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Senate Passes Meth Bill

Cold pills would be controlled substance

February 19, 2014

CHARLESTON (AP) — A bill aimed at decreasing the production of methamphetamine by making Sudafed-like drugs available only by prescription was overwhelmingly passed Tuesday by the West Virginia......

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Feb-21-14 6:15 AM

It must be getting close to election year these people will try to pass any half ass bill to make everyone think they are doing something. Who is going to inforce internet purchases of this . Who is going to stop people from going across the river and buying. Last the script mandate for pain pills sure did not stop anyone.

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Feb-19-14 10:21 PM

Great now all these no good for nothing meth heads will be making their way to live in Ohio, and then in the next 12 months Ohio will schedule it.

Stupid!! I'm sure the Pharm industry isn't at all partly behind this one.. Co-pay to see the doc, pay a higher price for the script of Sudafed... no Big Pharm has nothing to do with this.

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Feb-19-14 6:21 PM

These wet behind the ears idiots arE totally clueless and are doing NOTHING but putting the general public at risk by limiting access!!!!

The meth heads also use lighter fluid and empty soda bottles!!!

Shall we ban those as well????

And AGAIN, what about all those who get high by huffing spray paint or whip cream???

Shall we next require a background check for all redi whip purchases??


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Feb-19-14 1:29 PM

You can still buy cold medicine without a prescription in 49 other states. Just remember, if you have it on you in WV you face a misdemeanor charge of possession of a schedule IV controlled substance which carries 90-180 days and don't share it with your family...then you face a felony transporting a schedule IV controlled substance into the state with intent to deliver. This is brilliant...make criminals out of cold sufferers! I'm sure meth cooks will be completely out of business after this!

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Feb-19-14 1:08 PM

Yet smoking is still legal. Gross.

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Feb-19-14 1:00 PM

The problem with WV is not the people but the corruption and Ole boys club of WV. WV probably is number one for special interest in getting their way with a donation. Time for a change in the next election, how bad can a change be from the Ole Guss and McGraw days.

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Feb-19-14 12:55 PM

I remember the committee that came up with the idea to take off the toll on the WV Turnpike. Maybe we should have some kind of test for the politicians to take so we know their real IQ. We deserve better and can you believe they think local politicians can handle HOME RULE . The first thing they think of is fees, fines, taxes and regulations to maintain power for wasteful spending.

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Feb-19-14 12:46 PM

These Idiots when they get together in Charleston always comes up with a law that does not fix the problem. Same people who think if you take the guns away from the honest citizens there will be no problem of shootings. I would like know how many legislatures went to high school and how many has a GED. I know one Senator who says he went to WLU but was there just a few semester but his bio makes you think he has a degree from WLU typical politician lie and no degree. Time for a change.

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Feb-19-14 11:54 AM

You just can't make this stuff-up! Legislature stuff!

"citing the findings of the governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Highways."

"That panel concluded the current Road Fund of about $1.1 billion a year is woefully inadequate to keep up with the state's road building and road maintenance needs."

"The governor submitted a budget that was not balanced, because it's contingent on us passing several different pieces of legislation," Prezioso said.

Earlier Tuesday, the Senate Transportation Committee rejected two Tomblin administration bills intended to shift a total of $17.3 million to close the budget gap.

That included legislation to move about $13 million a year in sales tax collections for materials used in road building and maintenance from the state Road Fund to general revenue (SB334).

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Feb-19-14 11:37 AM

the voters don't find the "idiots" the D and R committees find them! We just vote for them. LOL

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Feb-19-14 10:48 AM

Another black mark on WV. Where do the voters find these IDIOTS? Worse, why do they vote for them? Hard to believe that must pay for a Dr. visit to get an over the counter solution. PA. has a great system for this. Has anyone just made a phone call up there to find out how they have been doing it for years???

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Feb-19-14 10:36 AM

this instead of thia. Sore fingers from working my arse off while drug dealers continue to cook meth for profit and relaxation.

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Feb-19-14 10:33 AM

Look at what I did. I single-handedly outsmarted the illegal drug trade. I punished all the law abiding citizens instead of putting away the habitual offenders. I even got my photo posted for doing it. Is thia a great country or what?

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Feb-19-14 9:27 AM


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Feb-19-14 9:19 AM

This is quite possibly the stupidest bit of legislation to come out of the W.Va. Legislature this year (until the next one).

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Feb-19-14 8:15 AM

IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!! All that voted in favor.

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Feb-19-14 6:57 AM

A law that will have the effect of punishing law-abiding citizens more so than its intended target of criminals.

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Feb-19-14 6:53 AM

Since this is now going to be a prescription-only product, will it be covered under Obamacare?

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Feb-19-14 6:52 AM

So is my insurance company going to pay the costs of my office visit so that I can get a prescription to go buy a box of Sudafed?

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