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Claims of Formaldehyde In Charleston Showers Disputed

January 30, 2014

CHARLESTON (AP) — State officials and a water company strongly disputed a scientist’s claim Wednesday that residents were likely breathing in traces of formaldehyde while showering after the chemica......

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Jan-30-14 5:45 PM

There are DOZENS of dangerous chemicals in ALL tap water including flouride, and chlorine that are added on purpose!

So you NEVER drink or cook with any tap water without heavy filtering FIRST

And remember when you get that glass of sweet tea or cup of coffee at your local restaurant or gas station, you are likely ingesting TAP water that has NOT been filtered

And the food they serve is ALSO cooked in that very same un-filtered tap water

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Jan-30-14 2:25 PM

I bet no one ever thought about chemical reactions during this spill, like how they respond with chlorine and other chemical already present.

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Jan-30-14 1:23 PM

BigMike, please don't confuse the loons with actual science. It only makes them rant and chant louder...

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Jan-30-14 12:39 PM

OSHA's PEL for formaldehyde is 750 parts/ BILLION) (eight hour time weighted average). The levels reported in the story were 2 samples @32 parts/BILLION and 1 sample @33 parts/BILLION with other testing showing no traces. The OSHA PEL is 22 times the levels found in the worst sample.

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Jan-30-14 11:37 AM

WVUGEO: Methane is constantly percolating up through river and stream beds - naturally.

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Jan-30-14 10:31 AM

Right, Choker. Because the Demorat-majority takers and do-nothings like you who have held political power here since 1863 have done such a good job of it... LOL

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Jan-30-14 8:13 AM

GEO, don't you know that methane is produced naturally? In decaying vegetable matter, it seeps up from shallow COAL formations, in the flatulence that composes most of your posts. But blame the gas companies for any methane you happen to fine in the environment if that lends any supports your silly anti-gas coal-shilling agenda. LOL

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Jan-30-14 8:01 AM

It is quite possible that there are traces of formaldehyde in the water. But, it's very, very unlikely the MCHM is the source of it. Formaldehyde, though toxic, is found everywhere. One source of it that hasn't been mentioned, which could very well be the source of it in the water down there: Natural gas Methane, which, when exposed to water, oxygen and sunlight, will morph into formaldehyde as one of the reaction products. Methane is believed to be the primary source of formaldehyde found in the atmosphere and natural environment. If there are any natural gas pipelines running under or nearby the rivers down there, they should all be checked for leaks immediately.

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Jan-30-14 7:32 AM

sounds like the solution is no more hot showers and no boiling of the water... how about some Formaldehyde flavored coffee ? Most likely it is still in the lines and will not leave. Good chance it has bonded to the pipes but will be in the passing water. But hey at least you will hear "it's safe for humans" just don't give it to your cows

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Jan-30-14 6:16 AM

Hard to tell what they are drinking in the Kanawha Valley, Ohio Valley for that matter!

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