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Obama: I’ll Go Around Congress

White House vows to circumvent opposition to push agenda

January 27, 2014

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will work with Congress where he can and circumvent lawmakers where he must, his top advisers warned Sunday in previewing Tuesday’s State of the Union speech....

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Jan-27-14 12:22 AM

Cling to those guns and bibles, folks. It’s about to get interesting...

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Jan-27-14 12:22 AM

We're rolling downhill like a lame duck snowball headed for he||. Hang on to your hats America.

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Jan-27-14 3:10 AM

Can't wait until Obama & his gang are gone!! Keep in mind it took 4 years of Jimmy Carter to get 12 years of Reagan & GHW Bush!! Can only hope history repeats itself!!!

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Jan-27-14 6:12 AM

amen smart1,this is the worst presidency that i've ever seen including carter.obama is just a bad joke on the country that won't go have to feel bad for the person that comes in after he is gone.he has done more damage to this country than most terrorist.he keeps that chinese junk rolling in here while our companies fold.but he is just another politician.shame he hasn't learned anything about how to run a country.shame he can't be fired[biden the alternative?].politicians all know this.that's how we got where we are.the rich and the poor with no middle class.

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Jan-27-14 8:12 AM

Essentially the threat is that if the Congress (elected by people all over the country, not just the cities) does not do what he wants he is going to announce his dictatorshp and assume total control of the govenment, as did Chavez and Castro and Hitler and Stalin (who were also left wing extremists when they took office). So while I dislike to hear the loons on the right wing, I have to admit that if a President is going to rule like a dictator than it is time for some kind of action. No I wonder if people see why Congress tries to rein him in. He created the unemployment and now he is going to seize power because he wants to do something about it. The President, and his non elected folowers, are annoucning the seizure of the Federal government...and waiting to see what we do. He has alread issued more Exec Orders than all other US presidents combined. Those Presidents could lead, Obama can only bully.

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Jan-27-14 8:30 AM

The economic state of the union and of the world is not good. Obieone makes carter look like he was good for the country. Even though carter is tied for the worst president of the 20th century with Nixon. We will enter an economic crash worse than 08, before obieone's term is up. Even China's industrial production is fading, while their debts are growing and their central bank is printing mo money.. The best we can hope for at this point, is for Obama to go on a long vacation and never come back.

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Jan-27-14 8:35 AM

Triton. The odd thing is, that most people don't even pay enough attention to see what could be coming. If or when we have another economic problem like 08, the timing for a complete Govt. "Change" could take place. Then it would be up to see if the military backs the new Govt. or not.

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Jan-27-14 8:36 AM

If President Obama is, indeed, willing to "go around" congress, then it should be asked why he isn't, it seems, willing to circumvent them when it comes to a piece of legislation which he, himself, while still a US Senator, partnered with WV's then-US Senator Robert Byrd, and others, to co-sponsor, in the 110th Congress: "Senate Bill 155: Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Promotion Act of 2007". We could have been converting our vast reserves of domestic US Coal into gasoline and diesel fuels by now - - like they've been doing in South Africa for the past half a century, and like they're starting to do now in China in a big way - - if a perverse coalition of Repub oil men and Demo environmentalists-when-it's-convenient hadn't gotten it buried "in committee". Why hasn't this news outlet ever made substantive report of that bill? Are they conspiring with Obama, and others, to keep it buried?

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Jan-27-14 8:42 AM

Where are we headed? Look at Venezuela, the old USSR or even the Third Reich for a clue.

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Jan-27-14 8:43 AM

Maybe because he already got burned on all those other snake-oil energy scandals? LOL

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Jan-27-14 9:04 AM

Obama has done NOTHING but go around the Congress for the first 5 years.

Couldn't get cap and trade passed? Just Executive Order EPA to make a war on coal.

Couldn't pass Obamacare? Just change the number on the Rangel bill that passed the house to the bill that passed the Senate and declare Obamacare already passed.

Nothing New.

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Jan-27-14 9:16 AM

Impeachment is coming as well as repeal of all unilateral edicts. All unilateral actions taken to advance Obama's Agenda will not be popular in America,and will continue to drop his approval ratings lower then today.

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Jan-27-14 9:22 AM

GOPeer Anti - State of the Union

While every GOPeer who has delivered a rebuttal to Obama's SOTU has gone away or dowhhill, Jindal - into the woodwork..Bob McDonnell - say no more..Paul Ryan - chastized by cronies for last budget deal..Mitch Daniels - out to pasture..Boy Rubio -now in single digit polling numbers

This time Cathy McMorris-Rogers will sugarcoat the GOPeer war on women and what?...maybe throw a fresh pitch for the GOPeer job creating Keystone pipe dream?

BUT wait...Mike Lee will entertain us with a Tea rebuttal...and Rand Paul has donated his time to give another SOTU rebuttal!!!

Needn't stop with a GOPeer 3 ring circus....given past results...every GOPeer should contribute to their foot-in-mouth sideshow.

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Jan-27-14 9:46 AM

Highland. You are correct. This is exactly the direction of our once great nation.

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Jan-27-14 11:05 AM

Obamboozler State of the Union Rebuttal:

After FIVE YEARS of “hope and change”...

... a RECORD 48 MILLION Americans surviving on food stamps.

... a RECORD LOW 63% of Americans in the labor force.

... a RECORD $7 TRILLION debt in a single term dumped on our children and grandchildren to repay.

... 7 MILLION Americans DROPPED from their health insurance BECAUSE OF the Obamascam.

... STILL No answers to Obamboozler’s FATAL BenghazI failures and lies. STILL no answers to Obamboozler’s fatal Fast and Furious gun running debacle. Iranian nuclear weapons centrifuges STILL spinning. Afghanistan war STILL raging. Debt crisis after debt crisis after debt crisis.

And get ready for Obamboozler's next dirty trick to push his redistributionist-socialist agenda? Incite class warfare by pushing the "income inequality" scam.

And the Demorat rebuttal to the GOP’s rebuttal? “But BUUUUUSH!” Pathetic, Dems.

Now you don’t have to watch Barry’s lie-fest OR the GOP summary. You can

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Jan-27-14 11:05 AM

thank me later.

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Jan-27-14 11:15 AM

The frightening thing about this character is that he believes he is the only one who is right, the one who has all the answers and knows what is best for everyone else in this country. Does anyone else hear the voice of a dictator here? His sycophants will continue to adore and worship at his feet while the rest of the country around them falls. There will be an opportunity presented where he will sign an executive order that will let him continue as POTUS indefinitely. I have never been more apprehensive or frightened by the thought of this man. This country is in even bigger trouble than it was six years ago. Stop blaming the guy that was in office prior because Obama has had plenty of time to fix what he said he would and he's only made it worse.

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Jan-27-14 12:05 PM

If there is talk of impeachment he will play the race card.

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Jan-27-14 12:37 PM

If the founders wanted a King, I think they would have specified that wish in The Constitution.

Obama and his minions (nothing like the cute yellow ones from the movie) are out of control.

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Jan-27-14 1:28 PM

IS this a State of the "Union" address or a Statement FROM the Dictatorship???

Obama says he has a PEN and A PHOHE?

BOTH were GIVEN to him as President of the United States, not a Dictator of the Big City Ghettos that voted for him.

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Jan-27-14 2:18 PM

Obama says he has a PEN and A PHONE?

Maybe he should call Bob Murray, and take notes!

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Jan-27-14 2:55 PM

How come no one wants to fault congress? They will go down in history as the most do nothing--dysfunctional congress ever...

All the economic woes in this country began from Reagan's time as president, BTW Reagan did raise taxes 23 times...

And Bush your your hero, increased the National debt, and didn't even put his wars in the budget! That shows character!!!

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Jan-27-14 3:05 PM

I'screamed, you are clusterbomb of disinformation and an IDIOT to boot!

Congress is BOTH the Senate and the House. So I take you think the Senate has done nothing and is totally screwed up?? I agree!

The HOUSE is also elected by the PEOPLE and over 60% of the PEOPLE want Obamacare delayed or REPEALED. They ARE doing the people's will.

Reagan created 23 Million Jobs, Bush Created 8.4 million jobs, OPIE has LOST more jobs than he created.

The WARS counted to the national deficit, there IS NO credit card that does not count.

OPIE has created $7 TRILLION in DEBT and PRINTED another $4 TRILLION of INFLATIONARY DEBT from QE that IS off the books for a total of $11 TRILLION SPENDING.

That exceeds the entire sum of all 43 presidents from George Washington to George Bush including WWI I WWII Vietnam, Korea etc.

THOSE are the FACTS, get a CLUE.

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Jan-27-14 3:25 PM


Your facts are skewed/wrong/incorrect!!!

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Jan-27-14 4:19 PM

Interesting. Conspiuous by it's absence is a single quote attributable to the President.

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