at the outset. Why hasn't all of this been exposed by the NR? It was and is public money. The squandering is stunning.

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Jan-12-14 12:28 AM

$500,000 in future tax dollars to pay for the makeover of a plaza that brings in ZERO tax revenue and exists solely for wannabee gangstas, m e t h heads and homeless bums to congregate and harass Wheeling's entire private sector workforce of 32 people.

Why not invest in The Titanic-after the fact? The return would be the same and Wheeling could have the distinction of being the first town to say that they invested in a British ship that sank 100 + years ago.

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