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Obama Rejects His Oath of Office

January 21, 2014

Twice, President Barack Obama has taken the following oath of office: “I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and......

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Jan-23-14 2:43 PM

A funny thing happened to the way to the Democratic Utopia. Jennifer Granholm was governor of Michigan. Good looking chick, former model, and Dems were moaning she couldn't be presidential because her birth cert was Canadian.

Fast forward eight years. Michigan went from below the national average unemployment to the top of the charts. Huge state deficits, job flight, she couldn't leave fast enough.

Fast forward again to now. Michigan has passed right-to-work. MICHIGAN!!! Now the problem is what to do with the nearly $1BILLION state surplus. One proposal is to cut the state income tax rate (GASP)! The logic is they sent the money in, they should get it back. This was regarded as a dangerous idea by the NY Times editorial board.

Amazing. what electing some sane people will do.

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Jan-23-14 2:33 PM

The most obvious failure of the obie regime is the simple fact they claim their policies are not working because of what happened, not in the last administration, but the one before that. Doesn't matter that he was in office the previous term, in fact it makes it worse.

By comparison, it would be like Reagan in 1982 blaming FORD for his problems, not Carter.

Considering a number of presidents only served one term, not being able to change things, and blaming the last guy shows you are a total failure.

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Jan-23-14 2:27 PM

vanagon, a lot people sneer at old George for going to the Texas Air National Guard in the 60s.

Where did the TANG patrol? The Gulf. They did this because the Air Force was off in VietNam. What is in the Gulf? Cuba.

Hindsight is 20/20. When George was flying combat patrol was only a few years after JFK had blockaded Cuba, and they shot at our planes whenever they got a chance. This was considered just as likely a combat area as flying along the Iron Curtain in Europe.

algore spent his Viet Nam time in a bunker on the most heavily defended ground on earth at the time. He was safer than being in Times Square. Bubba never did a day, and expressed thanks he had dodged successfully.

Lurch has three Purple Hearts. The former director of the VA once commented a search of the records could not find anyone else with three that was not collecting a substantial disability pension for injuries. Does make you wonder how bad those wounds were.

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Jan-23-14 3:37 AM

Point? LOL

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Jan-22-14 8:22 PM

In Obama's early days he smoked pot and did cocaine. Documented fact!!!!

What's your point??

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Jan-22-14 7:42 PM

oldman “In Bush's early days blah blah blah”

oldman, Bush’s LAST days were THOUSANDS of days ago. And yet you’re STILL blaming Bush for your Bamboozler in Chief’s epic FAILURES? That level of denial is pathological. LOL

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Jan-22-14 6:08 PM

In Bush's early days he was a rich draft dodging drunk. Documented fact!!!!

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Jan-22-14 2:56 PM

"Obama Rejects His Oath of Office"

....ho hum....Obama did this the 1st day he took the oath so what is new?

There is no honor, no integrity, no decency, no shame, and certainly no patriotism in the White House.

This is the same guy who boasts how he smoked marijuana.

What kind of example is he for the people of this country?

What kind of example was Bill Clinton?

The liberal media & hollywood praise and honor these individuals when the truth is that they are most dishonorable people.

Oh, how far the nation has fallen!

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Jan-22-14 1:31 PM

Blunder, The president has no authority to spend money on anything that Congress did not appropriate. He has to spend the money on the programs Congress appropriated them for.


The Supremes ruled that a long time ago. It is the law of the land.

As I recall, libs love the courts because they are a pathway to push unpopular stuff through. Problem is when the courts rule against you.

If your fearless leader pushes this through, he has committed the "high crimes and misdemeanors" referenced in the Constitution.

May not actually happen, but there's a lot of unhappy unemployed people out there. That laser-like focus hasn't done squat for them.

I heard a Black Muslim talking about impeachment Sunday. Posturing for his peeps is not going to help much longer.

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Jan-22-14 12:59 PM

In three years, Sarah Palin will be taking the oath of office.

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Jan-22-14 11:54 AM

Tool- Isn't it time for your nap?

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Jan-22-14 9:50 AM

wonderlie. Whining that another’s opinion post doesn’t include enough “stats,” in his opinion. Too funny.

And yes, wonderwhiner. Corporations ARE people. The Supreme Court says so. Just like they declared the Obamascam is a new tax. Which makes your Liar of the Year Constitutional Scholar in Chief’s other promise not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year, and his court arguments that the Obamascam is not a tax, just more Obamfuscating Obabble. LOL

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Jan-22-14 9:08 AM

awww olesteel. Might want to look up history and do a little comparison. Get back with us with REAL stats, instead of the faux news beating of the same ole drum.....

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Jan-22-14 9:01 AM

I keep looking for the results so many of my leftie friends promised me in 2008. The calming of partisanship, the improvement of international relations, the "post-racial" presidency.

Okay, where is it?

Rule by presidential order? Kings used to do that. So do dictators. Where is the political skill to persuade, the willingness to compromise, the strong grasp of reality all presidents need to make the tough decisions?

We have a president that sounds like a spoiled brat. And there's one basic problem with his approach. Congress is the only body with a checkbook. Presidential orders to spend on what he wants are clearly unconstitutional. That was decided when Nixon tried to return unspent money to the Treasury, and the Supremes said no.

So how is this guy different than some banana republic strongman, except so far he hasn't shot anyone?

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Jan-22-14 8:33 AM

The Intelligencer wrote this gem! Comical there is not a name to identify the author.......But then again corporations are people.....

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Jan-21-14 11:18 PM

who came up with the notion of forcing people they don't know to like other people they don't know or care to know ?

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Jan-21-14 11:12 PM

they weren't locked up for their back round. they were removed from the cash register path their holdings generated.

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Jan-21-14 9:50 PM

Chambliss also praised the report for providing answers to the American people about the attacks, and said that the U.S. government "simply did not do enough to prevent these attacks and ensure the safety of those serving in Benghazi." He said he hoped the administration would quickly adopt the committee’s recommendations.

The committee’s Republicans charged that the administration failed to provide them with access to the necessary documents and witnesses, and as a “direct result” there are several unanswered questions that remain.

They were especially critical of Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy, who they say “should have used better judgment and should be held accountable” in light of the increasing terrorist threat in the lead up to the attacks.

What did you expect from a Kennedy? TRUTH?? COMPETENCE??? BBBWHAHAHAHA!

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Jan-21-14 9:48 PM

CBSNEWS "WASHINGTON -- The Senate Intelligence Committee has concluded that the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. diplomatic facility and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya, could have been prevented, according to a bipartisan report on the incident that was declassified Wednesday.

"The committee found the attacks were preventable, based on extensive intelligence reporting on the terrorist activity in Libya — to include prior threats and attacks against Western targets—and given the known security shortfalls at the U.S. Mission," said a press release issued by the offices of Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., the committee’s chairwoman and vice chairman. "

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Jan-21-14 9:42 PM

We MIGHT be able to impeach Obama's teleprompter!

After all, that dumb sumbiache just reads what George Soros handlers write for him! You don't that the pot smokin' Choomer could actually write a coherent sentence when he is sober, do you??

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Jan-21-14 9:33 PM


Nat Hentoff, one of the longest-running liberal journalistic icons alive, has loudly called for Obama's impeachment for his repeated violation of the Constitution.

Hentoff was a staff writer for the Village Voice from the late Eisenhower administration until 2008. This guy is to the left of probably every one you know, including yourself, but he is an honest lib. He went after Johnson, Carter and Bubba when they strayed from the path. Now he sees we have a would-be dictator that cannot accept anything other than his own way, and will break the law to get it.

Despite what revisionist historians claim, Fascism, Nazism and Communism all follow the same socialist basis through different paths. Government domination of the economy and individuals for the benefit of the State.

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Jan-21-14 9:14 PM

Impeach a Black President? RACIST!

Impeach a Woman? Sexist!!!

Impeach a rich white guy? Patriot!!!

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Jan-21-14 9:10 PM

Ohiodunce "If you guys had any evidence of wrong doing you would be impeaching the president. There is no there there."

Obumbler isn't the guilty party in the Benghazi debacle. He was cluelessly campaigning the whole time Benghazi burned and our diplomats were dying. Hillary "Butcher of Benghazi" was the Secretary of State who allowed her Ambassador and his staff members to die, and then arranged the campaign of lies to cover up the cause. Why else do you think she gave up that plush SOS slot and slunk out of the Obumbler Admin the way she did. Soon enough, she'll learn very clearly "what difference, at this point, it makes."

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Jan-21-14 9:05 PM

So much fear of Christie. So funny to watch you Demorats babble. LOL

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Jan-21-14 8:33 PM

The great Rethug hope Chris Christie is going down in flames. I looks like impeachment may be in the cards for him. Then today another star of the right McDonnell from Virginia is indicted on corruption charges. Rick Scott of Florida famous for Medicare fraud is going down. LOL

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