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Protection Not EPA’s Middle Name

January 18, 2014

Perhaps the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ought to worry less about shutting down every coal-fired power plant in the country and more about safeguarding Americans against toxic tap water....

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Jan-24-14 8:17 AM

So Goosy whines that blame is being cast on Government officials, and then blames a Government official. LOL You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.

And corporations are the “domestic terrorists” in Goosyland? Too funny.

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Jan-22-14 9:11 PM

Really? Its the governments fault. LOL. You guys are funny. Morons but funny. Guess all those contributions to Mrs Capito had nothing to do with the domestic terrorists getting away with profit over safety.

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Jan-19-14 9:06 AM

What administration CREATED the EPA in the first place, Crockey?

No, not the Enhanced P*nis Anomaly, the Environmental Protection Agency. Stay focused, boi!

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Jan-18-14 4:57 PM

Now research the WV budget and the recent cuts mid-budget year! The federal stimulus (borrowed money) is drying up and the state is required to have a balanced budget. The federal politin' knew that letting the states fend for themselves would cause the peeps to really feel the "recession" and the political fallout that would result. The stimulus has been spent and now good ole WV will either cut spending or raise taxes. I have a good idea of which choice will happen.....

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Jan-18-14 4:23 PM

rockhead, Is the federal epa or WVDEP responsible for storm water permits in this case (freedom industries)? Just keep on thinking that central goberment at the state or federal level is the answer!

Do some searching on chemical spills/explosions in the Kanawha Valley and report back on the results of all the "after" action reaction. The only positive outcome was against dupont(I think they are the current owner) when they were trying to start producing the chemical that killed the peeps in Bopah India. The only reason was the peeps would not go away on that situation.

The political machines will give lip service to the problems until the public moves on to something else.

Not much difference in the D or R machines, does keep the sheeple divided is the goal!

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Jan-18-14 4:06 PM

It sits well with you and your GOPeer WV brethren 'cause John “we have enough regulations on the books..what the administration ought to be doing is doing their jobs” Boehner, who is THE biggest recipient of coal donations in the House, is out there a fightin’ for your WV water quality.

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Jan-18-14 4:04 PM

ok then were in the WSJ and they didn't report those WVDEP visits so they didn't happen and were merely fabricated by some leftist politicians...moving on then

Could ya' investigate and inform us who cut the EPA budget the past three years..slashed water quality funding 29% ..voted 109 times total, in 2013 alone, to undermine environmental regulation..20% EPA budget cut since 2010 "to propel job creation"????

I guess since the spending bill just sent to Obama has GOPeer language preventing the Army Corps of Engineers and EPA from advancing rules on the chemicals which mining companies dump in waterways courtesy of a Bush-era loophole and language reducing review time on coal permits and language that cuts funding for the EPA to monitor chemical treatment plants from the air..

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Jan-18-14 2:07 PM

rocky, WV good ole boy system! Would that be the democrats since 1932? When you think a difference exists between the D's and R's.....

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Jan-18-14 2:05 PM

rocky, The Wall Street Journal reported (1-13-14) that a WVDEP reported no visits to freedom since 1991. I'm sure the goberment peeps are now circling the wagons and reporting as directed! When they (after circling the wagons) admit that in 2002 the tanks were considered a potential problem and did nothing since...Funny stuff! Keep on believing in the trillion dollar federal and billions of dollar state goberments! They are spinners with many ways to provide documents after the fact!

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Jan-18-14 1:37 PM

dying "The WVDEP state office is 2.8 miles from Freedom Industries and they last visited 20+ years ago"

Misinformation. Inspected in '91 when different chemicals were there...environmental inspector on site in 2010, odor complaint...again in 2012 to determine if processes requiring air quality permits existed.

Summing, WV's good ol' boy network has beaten back regulation at every turn, now the hornets are buzzin'..

Freedom can merger with Etowah River Terminal LLC that's managed by Cliff Forrest, and while Etowah River and their sister plant Poca Blending, that Forrest manages, and the other merger-buddy, Crete Technologies, may run from prosecution through playing the bankruptcy card....the can a' worms is open and there'll be no hiding now.

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Jan-18-14 12:36 PM

It was sarcasm re: more money/more inspectors. The amount of environmental protection we receive is likely proportional to industrial and agricultural lobbyist dollars and political campaign contributions to strip those protections. So the more they pay to politicians, the less protection we get. It's not "don't expect anything for your money", expect what industry wants.

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Jan-18-14 11:15 AM

cleanwater, The WVDEP state office is 2.8 miles from Freedom Industries and they last visited 20+ years ago. Do note that WVDEP has 850+ employees. The Kanawha and Ohio Valley's would hold the majority of chemical storage tanks. Yes, give them more tax payer money to shuffle papers....

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Jan-18-14 9:44 AM

it is what it is.a government agency.don't expect anything for your money.

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Jan-18-14 8:35 AM

Intelligencer, you big dummies. Sure, you hate the EPA but get your facts straight. Congress never gave authority to federal EPA to regulate these storage tanks. And the thousands of untested chemicals still out there on the market are the result of industry lobbyists, not the scientists at the EPA. So the industry keeps chemicals untested with campaign contributions and lawsuits. Congressional politics and lawsuits hamper the testing of new chemicals for decades. They like it that way. Concerning Freedom Industries, the state DEP were the only ones here that could have made a difference. They could have had more authority in this case. Put the blame on the right people for a change (congress, industry lobbyists, state officials). Perhaps you should be advocating for Congress to give more authority to EPA and to give them more money to hire enough inspectors (chuckle).

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Jan-18-14 7:53 AM

While Capito is “..deeply disappointed in Administrator McCarthy for prioritizing traveling to Beijing over traveling to …. Moundsville"

...its quite apparent GOPeers would prefer changing the agency’s name to Emergency Promptly Address

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Jan-18-14 7:52 AM

..more from the Shelley Moore Capito playbook:

As the director of the US EPA embarked on a trip to discuss climate pollution with China (the world's other greatest emitter of greenhouse gases) and AFTER the EPA had 11 listening sessions in regional US offices to gather feedback on planned emissions rules for power plants, Capito introed legislation to stop tax dollars from funding EPA foreign travel until more listening sessions happen.

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