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Looking For The Uninsured

Half can be found in 116 counties across the nation

February 6, 2014

WASHINGTON — Wanted: Millions of uninsured Americans willing to give President Barack Obama’s health care law a chance....

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Feb-07-14 4:32 PM

Troll: I'm not surprised at all and have said before that plans were likely being hatched to make sure young 'uns pony up. Just didn't know what form it would take. Taxes make sense because most young people withhold too much, thinking of a return as another payday when in fact it's an interest-free loan.

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Feb-07-14 4:16 PM

My whole economy destroyed because you thought you could control the planet...

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Feb-07-14 1:01 PM

At this point there are no easy solutions. We've greedily put ourselves so far in debt, and in our quest for political power have made so many dependent on Big Government for their very survival, that any realistic solution will subject the liberal dependent class to immediate extreme suffering caused by their loss of Government-redistributed wealth in all its many forms - food, shelter, income, healthcare, cell phones,...

But the dependent class won't tolerate such "cruel, heartless" but necessary measures. And their numbers are approaching a majority. And they have an equal vote. And they no longer care about the rule of law. They just do anything for the next fix.

Benjamin Franklin was right. The end of the Republic may be at hand.

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Feb-07-14 11:43 AM

I am amazed at the comments section of this web site. Only about 10% of the comments deal with possible solutions to the myriad of problems. No wonder why the UFO's quit searching for intelligent life on this planet.

BTW, thanks for all of the fish!

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Feb-07-14 11:17 AM

promo, that's what the fines are for. When the IRS starts withholding those tax refunds, especially when those IRS-enforced fines start increasing to up to $2085 PER FAMILY MEMBER, or more as that number is indexed with the inflation rate, those young people will start to be more concerned.

Read all about what you thought you were so smart for voting for, young people.

w ww.forbes.c om/sites/mikepatton/2013/10/28/obamacare-penalties-and-exemptions/ Which is why Barry Obamboozler is delaying those awful consequences of the Obamascam, at least until after the 2016 election.

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Feb-07-14 10:56 AM

All marketing relies on the fact that everyone is in shopping mode for some product all the time. Whether its a vehicle, a home, or shampoo, there is a reason advertising works. An ad hits you at the right time when you are in the shopping mode and getting closer to making your decision. A lot of money depends on it. Young people are hyper-consumers and therefore the target of most advertising - which for the most part is targeting something they are already considering buying. Historically speaking all the ad dollars in the world won't fly a lead balloon. Think Edsel, Yugo, and Ford Pinto in the automobile category. Convincing young people to shop for heath insurance when they aren't concerned about it is a very tall order indeed.

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Feb-06-14 6:45 PM

I have worked everyday for 40 years, work 40 hours a week, but because of the shape this countdy is in (cost of utilities, gas, food etc) I live paycheck to paycheck like alot of people. I cant get any assistance and cant afford to add another expense of any kind (paycheck wont stretch any further) but then I will be fined for not purchasing insurance I cant afford. Where is the justice? Sometimes I feel I should quit my job and become a welfare bum. They sure seem to have a better life then the working americans.

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Feb-06-14 6:37 PM

The government has to spend OUR money to find people to TAKE our money for ILLEGAL and IMMORAL programs.

Do I have that right?

If ObamaCare was so wonderful, why aren't members of Congress signing up?

Why are unions exempt?

Why do they have to BEG people to get "subsidized" health care if that health care program is so popular and if the American people wanted it so badly?

Answer-they didn't want it. It was foisted on us by a Marxist dictator who is still hiding his "cum laude" law school grades.

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Feb-06-14 4:54 PM

My vision, the Gov. will identify these people through all forms of welfare they might receive. A new Dept. of Navigators will be hired to physically file for these people, Health Care Card will arrive with the monthly welfare check.

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Feb-06-14 4:21 PM

Dyingov, yes I am sad that Liberals hate the children of America more than they hate Al Qaeda!

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Feb-06-14 3:29 PM

I read this quote about the US debt!

"Our leaders chose to play politics and punt the problem to future leaders, whose choices will be exponentially fewer and harder than had Washington acted in the present day. Their legacy is soiled, their message to the next generation of Americans clear: Here's the bill. My job is done."

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Feb-06-14 3:19 PM

What! Now we are told that Obama isn't even a good community organizer. His administration hasn't been able to identify and notify the "millions of uninsured Americans" that Obama told us needed and wanted health insurance.

Portrayed as "one of the smartest men to ever hold the office of President" it makes one wonder what other definitions can be found in the Democratic Neo-Dictionary.

Is this another "no one is more disappointed at the outcome than me" moment for Barry?

To paraphrase early morning talk show Earl Butts; "I's time to Wake Up America".

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Feb-06-14 1:52 PM

According to the story 50% of them can be found in 116 counties, do they know who they are or not?

My guess is they are holding out for a better health care insurance or cheaper rates! Maybe they are holding out for goberment (tax payers) paid internet service....

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Feb-06-14 1:17 PM

Only a few know what is going on. The rest are too busy with their hand out for freebies.

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Feb-06-14 1:16 PM

You would think that all of those folks that desperately want to purchase health insurance so they can obtain proper health care would have heard about Obamacare during their last emergency room visit, or on their favorite social media site between tweets concerning their most recent spat with their "significant other".

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Feb-06-14 12:54 PM

Instead of spending almost $700 million a year on marketing couldn't the govt just call/text all the Obamaphone (yea I know) numbers with instructions on how to sign up?

Liberals were SO proud that Obamacare limited non benefit spending by the private sector but now HHS is spending our tax dollars to do the same.

From the Huffington Post, "As President Barack Obama's health care law moves from theory to reality in the coming months, its success may hinge on whether the best minds in advertising can reach one of the hardest-to-find parts of the population: people without health coverage.

The campaign won't come cheap: The total amount to be spent nationally on publicity, marketing and advertising will be at least $684 million, according to data compiled The Associated Press from federal and state sources."

And that doesn't include all the tax dollars wasted on the website debacle. Central planning at it's finest!

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Feb-06-14 12:22 PM

RockE, CoffeE, CluelEss, just making sure you all know Choker belongs to you. Sometimes it's hard to tell, but he's yours, trust me.

Keep oinking, Choker. You make a powerful case for your Food Stamp Party. LOL

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Feb-06-14 12:05 PM


"Give a man a fish and he will be hungry in a day"

"Teach a man to fish and he will not be hungry in his life"

"Give a man Food Stamps, Section 8 housing, Unemployment benefits for 99 months, ADC, Obamacare, Obamaphone, etc. and he will vote Democratic FOREVER!"

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Feb-06-14 11:36 AM

RockERedirector “you're sure Obama definitely knew that a small Cincinnati IRS office was critiquing tax exempt political fronts”

And Obamboozler is sure “not a smidgen” of wrongdoing was committed. Which is odd considering not a smidgen of actual investigating is complete. Apparently when your underlings start pleading the Fifth it brings your attention to “laser-like” focus... LOL

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Feb-06-14 11:33 AM

RockERedirector “Bill Clinton was a blatant adulterer but David Vitter and Mark Sanford apologized.”

Our problem with woman abuser, criminal perjurer Clinton was that he was committed perjury in Federal Court during his own trial for sexual harassment of a female subordinate. But if you can still fool the low-information crowd with that “it was just adultery” disinformation, good for you. LOL

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Feb-06-14 11:29 AM

RockERedirector “You exhibit outrage at Obama the Constitutional shredder...but cannot cite one right you lost since 1/20/09”

RockE, our outrage is primarily toward the unconstitutional POWERS Obamboozler has exercised. Like the unconstitutional power to force Americans to buy health insurance. Or the unconstitutional power to take America to war in Libya without the authorization of the Congress unless there’s an imminent threat.

More mindless misdirection from a headless Obamazombie... LOL

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Feb-06-14 11:15 AM

RockERefutation “On a serious note, Politifact has finally invested time and resources in debunking the GOPeer claim that Obamacare will fund beheadings”

I think that serious PolitiFact investigation was overshadowed by their abnormally astute naming of Barry Obamacarebamboozler the LIAR OF THE YEAR. Which no doubt annoys headless horse manure peddlers like you... LOL

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Feb-06-14 10:35 AM

Do you think if they "find" all those peeps the inner-city employment rate will increase? LOL

I'm a bit concerned that these peeps can't be found by the most powerful goberment in the world. Do they file taxes, have a DL, credit card, mailing address, apartment/house, pay utility bills, cell phone owners, etc.

How would we ever find all those Al Kida dudes in the Middle East? LOL

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Feb-06-14 9:48 AM

Getalife, and the 30 million illegals who are by definition NOT going to be covered will NEVER EVER GET SICK IN THE FUTURE and require care, right dumbass??

Oh WAIT! DEMS TO THE RESCURE!! LEGALIZE EVERYBODY and then there ARE no illegals!!!!!!

Hey, does that same trick work for the poor???? Lets declare POVERTY illegal and then there ARE no more poor, right?????

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Feb-06-14 9:41 AM

And CrockofReputation has to constantly change the topic from the FAILURE OF CENTURY OBAMACARE and the COLLAPSE of the greatest economy in the world in 5 years of Ovomit because he has absolutely NO DEFENSE WHATSOEVER!

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