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Future Of Execution Unclear For Ohio

Inmate’s lengthy death influences other states seeking new methods

January 18, 2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The long and fitful execution of an Ohio inmate with an untested combination of chemicals brought cries of cruel and unusual punishment Friday and could further narrow the......

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Jan-22-14 4:21 PM

I guess my last post was deleted. Anyway... I don't really care that he suffered for 26 minutes. He made that choice. He had a last meal and said his goodbyes. His victim wasn't as lucky and neither was her unborn child. And I'm quite certain that her date was worse than his knowing she was pregnant, being raped and killed. I'm sure she had much worse fear than him considering he had time to prepare for his death unlike her. Rest in H.E.L.L. He deserved every monte of torture and I pray he saw her face during it!

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Jan-19-14 10:37 AM

Why do Liberals like the 8th amendment and hate the first, second, and tenth so much???

Hang 'em HIGH!

In China they execute prisoners with a FIRING SQUAD and bill the convicts family the COST of the execution!!! They also give defense lawyers time in prison as punishment for defending a know guilty man and wasting the court's time!!!

Now THAT is hardass!!!

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Jan-18-14 11:50 PM

@atoddh: I missed your first post. I do not and have never opposed capital punishment.If you commit the crime then you absolutely deserve the aftermath what ever the punishment may be. And what does WV and no death penalty have to do with this story? Are you telling murders to move to WV? You are delirious.

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Jan-18-14 11:41 PM

@atoddh: Like it or not, there is absolutely nothing to discuss about this. He committed a terrible crime by killing a lady who was seven mos. pregnant. He lived off of the citizens of OH way to long. I have no remorse for him at all and if he killed one of my family members there would be no forgiveness. He deserved what he received and you are a fool for taking up for him. In my opinion, you are "Not" a very good citizen.

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Jan-18-14 7:16 PM

Well Todd you may love arguing law but ordinary people have less concern for whether the guy was uncomfortable. It was anti capital punishment people who have demanded changes in the procedures so that heinous, brutal monster murderers are treated better than kittens. Interestingly, hanging meets all of the criteria for capital punishment in that it breaks the neck and ceases physical pain immediately. So hang these monsters if being put to sleep is to harsh. Wonder how much his victim suffered, being raped while pregnant and than being stabbed and knowing that her baby was dying with her. Bet that was more uncomfortable than what this guy went through. People love to argue legal concepts and talk in theoretical terms. The victim had no such luxury, she suffered terror, horror and the loss of her baby as she was dying. Maybe pick a better client if you wish to have a philosphical gabfest, dismemberment was too good for this creature.

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Jan-18-14 6:56 PM

Use another method, then, if you can't get the drug mixture correct. Hanging works.

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Jan-18-14 5:33 PM

West Virginia has no Death Penalty.

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Jan-18-14 3:57 PM

shemp: You are missing the point. The manufacturers of general anesthetics declined selling their products to Ohio for the purpose of executions. General anesthesia was not used. Instead an untested("unusual") combination of pain pills and sedatives was used. Because this was not effective,8th Amendment issues are in play now. General anesthesia overdose has- historically- been the technique of choice for executions.

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Jan-18-14 2:12 PM

Putting an already sedated person to sleep is not unusual. I've been put under general anesthesia several times, as have millions of Americans, and it was never painful or cruel.

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Jan-18-14 2:01 PM

Why all the fuss????

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Jan-18-14 1:01 PM

folks: This case is about the 8th Amendment to the Bill of Rights not "feeling sorry" for the prisoner. It is a Constitutional Law issue that needs to be discussed in that context. Read the Amendment. This was at least "unusual" punishment. Like it or not prisoners do have rights here in the USA no matter what the crime per our laws.

The commentators seem to suggest the 8th Amendment should be ignored because of the nature of this crime.

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Jan-18-14 10:54 AM

For all the bleeding hearts who are lamenting cruel and unusual punishment and feeling sorry for HIS family, what about the family of his victim and the cruel and unusual punishment he perpetrated on her and her unborn child. He suffered for 26 minutes? How long did she suffer? How long does her family suffer? When are we going to stop whining about the rights of the criminal and remember the rights of those whom the murderers and rapists have taken away from their victims. I know this question is a cliché but what about you? What if he did this to your family? Would you still sing the same song or would you be changing your old, worn out tune? The way he "suffered" is NOTHING compared to what he put his victim through. So, stop crying over him and be grateful he didn't get to one of your family members!

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Jan-18-14 10:30 AM

He deserved to suffer worse than he did. And we don't know if he felt anything. When people die in the electric chair, they twitch and clench their hands and shake but they don't feel anything beyond the initial jolt.

We need HARSHER punishments, quicker executions and a clear definition of cruel & unusual.

Drawing and quartering? Okay, cruel & unusual.

Public hanging? NOT!

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Jan-18-14 10:21 AM

It's very disturbing that so many people feel sorry for this monster that kidnapped, sodomized and stabbed to death a 22 year old woman who was 7 months pregnant. I feel sorry for the victims family, and the tax payers who had to keep this animal alive for all these years. Maybe the next lunatic that thinks about committing a similar heinous crime will remember this guy choking on his spit for a half hour. If that's too cruel, bullets are cheap.

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Jan-18-14 8:19 AM

How long did his victim suffer? Did his family care about that? That piece of sh!t got what he deserved.

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Jan-18-14 2:18 AM

I feel sorry for his family. Maybe they shouldn't be permitted to watch. if he truly committed the crime he suffered lees than his victims.

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Jan-18-14 12:54 AM

The NR may want t point out US citizens are protected from cruel and unusual punishment by our Bill of Rights. They may also want to give the reasons Capital Punishment is opposed by so many.

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