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Initial City Sales Tax Take Falls Short

January 26, 2014

WHEELING — Through its first three months, Wheeling’s 0.5 percent municipal sales tax has generated only about half the revenue officials had hoped to receive....

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Jan-27-14 7:20 PM

Buttwood is so advanced!

They are on, what, their 3rd or 4th water main break in as many weeks.

They have had multiple boil orders, including the current order, over the past three weeks.

They don't post their budget online so that government watchdogs like myself can see where the money goes (payments to companies owned or operated by city employees? Police cruisers used for personal business? Credit cards used for personal purchases? Who knows?)

Buttwood is full of blight, housing projects and broken streets.

Please don't compare Buttwood with Beverly Hills.

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Jan-27-14 12:32 PM

seven figure "developer fees."

The red flag was the very negative feasibility study and letters from prospective tenants. There project was doomed. They went ahead anyway . Why? Big fees for certain people from Fed funds; including relatives of insiders.

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Jan-27-14 7:34 AM

vincy, Get your head out of your arse! Bewood received $600,000 from the feds in 2010 to buy a fire truck. Who do you think paid for that. Benwood is going to do sewer upgrades in 2014 with state and federal grants. Federal grants paid for the water lines! You and your boys are on the federal teet!!

The reason the locals do not pay as much in tax (directly to the city) is the town is so poor they are able to get state and federal aid much easier!

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Jan-27-14 2:01 AM



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Jan-26-14 10:44 PM

dying I am considering making a report myself.

WNHAC refuses to open their books despite being publically funded. Their Board is mostly people from the Park commission who assured Byrd they knew best how to fix Wheeling. But the Parks are, once again, non profits that operate on donations and tax money. Their approach was not applicable to Downtown.

The Downtown projects have all been a huge squandering of public money given to the locals by Byrd with good intentions: for tourism development. There are no tourists.

As an example, the funding for the "Artisan Center" was very specific: to be an center for local artists and crafts persons :"Artisans". A tourist attraction. It is instead a bar, pool hall and "meat market" for rowdy locals. This was NOT the intention of Congress. Byrd was appalled.

You should not have any problem finding out who was in charge of the WNHAC "Victorian Outlet Mall" project;making off with the seven figure "de

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Jan-26-14 7:57 PM

atoddh, Who is/was the one taking the money upfront? What year was the money appropriated? I would have no problem sending an email to the national park auditors with the right information.

As much info as you have would help our cause.

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Jan-26-14 7:40 PM

dying:( 1.) normally a project does not proceed with a negative feasibility study suggesting it should not. (2.) the local "developer/friend" in this case milked millions in fees from the bogus project upfront. Enough equity to finance a couple of housing developments, purchase the Ormet building and most recently a hotel at Highlands.

The Park Commission in the form of WNHAC was overseeing all of this. They do not want any inquiries.I don't blame them. It was ,however, National Park Service money. They may investigate( as Wheeling College is now.)

The bottom line is: Downtown, and the City/Public in general, is far worse off than it was before the tens of millions "invested."

BTW: A for profit renewed as proposed Capitol/JUSA did- and would- pay sales taxes and real estate taxes.

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Jan-26-14 7:16 PM

Vincent Vega

Either you do not know that of which you speak or you are being dishonest. Longwell is Chief of Police, Public Safety Director, PR Flak, Economic Development Director, etc.

At least Wheeling puts their budget online.

Herron's secretary had a salary of $33,482 in the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Entry-level cops in Buttwood earn $35,000 per year so I imagine that Frankie earns quite a bit more.

And Buttwood's "success" has nothing to do with its' "leadership" and everything to do with available land + long-term, successful businesses.

I am not defending Wheeling at all and I believe that Herron should have gotten the boot years ago but please spare me the Buttwood praise.

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Jan-26-14 6:31 PM

Benwood, Really boyz?

Population dropped 11.5% from 2000 to 2010. Median income $28,000 WV $38,000 and US $51,000. House in Benwood average value $51,400 WV $98,000. Police per 1,000 citizen 4.22 in Benwood in WV 1.82 per 1,000.

Yes, let all Cities in WV be just like Benwood....

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Jan-26-14 6:22 PM

atoddh, The money was "byrd" money and no one at the federal level wanted to challenge good ole Bob. Never going to happen at the local level. People stole millions of our (tax payer) money and not many besides you and I care! It's the system.....

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Jan-26-14 5:30 PM

Folks: Note the Victorian Out Mall received a highly negative fesibibty study up front with much negative feedback from prospective tenants. Yet the City and WNHAC chose to proceed- squandering millions on the project- using a local individual(friend) with no credentials as the "developer." The process involved chasing out 26 existing retail businesses and purchasing numerous buildings. These have mostly been demolished now. The main beneficiary was the "friend" and his partner/associates who were paid millions in fees for no results. Downtown is a desolate wasteland tens of millions later. No investigation. Why??

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Jan-26-14 3:16 PM

For a small town Benwood does do pretty good. They even sent one of their biggest and brightest to Wheeling to serve as mayor of Wheeling for 8 years and he couldn't save it.

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Jan-26-14 3:00 PM

Folks: Recall the City and WNHAC chased out 26 Downtown retail businesses to make way for the phantom Victorian Mall ;using tens of millions if Federal money to do it. The City also turned away a proposal to revamp JUSA privately as a for-profit. Accordingly there are few left to tax.

If the Civic Center and Capitol are performing well-as claimed- they should have reserve funds for improvements. They are not.

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Jan-26-14 2:19 PM

What do they expect? There isn't enough retail business to generate big bucks.

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Jan-26-14 10:21 AM

Wheeling must be using the same math that Obamacare used. The only thing to do is to increase the size of the city taxing area or increase the tax. Government needs only the best and money is no problem. Time to cut budgets, salaries, and spending of government since they have already done it to the taxpayer

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Jan-26-14 10:13 AM

Just enough to pay for the government top level raises and pensions. The taxpayer did not do their part and spend more. No one told them the taxpayer is broke thanks to all the city, county, state, and federal taxes and fees. I guess we need to increase the B&O taxes to make up the difference.

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Jan-26-14 10:11 AM


The city of Benwood is managed by a part-time Mayor and the Chief oh Police. Their combined salary is less than that of Mr. Herron' secretary. Benwood has in excess of two millions dollars in reserve, excellent and free police & fire service, safe streets & neighborhoods and a thriving and growing industrial base. The city of wheeling has 100 year old water lines, deteriorating neighborhoods, millions of dollars in debt and a blighted and condemned downtown overrun with pigeons and rats. SHAME!

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Jan-26-14 9:38 AM

that would be c-ommon.the censor doesn't know how to spell.

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Jan-26-14 9:25 AM

only the dumb would raise taxes in this drive the shoppers away to somewhere else****mon sense would tell you this.but the politicians are what they are.

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Jan-26-14 9:19 AM

Shell game! Extra icing please!

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Jan-26-14 7:10 AM

The new tax is "icing on the cake". You just have to laugh. Continued mismanagement of the city. About time to give another bonus to the multitude of city employees, is it not?

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Jan-26-14 1:54 AM

spin it to win

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Jan-26-14 12:26 AM

"Those uses - offsetting a corresponding reduction in Business and Occupation tax that will begin in April, completing needed capital projects and funding planned improvements to WesBanco Arena..."

"Based on six months of collections, Herron expects the city to receive $1.1 million from the sales tax, offset by a $264,000 loss in Business and Occupation Tax revenue as a result of corresponding reductions to that tax City Council approved earlier this year."

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Jan-26-14 12:18 AM

Damage control, after the fact.

1) We never tied B&O tax reduction to the sales tax increase.

2) We cautioned that revenue estimates might be optimistic.

Always telling lies at the fact.

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