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McKenzie To Give State Of City Address

February 23, 2014

WHEELING — Improving the efficiency of government, the possible impact of Gov....

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Feb-23-14 7:16 PM

Envision a beautiful and thriving community. It is happening. Be part of it.

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Feb-23-14 6:13 PM

"They want to fix their problems on the back of local government ... so that's a huge concern," McKenzie, a state senator before he became mayor, said. "The Legislature needs to deal with their own problem."


These clueless super progressives have the unmitigated gall to say it's "GOVERNMENT'S MONEY"!!!

It's the PEOPLE'S money!!!!!


YOU and your out of control, over paid and under worked government are SERVANTS and EMPLOYEES of the people!

And it's high time you begin to SERVE the PEOPLE instead of serving and EXPANDING the size of GOVERNMENT!

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Feb-23-14 5:27 PM

McKenzie or WV Legislature should make all cities with internet put meeting live on the net to show how the taxpayer is footing the bill. We might be surprise what they do or do not do at these meetings. Time for the citizen to demand live broadcast of their elected officials. Maybe it would be a good reality show with a title "WE NEED TO TAX THE WATER FOR YOUR GOOD" OR "WATER DOWN VERSION OF FIELD OF DREAMS WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS" OR “WE NEED YOUR TAX DOLLARS FOR A BIGGER SIZE GOVERNMENT” Or "GOVERNMENT WASTE AND SPENDING AT LOCAL LEVEL"

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Feb-23-14 3:46 PM


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Feb-23-14 12:18 PM


Why not embrace technology and STREAM the live event on the City of Wheeling website?

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Feb-23-14 11:59 AM

Notice how Mckenzie increased taxes and fees that were passed on to the individual but tax incentives and loopholes are increased for the businesses. Notice how politicians donations are all bigger from corporations and there business is conducted faster than legislature that protects the taxpayer from corporations and politicians. Time for a change because no one was checking the drinking the water but the taxpayer will pay for the cleanup not the corporations. Remember the Field of Dreams.

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Feb-23-14 11:46 AM

Mckenzie is upset the state is cutting into their fund and forget the city under HOME RULE is increase State sale taxes. Everyone want more money. Business leader and you local Camber want more taxes on the individual than businesses. Business needs taxpayer more and more but forget the B&O tax was to help everyone because one cannot exist without the other.

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Feb-23-14 11:37 AM

amen cherokee.all of the politicians around here should be trying to better this town and all the taxpayers are getting robbed.this is not the time for pay raises.that's just a slap in the face to the commoners.

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Feb-23-14 9:05 AM

This reminds me of Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, famous quote:

"Anybody can take a company to $100 million gross sales.

Just start with a $500 million company!"

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Feb-23-14 7:50 AM

The difference is that anyone can run a City! When money is tight raise a tax or fee!

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Feb-23-14 7:05 AM

His speech should last a whole 3 minutes or so.

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Feb-23-14 6:09 AM

I would like to see a cost analysis of the "field of Dreams" published in the newspaper. The first word I think about when I hear the word government is "waste" Andy failed in his business ventures at Doc Williams county stores. What makes him qualified to run a city government.

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Feb-23-14 1:08 AM

This will be real easy for him: "Citizens of Wheeling and surrounding area": All is well in Wheeling. I got a raise as did the City Manager to stay in Wheeling. We are spending money for good causes as for the "Field of Dreams" and we want to redo the Plaza which is a great move. We may put in a couple arts and crafts stores to spruce it up. We are still working on dismantling stores and as soon as this is done we plan on filling the river side of Market St. in and making a huge parking lot for the five or six business's left in town.I quit trying to get stores and shop's to come to Wheeling as they said "No Thank You" as you will run us off to the "Highlands" and we will be 100% better going there in the first place. Thank you Mayor for all you do, "NOT!" You sure have wrecked and torn down Wheeling. When they replace any buildings, if it happens, they should replace you also. And thanks for your great job on Washington Ave. and

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