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GreenHunter Could Store Toxic Water Next to River

Concern Grows Following Spill In Kanawha

January 19, 2014

WHEELING — When GreenHunter Water opens its planned frack water recycling facility in Warwood later this year, up to 23,000 barrels of possibly contaminated and toxic water and related materials wil......

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Jan-20-14 4:53 PM

The hypocrisy... it OINKS! LOL

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Jan-20-14 3:44 PM

The paranoia... it hurts...

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Jan-20-14 2:58 PM

If that link didn't work, just go to YouTube and type in... The World According to Monsanto FULL documentary. Must watch the FULL one.

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Jan-20-14 2:56 PM

Hawaii was declared a GMO free state because a handful of persistent people WOULD NOT BACK DOWN. Now any food that goes into Hawaii MUST be non GMO. If a small handful of people can do that great thing, you can too. For anyone interested in knowing about your food and what your government is on the link or copy and paste it in your browser. I warn you, you will never look at food the same again. Oh and Obama has employed and stationed Monsanto people throughout the administration. Yeah, EVIL MONSANTO is now in charge of YOUR food because Obama says so. Oh, and so did Bush. You'll find out in this video...


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Jan-20-14 2:42 PM

Nine counties in West Virginia are affected by the chemical spill. Over 300,000 people cannot use their water. It has been eleven days since the spill and nothing is resolved. NOTHING. More and more people are falling ill daily. You people need to take a stand. Do not allow this to take place in your community. Don't let a handful of wannabe politicians, who apparently know nothing, take away your right to a clean, unthreatened water supply. Who are they anyway? It's up to YOU. It will take each and every one of you, but it can be done if you stand your ground.

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Jan-20-14 2:31 PM

How much money does it take to hire a person to go around and check if hazardous waste is leaking from a tank? Apparently there isn't enough money in the world or there would be people in place. I wasn't going to comment again, but stuff like this really bothers me. For one, hire a mother. Yes, that's right, I said it. A mother would make sure nothing was leaking from a tank. Well, for that matter, a mother would never let a tank of hazardous waste be stored anywhere near her child/children. A mother wouldn't just have a pissy two foot overflow wall either. What is that all about? Two feet? Are you serious? I swear, it never ceases to amaze me how some graduate college, yet know absolutely nothing. This is ridiculous.

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Jan-20-14 1:08 PM

Which is worse? The FLUORIDE that the government demands be placed in the water OR the radium that comes from fracking waste ?

Decisions, decisions. . . ..

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Jan-20-14 11:52 AM

Downstream from a Pennsylvania fracking waste water treatment plant a study found concentrations of radium higher than those found in some radioactive waste dumps, and exceed the minimum threshold the federal government uses to qualify a disposal site as a radioactive dump site. More info google: fracking wastewater plant study. I'm sure they also claimed it was completely safe. Why wouldn't industry lie? They don't care about you or your kids - only money.

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Jan-20-14 10:32 AM

Again, by some rain barrels. Of course you do know that in some states it's illegal to catch rain.


Getting any clearer?

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Jan-20-14 10:28 AM

If you still think all these things are far fetched, you might want to read about the holocaust and how many people and countries were affected by what one man did.

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Jan-20-14 10:25 AM

Here you about what is happening to the water all over America....


If you think this is impossible, then you might think about why China came to a small town in West Virginia to buy a coal mine. They didn't want to place an order, they offered to buy it. Ask yourself why.

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Jan-20-14 10:16 AM

Why did a federal inspector go into a mine, situate himself behind a machine with a roller for four hours while waiting on the belt to shift a little left or right, then tag it and fine the mine owners? Things clearer now? That's the least of it.

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Jan-20-14 10:07 AM

What is the best way for those invested in fracking to pad their pockets faster? By eliminating the competition. Didn't you wonder why, all of the sudden, coal was shot down and the federal inspectors starting handing out unwarranted violation after violation? Things starting to add up now? Yeah, I thought they might.

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Jan-20-14 10:03 AM

It's a shame, but it won't be long before everyone learns that coal was the safer and cleaner natural resource. You'll know what I'm talking about when you turn on your faucet and can actually set your water on fire. You can then thank fracking/bigcorp for it.

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Jan-20-14 9:59 AM

drill a well.

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Jan-20-14 9:57 AM

I've heard stories that the people affected by the chemical spill in Charleston, WV are not allowed to drill their own wells? Does anyone care to enlighten me as to why this isn't allowed? How can anyone on this earth tell another they have no right to search and possibly gain a clean water source? We need to look at the bigger picture here. We all know fracking isn't about being "greener". It's about padding the pockets of those invested. So, although I do not live in Charleston, WV, my children do and if they should ever need a clean water source, they will have it. I'd like to see someone try to stop them from drilling a well. Every human has the right to decline a poisoned and polluted water supply. So, those who are invested in this water business might not have as many customers as they have planned for. The same chemical that poisoned the Elk River is also used in fracking. For those living there, I think it might be time to buy some rain barrels and drill a

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Jan-20-14 9:05 AM

This SHOULD say "GreenHunter WILL store toxic water next to River", unless we act, and act NOW. This horrible accident is exactly what we have been suggesting as a real possibility, and not "if", but "when". The concerns of an educated public have been validated by reality. Join Wheeling Water Warriors to fight this in your home community.

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Jan-19-14 11:48 PM

"Next to" NOT in our river!!

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Jan-19-14 10:03 PM

dying: There have been no inspections of storage tanks in WV. That will change now. The frac tanks will be everywhere from Pittsburgh South through the shale zone.

I think Tomblin and the Legislature have been very responsive to this situation and will follow through. (There was no water at the Governor's Mansion either!!)

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Jan-19-14 9:43 PM

atoddh, I'm sure they will be inspecting those tanks. Kind of like those spill dikes were supposed to hold the liquid from the tanks! I appreciate your following of the central goberment and the "new" ideas they will be implementing! Funny stuff.....

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Jan-19-14 7:38 PM

Just think, if all the progressive liberals didn't decide a walking path was a better choice than RAIL service, they could have loaded rail cars and sent it to Newmatamoras instead!!!!

Yep how's that whole walking trail idea workin out for ya!!!!!

Yet another example of the short sightedness of progressives!!!

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Jan-19-14 7:24 PM

weak areas in their steel

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Jan-19-14 7:23 PM

Legislation is proposed now to inspect storage tanks for safety. That should take care of the threat.

Ship hulls are xrayed for thickness and weak area to make class. A similar system may be applied to older storage tanks along with fail safe backup plans for leaks(both old and new facilities.)

There may be many frack tanks along the Ohio in the coming years. There will be a mechanism now to regulate safety. The Charleston episode was timely.

The frack barges will probably be inspected by the U S Coast Guard. They are very strict with ships.

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Jan-19-14 6:15 PM

Raver, No you local jerks are raving about water in Charleston and Radium in fracking fluid WASTE. You are raving about California which nobody give a crap about here.

All LONG SHOTS while the odds are 1 in 4 you are living in a house with higher than normal RADON concentration you sh** for brains are worried about a problem that went away in a couple of days in CHARLESTON.


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Jan-19-14 5:14 PM

Simpleton 'Wrat' has several posts simpering about me and 'radon'. I never brought up 'radon' in this blog. I guess he can't think straight with his head lodged in his 'dark place'.

One thing for sure....over and over he displays his hate for WV, Wheeling, and the OV in general.

Wonderwhy Koch & Kompany pay this dolt to try and convince the uneducated among us of the values of belonging to the Klan and the past?

'Romney in a landslide!' har..har..har!

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