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Recycling Plant Hits Bump In The Road

DOH says intersection inadequate for trucks from GreenHunter site

January 25, 2014

WHEELING — GreenHunter Water has clearance from city officials and state environmental regulators to proceed with its natural gas frack water recycling project, but the West Virginia Division of......

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Jan-26-14 3:35 PM

RRafael, if you'd stop dumping your sewage into my water supply I wouldn't have to buy bottled water.

You whine about businesses that produce fossil fuels, and then enjoy the cheap energy you pay them to produce from those fossil fuels. You whine when those companies want to responsibly river barge their liquid waste to deep injection wells, and then dump your own liquid waste right into the same river.

But don't let your hypocrisy bother you. We've grown to expect it from you. LOL

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Jan-26-14 3:19 PM

How fortunate that the Troll can afford to buy bottled water. Many can't. And you know what? They VOTE.

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Jan-26-14 2:25 PM

wonderwhiner, I never drink tap water. Warwood dumps its sewage into my tap water supply. And then whines when anyone else wants to use the river for barge transportation.

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Jan-26-14 2:21 PM

Who cares about all those chemicals going past your front door?

After all, now you have that great walking trail so fido has a place to take a dump!!


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Jan-26-14 8:01 AM

wow,three disagrees on beech bottom.the town is already a mess.why not put this plant there along with the rest of their equipment?some people just got to be where they are not wanted.beech bottom wants you.

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Jan-25-14 6:42 PM

dear toolboy, go get a big drink of tap water! Do IT!

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Jan-25-14 6:01 PM

Of course you have to pay to play, RRafael2. Duh... How else do you get anything done in this Demorat-controlled state? But just because you tip the maitre d to get a table doesn't mean you're evil. It just means you know how to play by the rules of the establishment. LOL

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Jan-25-14 12:10 PM

Has not the mess in Charleston shown the locals anything????

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Jan-25-14 11:59 AM

rrafael2, You been following the water story out of Charleston? LOL

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Jan-25-14 11:05 AM

Heaven forbid that they might find a way to provide a few more jobs for a community that has been slowly dying for the past 30 years. Better that everyone who wants to stay in town fight it out with each other for those jobs at Walmart.

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Jan-25-14 10:48 AM

And it sounds as though the Troll is acknowledging that payoffs are a typical tactic of this industry that he has stated needs "coddling". You heard it from the horse's mouth right here....

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Jan-25-14 9:39 AM

Wheeling Water Warriors are delighted to hear about another bump in the road for this company. The fact is, they submitted their paperwork to DOH, and had 21 days to correct it, and they failed to do so. May they die the "death of a thousand paper cuts" and stay out of our community with their toxic waste.

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Jan-25-14 7:55 AM

south end of beech bottom.easy in and out.much safer place.truck noise won't bother anybody.

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Jan-25-14 7:39 AM

chemicals and community...the long term cost in lives lost and poison in the area should be the deciding factor. did the

LAD company ever pay for the damage to the water plant?

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Jan-25-14 6:59 AM

Apparently the DOH head's check got lost in the mail...

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