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Spill Prompts Bankruptcy

Company faces probes, dozens of lawsuits

January 18, 2014

CHARLESTON (AP) — The company blamed for a chemical spill that left 300,000 West Virginians without safe drinking water filed for bankruptcy Friday. Freedom Industries Inc....

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Jan-19-14 10:10 PM

Clueless, WV Demorat Rahall ALSO VOTED YES ON THAT BILL. Guess you missed that. LOL ov/evs/2014/roll010.xml

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Jan-19-14 7:59 PM

On the very day of the spill Shelly Capito and David McKinley were VOTING YES ON A BILL TO RELAX ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS ON PRIVATE INDUSTRY.

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Jan-19-14 2:36 PM

Cliff Forrest..................

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Jan-19-14 12:15 PM

Freedom is entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy (reorganization) not chapter 7 (liquidation). They will stay in business with the judiciary overseeing their financials. This should allow the employees to keep their jobs (well probably not the person in charge of tank maintenance) and pay the deserved fines.

There is always the danger of local politics working the system, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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Jan-19-14 10:57 AM

LogJam, a "turbine"?

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Jan-19-14 10:28 AM

CroakingJoker probably takes his Obamacare-provided c*ndoms and puts them over every faucet in his mommy's trailer for "protection" from the evil corporations.

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Jan-19-14 9:29 AM

Marcellus "See page 25 of "Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing" prepared for Congress on 4-18-11."

Interesting. Because you loons are constantly telling us nobody knows what's in fracking fluid. LOL

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Jan-19-14 8:03 AM

I still have not heard anybody describe any REAL damages the people suffered____??

Yes, not have drinking water is inconvenient but does that rise to the level of compensation from litigation??

This country has become such a country of wushes.

How many of you people have wells? Ever had them tested??

They are probably on average WORSE that the river was after the spill.

If you have a well and the water is NOT been tested in the last several years, you are dumb as a bag of hammers.

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Jan-19-14 7:58 AM

CroakingJoker the parasite has added paranoia to his resume to think his enemies are the same people.

Take your Prozac, biache and wise up: your enemies are distinct people and we are LEGION!

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Jan-19-14 7:03 AM

Enlightenment: Google MSNBC’s Chris Hayes 9-minute video from the 17th: "Truth behind WV spill company’s bankruptcy." Did you know the spill chemical 'Methylcyclohexane' is used in frac fluid? See page 25 of "Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing" prepared for Congress on 4-18-11.

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Jan-18-14 9:35 PM

Taxpayers have to subsidize Warren Buffett's insurance companies if their hurricane or terror losses exceed certain amounts.

Taxpayers had to subsidize nearly a trillion dollars in mortgages, many made to idiots who could never make the payments, due to Congressional Democrats' demands.

Taxpayers have to subsidize the UAW, because they supported Soetero.

Taxpayers had to subsidize (and lose billions) GM and Chrysler so that bankruptcy law could be ignored, the UAW could get paid off and Chrysler could be sold to an Italian company.

Taxpayers had to subsidize Goldman Sachs and GE so that Warren Buffett's sweetheart investment deal would pay off.

Taxpayers have had to live without the Keystone Pipeline so that Warren Buffett's railroad can have a monopoly on oil transportation from the Bakken Shale.

Notice a pattern here?

It pays to support the corrupt Democrats.

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Jan-18-14 9:21 PM

triton, I'm sure they have some liability insurance. What would your guess be for how much the "liability" for tainting drinking water for 300,000 people would be? So what makes you think the tax payer is not on the hook for most every spill, forest fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake etc.? He ll we even are paying for snow storms at the federal level! Insurance bail-outs....

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Jan-18-14 7:00 PM

Not sure that the anti business rants fit this. This is not a coal mining company its a small business that has assets of slightly over a million dollars. In business or in bankruptcy it was never going to cover the amount of damage that occurred. As in the cost of the cleanup the cost of the damage will be picked up by the taxpayer. And I am sure that the lawyers who on this like bottle flies on roadkill will get a cut from the taxpayer too. If government learns anything it is that companies like this should have to carry liability insurance that would cover something like this as part of their business expenses. The lawyers who are not going to the make money on the people's misery and the lawyers who are helping the business disappear and all cut from the same cloth and same profession. They will get their money up front or at the bankruptcy proceeding where other lawyers now serving as Judges always make sure they get paid first. Seems like it was avoidable with some plannin

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Jan-18-14 6:54 PM

Hey Choker, let us know when you meet a "real researcher." Derrrr.....

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Jan-18-14 5:38 PM

Such a monumental act of dishonesty! It looks like big business is alive and well in West Virginia. They have taken advantage of the good citizens and will probably resurface in the same business with a brand new name. To say nothing of the reckless disrespect of the environment. Stand up and be counted, fellow citizens and demand justice for us and the environment.

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Jan-18-14 5:20 PM

Regardless of what ANY county or state "expert" may say as to the "safety" of tap water, you should NEVER ingest it with or WITHOUT a spill without first filtering it With all the late night dumping into rivers, lakes, and streams, and injecting of millions of gallons under high pressure into the ground that goes on around the state, you simply can't afford the cancer risk

I've heard the ole "we are gonna make sure this never happens again" lies for decades and the SAME things just keep happening so you MUST look out for your OWN health

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Jan-18-14 4:43 PM

Ohiodem, considering leftist lawyers who love getting rich on bankruptcy settlement cases wrote those bankruptcy laws, maybe you're whining up the wrong skirt... LOL

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Jan-18-14 4:28 PM

ohiodum, Who has the most millionaires red or blue states? Much information is available on the subject!

The power brokers of the parties have you convinced that the "other" party is the problem, all while picking your pocket!

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Jan-18-14 3:46 PM

That's what the banksters did when they crashed the economy back in 2008. Privatize your profits and socialize your debt.

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Jan-18-14 3:43 PM

Well of course they did? That is the Republicon way. They are always against socialism until they get in trouble, then it's let the taxpayers foot the bill.

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Jan-18-14 3:01 PM

ChokingStalker “My favorite observation about TrollSlayer/dawraith is that he has recently picked up such an intelligent vocabulary.”

What a nice thing to say, Choker. Returning the compliment, my favorite observation about ChokingStalker/ParasiticPig is that he oinks louder than Sir Randall Reid Smith singing Country Roads at an Adena artifact museum housecleaning party.

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Jan-18-14 2:22 PM

Billyboob" Break the law then go bankrupt and start another company and continue the same good ethic as the last."

Boob, are you talking about General Motors or Chrysler??? Oh yeah, they were TOO BIG to fail so the Obama government bailed them out.

But this little red state company is too small to give a sh*** according to ObamaThink.

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Jan-18-14 2:11 PM

Do you think with all the new and improve HOME RULE changes the State will have an excess in the budget and will be able to increase pension and salaries of the politicians? Can a city or county pass fees or taxes under the Home Rule to support a company to treat water or pay them come to their area or even build the plant for them? I love taxes and fees and the Party that represent ME. Time for a change.

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Jan-18-14 2:01 PM

What WV needs is good HOME RULE where everyone along a river can come up with funding for poor water. Maybe the legislature will call this Waterdown Home Rule for the drinkers of water.

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Jan-18-14 1:58 PM

Notice how the Dems in WV want HOME RULE so they can increase taxes and fees because they see they might be losing control of the house and senate to a party who believes in smaller government and lower taxes and holding people accountable. The Dems sure are protecting your water with a inspection every 10 or 20 years. Love those government jobs. Time for a change.

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