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Force EPA to Face Harm It Is Causing

January 29, 2014

Government agencies too often adopt a laser-like focus on enforcing and rationalizing their rules, with little or no concern for what the military calls “collateral damage....

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Jan-31-14 9:40 AM

This attack on the EPA is a farce. The State of WV is 30 years behind the rest of the country in basic environmental regulations. WV Legislature passes laws, but WV does not enforce them, which was recently proven with the Elk River spill. people are drinking polluted water. cronies are pocketing money to ignore the regulations. Has anyone here ever been out of the state of WV, ever see a real city or industrial park? they are NOT in complete disrepair like those in WV. Legislature, Governor - STOP WHINING, BEGGING FOR MONEY FROM THE FEDS for the Elk River failure, and at the same time attack the FEDs for WV complete failure to enforce their own laws, let alone meet the federal regulation requirements. At some point the system breaks when left un-managed, which has been the WV MO and has kept WV at the bottom for years.

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Jan-30-14 3:16 PM

The first Clean Air and Water acts were definitely needed. The second set did fix stuff the first missed. The third had some useful stuff in them. Since then, it's regulation for the sake of regulation.

Agencies have three groups. People that write rules, people that enforce rules, and the people that manage the first two groups.

Once the rules are written, they have to be rewritten. Otherwise, you don't need rules writers, or their managers. That means fewer bureaucrats, and we can't have that!!!

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Jan-29-14 4:48 PM

RockE, you need to listen to coal shill GEO. Think of all those waste products as resources. Borrow enough Chinese money, charge it to your kids, and you can convert all that CO2 back into carbon-based chemical fuels. Then you can complain about all the CO2 they produce, AGAIN. So you're recycling the carbon AND the whining...

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Jan-29-14 4:42 PM

...and RockE will STILL complain about his electricity bill instead of putting in solar panels and windmills and walking his talk...

He's the stone-age modern hypocrite...

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Jan-29-14 2:49 PM

If’n a 500 megawatt coal-fired power plant can produce 3.5 billion kwh annually and can provide power for 140,000 people while burning about 1.5 million tons of coal as it uses over 2 billion gallons of water (while peaking at around 33 % efficiency with the rest as waste heat) and pumps out 10,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, 10,000 tons of nitrogen oxide, nearly 4 million tons of carbon dioxide, 500 tons of particulates, 200+ tons of hydrocarbons, 700 tons of carbon monoxide, 200 pounds of arsenic, 100 pounds of lead, a coupla’ pounds of cadmium, …and 125,000 tons of ash and about 200,000 tons of sludge as its scrubbed?????????

Oh well….. from the town of Bedrock, they're a page right out of HISTORY….let's ride with small thinkers down the street…thru the courtesy of Murray's deceit...

yabba dabba dooo!!....WILMAAAAAA!!!!!

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Jan-29-14 1:30 PM

Force our news media to face the harm they're causing through their refusal to make report of the full story. Right now, in Saudi Arabia, they are making ready to build a factory that will convert Carbon Dioxide, the biggest stick that's trying to be used on our vital Coal industries, into fuel alcohol and synthetic petroleum. Saudi Arabia Basic Industries, i.e., "SABIC, and King Fahd University have developed technologies for such utilization of CO2 that have been awarded both US and International patents; and, the German engineering firm, the Linde Group, has been contracted to design and build the plant that will collect CO2 and convert it into synthetic petroleum, fuel alcohols and petro-chemicals. We will eventually be buying tankers full of, in one sense, recycled power plant exhaust. A time comes when silence is betrayal.

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Jan-29-14 1:00 PM

Besides the potential of direct harm, we're being denied,through the witholding of information, access to an opportunity to better ourselves economically. Carbon Dioxide is becoming widely-recognized as a valuable raw material resource from which we can synthesize any and all gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon fuels and most plastics/polymers. The USDOE and the USDOD have established technologies that, using environmental energies of various sorts to drive the processes, convert Carbon Dioxide, in combination with Hydrogen extracted from water, into stuff like fuel alcohol methanol, jet fuel, and substitute natural gas methane. The USDOE has established a nationwide network of university and government labs connected to their "Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis", and, the USDOE participates in the international, global Solar Fuels Institute. News of it all just hasn't reached the narrow confines of the Ohio Valley, it seems. A time comes when silence is betrayal.

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