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House Bill 4433 Revives Push For Drug Testing for Welfare

February 8, 2014

Convicted felons and drug offenders in West Virginia would have to pass a drug test before obtaining federal or state assistance under a bill introduced in the Legislature on Thursday....

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Feb-08-14 12:33 AM

I vote that they test all Government Employees and all politicians as well. If they are found to be using, no money for them, and they have to pay back the cost for their testing.

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Feb-08-14 1:12 AM

I agree with Newgirl. I'm not in any way shape or form opposed of testing felons for public assistance but I firmly believe that all politicians and any so called public employee entitled to PERS and or any pensions and retirement of any kind paid by the tax payers should be subject to a minimum of two random drug tests per year provided by a private agency with no political ties or conflict of interest to the public employees. county commisioners, trustees, city council or village council, mayors, senators, congressmen, governors, sherriff..all of them. Get a government pay check??? You should be tested. I have to take drug test to work and pay my taxes that pay these people so in turn it's only fair that they do as well. Currently very few public employees are subject to random drug tests. that is not fair. ALL public employees including ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS should be required to test.

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Feb-08-14 7:12 AM

..and cuz Tim "not open for monkey business" Manchin is co-sponsoring HB 4414 wherein:

An owner, publisher, editor or employee of a newspaper or other periodical may NOT insert, either in its advertising or reading columns, ANY matter, paid for or to be paid for, which tends to influence the voting at any election, unless directly designating it as a paid advertisement and STATING the name of the person authorizing its publication and the candidate in whose behalf it is published. mojo risin' to keep on risin'...

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Feb-08-14 7:32 AM

rockhead, Maybe you should start your own paper, you could receive your funding from the goberment!

You just a bit afraid that you will be drug tested on check collecting day?

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Feb-08-14 8:02 AM


remember this..only dull people are brilliant in the morning

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Feb-08-14 8:39 AM

this'll cut back on the freebies.they'll all be scrambling to buy some clean pee.

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Feb-08-14 12:15 PM

I don't know- We make it sound like drugs are the only culprit.

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Feb-08-14 2:04 PM

OK Richard, drug testing, alcohol testing and monitor prescription pill testing too anything that can influence their decision making, cause them to be susceptible to corruption or bribery, or impaired activities. I'm ok with all of that taking place, are you?

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Feb-08-14 3:16 PM

With the US DOL reporting in 2012

..there were 2.67% of welfare cases fraudulent based on a 3-year window

...don't let that fact quell your paranoia or get in the way of your blind cheering for the corporate capitalist welfare queens

...oh, and don't forget that googolplex of liberal voting scammers.

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Feb-08-14 3:51 PM

Will Ferns be taking random blood alcohol tests? It would be in the best interests of the public.

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Feb-08-14 9:19 PM

rockhead, Is that the goberment auditing the goberment? Next time the IRS wants to audit me I'll just tell them I took care of it and they actually owe me a refund! LOL

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Feb-09-14 12:36 AM


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Feb-09-14 5:16 AM

You see the local liberals coming out against drug testing for welfare. Guess we shouldn't drug test for Wheeling city employees either. Probably would raise the level of competence.

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Feb-09-14 8:17 AM

KEY WEST, Fla. — A federal judge on Tuesday struck down as unconstitutional a Florida law that required welfare applicants to undergo mandatory drug testing, setting the stage for a legal battle that could affect similar efforts nationwide.

Judge Mary S. Scriven of the United States District Court in Orlando held that the testing requirement, the signature legislation of Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican who campaigned on the issue, violated the protection against unreasonable searches.

“The court finds there is no set of circumstances under which the warrantless, suspicionless drug testing at issue in this case could be constitutionally applied,” she wrote.

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Feb-09-14 10:00 AM

Wheeling city employees already under go random drug screenings. Blackrock is just another NEOCON that engages his mouth without knowing what the*****he is talking about.

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Feb-10-14 12:54 AM


This bill is being written to test people receiving welfare benefits. SNOW WHITE DWARF DELEGATE EVANS pay attention! Your response is totally irrelevant. It has nothing to do with construction or building trades employees. You should quit pursuing the legalization of Marijuana. It is evident that smoke has affected your ability to reason!

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