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Drilling at Lake Raises Concerns

Watershed district wants to permit fracking

January 16, 2014
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Jan-17-14 1:40 PM

Ragnar, Luddites have been around for centuries. One thing I notice they usually are hypocrites, like algore and his jet, mansions and such. "Limousine liberal" has been around as long as there have been limousines. Ben Franklin wrote about the French nobles who would weep watching a play about suffering poor, while the coachman was freezing to death outside the theatre.

Drill sites are not always convenient, so short term things get annoying. You want really annoying, go to any major city while an expressway is being redone. Tens of thousands of cars and trucks, trying to get by the work. Lots of laughs, but when they are done, the traffic jam is somewhere else.

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Jan-16-14 9:26 PM

I don't believe that fracking/drilling is inherently dirty or dangerous. My only concerns are the truck convoys blocking the roads, the frack cleaning plant and its' very loud noise, night and day, the water supplies used and the lack of discernible taxpayer benefit from the tens of billions in investment/production.

I do agree that some people will oppose any type of economic progress. I submit that these liberals refrain from using electricity, gasoline, city water, in fact, ANYTHING that requires electricity (coal, natural gas, nuclear) including tvs, computers, cell phones, cars, airplanes, appliances, heating and cooling, power tools and lighting.

If you are not willing to abandon these things, you are a pathetic hypocrite.

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Jan-16-14 8:38 PM

NoCommonSense, you don't have to go to Wyoming to find abandoned wells. Ever been to Oil Creek, Tionesta or that part of PA? Saw a bit a few years ago about old wells up there, still being pumped a century after drilling.

Towns would spring up, drill wells less than a hundred feet apart, pump as long as they produced and moved down the block.

Tens of thousands of them, totally ignored by the people that live there right now, drinking the local water and eating locally grown food. Haven't noticed the caravans of hearses from all the terrible plagues.

Don't you think there are lakes up there? Drillers are a LOT more careful now, can't sell spilled product.

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Jan-16-14 8:30 PM

Buffy, any idea how many frack wells have been drilled? A couple million. How many bad ones? Stop and think, if you can. One well can cost $10 million. Do you really think people investing that kind of money will tolerate slop work?

Do accidents happen? Yes. Are they common? No. Can they be fixed? Yes.

Bear this in mind. Remember the Oglala aquifer, that caused the Nebraska flap for the Keystone pipeline? There are over 5,000 gas and oil wells drilled through that rock structure, some over 60 years old. If it was that easy to contaminate it, would have happened a long time ago.

You pinheads will believe any lie the libs feed you. Lenin had a term for you, "useful idiots".

BTW, every well is fracked. It's just a question of the type used.

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Jan-16-14 8:23 PM

Rock, there's a frack well under my house. Been there for five years. I don't have green spots, I drink the tap water and cash the royalty checks.

As for the concentration camp story, do you people believe EVERYTHING posted to the Net???

Fracturing wells is more than 140 years old. Just the technology has improved. Know how they did it originally?


Drill down to the formation, put a long skinny tube with capped ends in the well, fill it with nitro and put a blasting cap on the top. Lower it down, then drop a rock on the cap. I have a book, written in 1900, shows it in detail.

Hunt has a tiny bit of detail right in his usual errors. The current technique has been around since the 40s. It was AFTER WW2, and happened here, not Nazi Germany, but for mk, that's pretty good.

PLEASE, show us where you found that gem. I really want to see what else is there.

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Jan-16-14 7:44 PM

"The companies that once operated the wells have all but vanished into the prairie, many seeking bankruptcy protection and unable to pay the cost of reclaiming the land they leased. Recent estimates have put the number of abandoned drilling operations in Wyoming at more than 1,200, and state officials said several thousand more might soon be orphaned by their operators"

"Wyoming officials are now trying to address the problem amid concerns from landowners that the wells could contaminate groundwater and are a blight on the land"

Chances are we will be seeing some of the same here so what are the bribed officials going to do when gas prices plummet and these small operators begin to go out of business and abandon their wells?

Who will be left to take care of these abandoned wells?

Who will pay for it?

The answer of course is US, the taxpayers!!

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Jan-16-14 11:45 AM

You forgot to ask if Nutting is sacred.

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Jan-16-14 11:05 AM

I can't seem to find that guarantee mike. I mean sure, I guess if you put a tap on the side of a frac tank and started chugging you'd probably get sick?

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Jan-16-14 10:54 AM

you gotta love the people on here guaranteeing that nobody will ever get sick from the unknown chemicals.

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Jan-16-14 10:50 AM

55 years? Sounds like you must have been oblivious to all the strip mining.

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Jan-16-14 10:38 AM

Buffy, you realize they’ve drilled thousands of wells in this region, many under lakes and waterways, and there’s not a single documented example of the damage you predict. But if you want to add your voice to the death and destruction hype, it’s a free country. Someday when you’re enjoying the gas industry-funded improvements on that still-pristine lake I hope you’ll thank the gas industry for those “almighty bucks.”

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Jan-16-14 10:28 AM

@ IDLIKETOKNOW,, YOURE AN IDIOT.Bet you have never been to piedmont lake have you? OF COURSE NOT.. I have been going there for 55 yrs, to fish, picnic etc, same as my father did when he was growing up. I agree with that man that somehow they are going to screw up that lake and end up with dead fish, pollution etc. Anything for that almighty buck.

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Jan-16-14 10:24 AM

Oglebay park is already drilled, fracked, and in production, and I haven't seen any slaves caddying at the Speidel course. I did see one murdered employee at the paddle boat rental, but it was a slow day so maybe he was just sleeping on the dock...

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Jan-16-14 10:06 AM

My god you enviros are so over dramatic. Two or three years from now, when the wells have been drilled and there has been no contamination or adverse health effects, you morons will still be complaining.

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Jan-16-14 9:07 AM

mkhunt, are you concerned the gas companies might reinstitute slave labor and murdering workers? Oh boy...

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Jan-16-14 9:03 AM


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Jan-16-14 8:33 AM

the 60 years ago beginning of shale was at German slave labor camps and the environmental damage was historic..not to mention the terrible abuses including murder of the workers..Steve Bennett did not mention this. many nearby shale sites such as Rhea, PA and Wetzel Co. are horrible examples of the exploitation's true effect. we cannot use once safe wells and we know what we are talking about.basically they are buying the water resources and will run you off the road, destroy your farms and then go on to the next boom site. China is waiting for that not let China have your gas to build up its military industrial complex..ah, 60 years ago my dad was with the 5th Rangers fighting.this is economic& ecologic warfare. Fight to save what we have left.

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Jan-16-14 8:04 AM


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Jan-16-14 8:03 AM

The fundamentals that support life are being undercut. Life, Liberty and looking for happiness is meaningless without clear water and clean air. "Greed can ruin a man" also a country side. Of course they are going to drill. and they are going to tell all, everything will be ok..just trust us?

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Jan-16-14 6:30 AM

Having cancelled his subscription to Wheeling's most ecologically-friendly paper (for reasons too numerous to explain here) where he could stay abreast of all the positive features of fracking and chemical storage relevant to the nation's waterways, Ted Voneida stretches his hear to hear the speed-reading of the fine print on fracking under Piedmont

...we expext no issues...we use a secret recipe special updated marina on a leaking, tainted lake will be a godsend...we plead the 5th

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