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District: Choose Tax Or Schools

Switzerland of Ohio threatens shutdowns if voters don’t comply

February 14, 2014

WOODSFIELD — The Switzerland of Ohio Local School District plans to ask voters to approve an income tax levy during the November election — a move expected to help prevent the district from possibly......

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Feb-17-14 10:45 PM

The Switzerland School district eliminated half of their teaching positions at the end of the 2013 school year. Also administrative positions were cut. The Beallsville elementary principal eliminated. All music classes eliminated. Beallsville has no band, no music classes and no yearbook advisor due to elimination of teachers. They have a traveling foreign language teacher and only offer one foreign language (Spanish) and foreign language isn't offered to seniors at Beallsville. Students in the district have to pay to participate in sports. Classes are very limited to just the basics. It is a very rudimentary educational program that does little to lift the chances of a better education and life for the Appalachian students who attend in the district. Beallsville should be allowed to break off from the rest of the Switzerland of Ohio district. Beallsville would be solvent based on the tax revenues from the coal industry within it's borders.

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Feb-15-14 9:51 PM

Getting a school levy passed in Monroe County has always been difficult. I was shocked when the voters approved the levies to construct the new schools. My first thought was; How are they going to be maintained? Well, we have the answer, They are not. IMO, the leadership in this district is grossly incompetent. Time to face the facts and make some hard decisions. The people of Monroe Co. are in no position to support grandiose plans.

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Feb-15-14 9:43 PM

Levies expire, Income taxes are forever

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Feb-15-14 7:12 PM

I have worked and ran a buisness in woodsfield for almost a decade but have never lived there. Being an outsider to the county I thought the locals were crazy for passing the initial plan to build several new schools instead of consolidating the schools into a one or two larger schools. It wasnt hard to foresee that they would not have the money to run them in a few years given the small class size in each school. Now they want to to impose a huge income tax increase on people that can't vote (people who dont live there but work there). This is crazy. They are going to lose local business who can move elsewhere and pay lower local income taxes.

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Feb-15-14 1:54 PM

You know I am from Monroe County and thus far are taxes get higher and higher. But I did vote for the levies for the schools. Now we have the new schools and now no money to keep them operated! So they want us to pass another levi for operation cost fine but in the next breath if the levy passes they will hire 10 teachers and put music and was it sports but in the curriculum! So there goes the tax money already being spent for more teachers! If the levy passes keep the number of teachers at the level it is now and operate on that money to sustain the education.

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Feb-15-14 9:35 AM

Just be glad you don't live in Pa (Taxilvanis)- the school boards get to set your taxes. No vote, no discussion, they just put it up your... you get the picture.

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Feb-14-14 5:47 PM


Excellent comment, Two thumbs up!

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Feb-14-14 5:30 PM

First: Some of the previous ten structures were actually average to very nice compared to ones statewide. Three were very poor because the district stopped maintaining them long ago, but anyone who says "the worst in the state" just hasn't been in other schools statewide. That "worst" line was promoted as part of a guilt campaign. Second: there is no academic benefit to transporting k-3 or 4 to a central location so far from home. NONE. AT ALL. This is all about money and lack of educational vision. How could you trust anyone who even came up with that plan? The new schools are indeed very nice.They also increased taxes by much more than the campaign promised. Maybe an article should be written about that statewide. Finally: While proud of the new buildings, most voters (here or anywhere) knows that education is not dependent on the structure. If you look at private schools with good academic reputations you will see they are not always new, state-of the art

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Feb-14-14 3:54 PM

"Our kids finally got what they deserve - beautiful schools, up-to-date equipment - and they are going to lose it all because people don't want to take care of their community's future: the kids,"


Talk about clueless!!!

Just where do these soccer moms think this money comes from???

And why do they think bricks and mortar have ANYTHING to do with educating the kids???

The ones that always VOTE for these levies don't PAY any property taxes anyway so they are always the ones who speak out!!!

If YOU have kids in the system and YOU want to donate MORE money to them then there is NOTHING preventing you from doing so!!!

AGAIN, these school districts REFUSE to get rid of their 6 figure salary superintendents and their redundant staff yet they expect the taxpayers to do without to pay them!!!

And with the millions that are being made from the oil and gas industry, why would taxpayers EVER be asked for yet MORE money?????

Who is pocketing the millions?

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Feb-14-14 1:38 PM

Live within your means. We have enough wellfare in this country.

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Feb-14-14 12:41 PM

Could be worse!

From Charleston:

"The amended bill also sets a legislative goal of increasing the starting salary for teachers to $43,000 by 2019.

Currently, a teacher with a bachelor's degree and no teaching experience can draw a salary as low as $26,917.

Plymale said the across-the-board raise would help narrow the salary gap between new and veteran teachers."

60% increase in 5 years is just vote getting strategy! Will the sheeple teachers fall for it? My guess, yes!

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Feb-14-14 12:09 PM

Hopefully the voters will see how misleading this levy is.

The school admin says if they don't get the levy they will close schools - scare tactic.

What the article tells you, and the school admin doesn't brag about, is that if you pass the levy, they will also throw in the kitchen sink with additional courses and field trips that have nothing to do with keeping schools open or closed.

If the school board was brutally honest they would have two levys - one for the critical stuff and the other for the fluff.

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Feb-14-14 10:57 AM

And once again, Powhatan will get the shank from the school district. Also, IIRC, there has to be a Vocational component in every school district in Ohio. I think someone in Woodsfield is sniffing too many Natural Gas fumes.

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Feb-14-14 10:25 AM

Perhaps its time Ohio looks at eliminating the multiple school districts and related school boards/expenses/duplicate personnel now found in each county and get to one school district per county.

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Feb-14-14 10:20 AM

Seems I heard this tune when Ohio wanted a State Income Tax, heard another verse when Ohio wanted a State Lottery, and another verse when they wanted casinos and table gaming. About the only thing Ohio's elected officials have accomplished is making their part-time employment full-time with full-time pay and benefits. School district income taxes should not be allowed, but since they are, they should be voted down.

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Feb-14-14 7:55 AM

note to all government agencies;you all don't care if the working group is broke so we don't care if you all go broke.the state pays these counties to run the schools but it's never enough.

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Feb-14-14 7:14 AM

"Our kids finally got what they deserve - beautiful schools, up-to-date equipment - and they are going to lose it all because people don't want to take care of their community's future: the kids," she said.

How are the test scores in reading and math these days? LOL

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